There is everything to hate about political correctness: its shutting off of rational discussion is just one of them

Get back, you villain, get back, I say!

Get back, you villain, get back, I say!

Uproar among the chattering class over advice columnist’s advice to college girls: don’t get drunk at parties.

Emily Yoffe  warns young women that there’s a connection between passing out drunk at parties and getting raped. The sensitive libtards are outraged. Here’s Yoffe:

In one awful high-profile case after another—the U.S. Naval Academy; Steubenville, Ohio; now the allegations in Maryville, Mo.—we read about a young woman, sometimes only a girl, who goes to a party and ends up being raped. As soon as the school year begins, so do reports of female students sexually assaulted by their male classmates. A common denominator in these cases is alcohol, often copious amounts, enough to render the young woman incapacitated. But a misplaced fear of blaming the victim has made it somehow unacceptable to warn inexperienced young women that when they get wasted, they are putting themselves in potential peril.

That sounds like common sense advice, but liberals are having none of it: to even discuss the subject is to demean women. The Daily Mail rounds up the reaction:

Newsweek’s Katie Baker, who labeled Ms Yoffe’s argument as ‘offensive and damaging to victims, also emphasized that ‘our culture is swimming with examples of women — in movies, television and real life — who are “punished” for their “bad choices” with sexual violence.

Ms Yoffee cites how researchers Abbey and David Lisak have explored how these men use alcohol, instead of violence, to commit their crimes — offenders who can be ‘campus leaders, charming and well liked — something that comes in handy if they are accused of anything.’

‘But this argument ultimately tells victims it is their responsibility not to get raped.”

Jennifer Marsh, vice president of victim services at the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, said it is ‘ineffective and harmful’ to offer advice that suggests there are specific steps one can take to avoid being sexually assaulted. [How so? She doesn’t explain – in the PC Dollar Bill world, simply to make the accusation is to prove it – Ed]

“Ms Yoffe’s column ‘sends the message [p.c.speak for “she doesn’t actually say that, but the penumbras do” – ED] that if you don’t drink, you won’t be raped, which is obviously not the case,'” Ms Marsh told Newsweek. ‘Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to prevent sexual assault. [Rape] can take place anywhere, at any time. It’s not just in a fraternity bedroom after a party.’ And it can happen to women who are sober, too.

And so on. If you read Yoffe’s column, she is not conducting one of those ridiculous “don’t help a good boy go bad” ad campaigns of the 70s, which suggested that leaving your car keys in the ignition could tempt an otherwise decent young man to commit grand theft auto; good boys don’t steal cars or rape women, and Yoffee has plenty to say about the heinous nature of rapists. What she is saying is, there’s an epidemic of binge drinking among college girls and terrible things are happening to them when they’re drunk, so colleges should warn their students of the danger, a warning that, Yoffee says, is not being given now out of a fear of raising a sensitive subject. The PC brigade immediately proves her point by savaging her.

Of course a woman has the right to go to a party, drink herself senseless and wake up the next morning still virgo intacta. She also has the right to wander down a dark alley after midnight without giving up her right to life and property. But neither is necessarily wise, and Yoffee says we should caution against it.

This is very much like the incident when Larry Sommers, then president of Harvard, raised the point at a faculty meeting that girls weren’t majoring in math at the same rate boys were, and they weren’t doing as well when they did. Sommers suggested that the school look at the problem (which was entirely backed up by irrefutable statistics) and address it: how could the school encourage more females to take math courses, and how could the school help them to succeed in that subject? He was driven from the school for daring to raise the subject.

Political Correctness, by design, stifles thought. Those who suffer from it are afraid to face uncomfortable truths, so they mark entire areas as beyond the pale and will not venture there nor permit more intrepid people to explore it. This does keep them comfortable, I suppose – “fat and stupid” is another way of putting that –  but it does nothing to address important issues.


