Usually, this is protected speech


First Amendment activist

First Amendment activist

Man arrested for flipping a bird at police.

WATURBURY, Conn. (AP) — A Waterbury man faces charges including animal cruelty after police say he threw an exotic bird at a police officer.

Luis Santana was spotted holding the bird while running on High Street Tuesday night. Police said they’d been called to the scene to break up a fight.

When an officer tried to stop and question him, Santana threw the cockatoo at the officer and ran into some woods.

The 32-year-old was found in a nearby house, after a homeowner reported someone had run into his basement.



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2 responses to “Usually, this is protected speech

  1. Peg

    My birdie, Mr Mollo (formally known as Molotov Cockatiel) was horrified at this story.

    You don’t flip your bird. You aim him.

  2. Peg, not CD?
    anyway is the bird ok?