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35 responses to “There is everything to hate about political correctness: its shutting off of rational discussion is just one of them

  1. housecat

    I read her column all the time. She has a no-nonsense style which I really like. She also does NOT engage in victim-shaming, blaming or anything of the kind. Criminals use opportunities available to them – or help to create them. The Lisak study should be an eye-opener for those who insist that acquaintance rape is usually just some misunderstanding. (I read it several months ago.)

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    You are 100% correct!! I know, it surprised me too!!

    Political correctness allows the Libtards not to talk about these topics, because they don’t have a solution for them, and it all ties into their “pretend” strategy. Pretend all people are the same. Pretend there is never individual responsibility. Pretend everyone has the same capabilities. It is a strategy doomed to failure, and one that guarantees we lower the bar, rather than raise it. Thereby lowering the overall quality of our Country.

    Anyhows, this topic is a two way street. In college, me and my best friends, Vag Ina and Clint Taurus, used to go to keggers all the time. We still do, actually. Everyone has a responsibility to drink appropriately. But kids often don’t. And you have to watch out for your friends. One time, this football player, Wreck Tum wanted to drive when he was obviously drunk, but Vag Ina offered him a free ride, and everything worked out fine!!

    Your Pal,

  3. She’s Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice columnist, and like housecat, I’m a big fan of hers. She gives good, common sense advice in an engaging style. Judging by her placement on the front page of the website, she’s probably Slate’s most viewed content creator.

    This creates a horrible dilemma for the editors at the Washington Post, which runs Slate. Do they defenestrate her, as the the liberal horde demands, and lose their biggest traffic generator and all of that lovely ad revenue?

    Stay tuned.

  4. Peg

    Exactly 40 years ago, in one of my first classes at University of Wisconsin, my English honors professor accused me of sounding like Hugh Hefner. My criminal statement? Men and women are different from one another – beyond the obvious body parts.

    If that is what Hugh Hefner believed – along with Larry Summers and others – then yes, I sound like Hef – because it’s true.

    If you were to ask any elite bridge player for names of the top 100 in America – you’d be lucky if 5 women were included. It’s not that women are stupid, or not competitive, or that they don’t have the opportunities to compete. It’s that there are psychological differences in men and women – including their brains – that make the odds of women having the ability to excel at the highest levels of this game a bit less than men. That’s essentially what Summers said some years ago, effectively ending his career in lala liberal-land.

    It also is amazingly true that if a woman doesn’t want to be sexually assaulted, then she lowers the odds of that happening if she avoids getting drunk out of her skull, or going to a party at 2AM where there will be loads of high and drunk young males – or if she doesn’t subject herself to a variety of other scenarios. The fact of the matter is that most women don’t have the strength of most men, and that our plumbing is such that it’s easier for men to rape women than vice versa.

    Call it unfair or wrong; it’s the truth.

    So – the libs can scream all they want that men should do this and that and wail about how women ought to be able to wear skirts 7 micrometers short and party-party-party just like the guys – and STILL be in no danger whatsoever. But the cold cruel reality is that if they do this – they’ll be at greater risk. You pays your money and you makes your choice.

    • 2+2=4; in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

      • EOSredux

        *****Hey LibAdv****: URGENT:
        Your Twitter account might have just been hacked. It sent me a Direct Message with a crude link. The message said : “You should read this about you, bad stuff is being said” and when I clicked the link, it’s some. ru site. I closed the tab quickly but you should either change your Twitter password or bail on it completely.

    • Toonces

      Peg – everything you say is absolutely correct and I’ve been “unfriended” twice on facebook for saying things in a similar vein -both women who sounds like the one encountered by boredatwork. EOS: I am trying to let go as you did so that my kid is ready when she goes off to college. Currently I micromanage too much. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Readers should note that Peg is a Grand Master – I’m no bridge player, but it immerses the hell out of me.

      • Peg

        Chris; there are a few hundred male Grand Life Masters; roughly fortysomething women. Enough said? Yet THAT being said…. no one would confuse me as being in the top 100 as far as achievement…. I AM a girl!

        And Toonces – you don’t want to hear what I’ve been called over the years for doing nothing more than speaking about accurate observation. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t a variety of tasks that women can handle in a superior manner to men – ’cause there are. We just have to recognize that, on average, we are DIFFERENT.

  5. EOSredux

    Call me a bad parent but I gave my children the ability to drink as teens. I also let them fail, miserably, flat on their faces. We gave them enough alone time to let them learn to manage what to do when there’s nothing to do; so many kids get to college and its the first time they’ve had to make choices on their own. It’s the first time they’ve been presented with so much alcohol without any parent saying no. My kids also had the benefit of being at boarding school where if they wanted to and thought they could get away with it, they could bring alcohol or drugs into their room. Before they got to college, they understood consequences of bad behavior. It’s harder today for parents to let kids be kids or learn from mistakes and that’s a crying shame so its no wonder to me that there are far more incidences of alcohol poisoning, date rape, etc on campuses.

    • Neither my wife or I drink and we don’t keep alcohol in the house other than wine I use for cooking, so I’m struggling with how I can show my kids how to be responsible drinkers and teach them the same lessons you taught yours. Fortunately, I have a few years to figure it out.

      • Walt

        I can help!! If you have a daughter, make her watch this video. From the University of Michigan:

        If you have a son, DON’T have him watch this video.
        Good Luck!!

        • That’s perfect Walt, thanks! I do have a daughter, and she’s gorgeous, so I’ll make sure she sees this, and no, you can’t have her email address.

  6. boredatwork

    I remember a conversation (well, I was conversing and the other person was soon screaming at me, but never mind) that I had with an ardent feminist many years ago at college. We had been discussing violence against women (she was pretty and I was hoping to get laid – that’s the only reason I was engaging in this conversation, but I digress), and I suggested that perhaps walking home alone at 2am while drunk wasn’t a good idea for women. I said that in an ideal world I can walk around the South Bronx or the South Side of Chicago or Brixton (bad part of London) or anywhere in Washington DC at any time of day, by myself, unarmed, and without fear for my life. But if I choose to walk in those places, it would be foolish because it is not an ideal world and bad things sometimes happen to people in places like that. That doesn’t mean it would be my fault if I got attacked, but a rational observer might ask why I had put myself in danger for no good reason.

    Similarly, in an ideal world, women never get raped or mugged or beaten up, ever. And so they should be able to walk anywhere at any time of day. Sadly, it is not an ideal world, and common sense would dictate that women should avoid putting themselves unnecessarily in danger. So that means not walking home alone late at night, esepcially if they go through bad neighborhoods, not walking through the south Bronx alone at midnight, and not getting so drunk at parties that they can’t stand up or speak coherently. That doesn’t make anything that happens “right” or “excusable”, nor would it make anything that happened any less heinous. But a rational observer might ask a young lady why she was walking home alone given that bad things are more likely to happen to her than if she was walking home in a group. In an ideal world everyone can do whatever they want without any danger, but we don’t live in an ideal world.

    Quite a reasonable position to take, I thought.

    was screamed at (no chance of getting laid, obviously). I was excusing rape. I was condoning rape. I was a quasi-rapist. All men are rapists. Blah blah blah. How can you say that? How can you blame the victim? You bastard. etc. etc.

    Lesson learned. Never talk to a feminist or any other person who has an ideological set of beliefs which cannot be reasoned with. If you must talk to someone like that, try to avoid anything remotely controversial if you value your eardrums.

  7. Anonymous

    Beyond belief how anybody can have a problem with such common sense advice. You don’t deserve to be mugged either but who would object to being told it is dangerous to walk around the housing projects in Brownsville, NY late at night.

  8. Regarding the headline of this post, I’d also add that political “correctness” turns people into liars, saying things they really don’t believe, or even know to be untrue, in order to not be ostracized by those controlling the dialogue.

    And in one particular case a long time ago, political “correctness” even made a murderer out of a weak man who ordered the torture and execution of someone he knew to be innocent in order to placate a mob. Even though this particular victim didn’t stay dead for long, the case still shows the inherent evil of political “correctness”.

  9. Virgo Intacto

    The issue here is that if people were to accept the obvious correlation between a young girl getting wasted and then assaulted, then an attorney might argue in a court of law that she accepts a portion of the blame because she put herself in the situation.
    If I choose to drive through a well-known dangerous intersection and get blind-sided by a car going through a red light, am I partly to blame, of course not.

    • Walt

      You miss the entire point, you little needle dick. You are driving through a dangerous intersection. Do you think driving through a dangerous intersection drunk INCREASES your chances of getting blindsided? YES OR NO? If you were in fact drunk, do you think you are partially responsible for getting blindsided? IBID!!

      Does walking through a ghetto with a Rolex watch and Armani suit, while drunk, increase the likelihood you will be robbed? IPSO FACTO you douche bag retard.

      In a libtard, utopian world, all men would be nice, well behaved guys who know rape is wrong and don’t do it. MANY MEN ARE SAVAGES!! Since we don’t live in this rape-less utopia, I don’t think it’s out of line to encourage women to practice self-protection tactics in order to minimize their own risk of being a victim.

      In fact. IN FACT I THINK TELLING THEM TO PRETEND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN SHOULD BE CRIMINAL. How is that not common sense? You just want to pretend we are all the same, there are no bad people, and dream of unicorns where we can ignore reality? You sicken me. AD HOMINIM!!

      You libtard, reality ignoring DOUCHE.

    • Read the post again, then read the column. It has nothing to do with relieving a rapist from an iota of blame or responsibility for his actions. Instead, the author was bemoaning the refusal of college educators to even address the problem of girls rendering themselves too stupid to resist rape because it’s a politically sensitive topic. “Don’t get drunk” is good advice for any occasion (except an Irish wake, of course) – it is particularly good advice for young people, newly free of parental oversight, who go off to parties with other drunk people. Bad things happen.

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    I feel strongly on his topic because I too was a victim of date rape. Did you know 80% of all rapes are committed by people the victim knows? It’s true.

    I got slipped a roofie by a lady I knew casually one night at the J. You know what a roofie is, right Dude? Not the slate roof stuff you overcharge for in your dirt selling scam, but the date rape drug. Look it up. And you really need to get out more.

    Anyhows, she took me to her car and rode me like a cheap pogo stick. The next morning I felt used and dirty. Just like the panties you have on right now. Luckily, I am strong willed and learned to overcome it.

    But taking precautions is important, for everyone. You just can’t be too careful.

    How is that not just good common sense advice? You want to go to the J tonight? We can bring sippy cups.

    Your Pal,

  11. Yoffe just responded to the avalanche of criticism, personal attacks and misinformation her article triggered:

    Nicely done Emily.

  12. Anonymous

    So, when the State Department issues a travel advisory, it’s just being racist and discriminatory? This country may have fallen behind in manufacturing, math, and science but we have an overabundance of dumb that I wish we could export.

    • housecat

      Perfect world (IMO): IQs under 90 aren’t allowed to breed.

      • I understand the sentiment, but then you get into the whole eugenics thing, which ended badly the last time it was tried.

        I also don’t think that most of Yoffe’s detractors are dumb, they’ve just been so brainwashed that they can’t consider other points of view.

        • Remember, it was the progressive movement, led by the darling of the progressives, Margaret Sanger, who pushed for eugenics. They only gave it up when they were embarrassed by Hitler’s enthusiastic embrace of the program. Funny that liberals are so embarrassed now by the term “liberal” that they’ve gone back to their original label of Progressives. Same group, same ideas, although I suppose they’ve dropped the sterilization of the retarded and the lame. For now – ask them about aborting defective fetuses, you’ll probably have a spirited discussion.

        • housecat

          Yeah, I know… In the real world it *would* turn into the eugenics nightmare you and CF mention. I don’t know why, but I just felt like running with the “let’s export all the stupid people” riff by Anon.

  13. Anonymous

    What is so breathtakingly original about Yoffe’s “don’t get drunk or you’ll get raped” thesis anyway? Haven’t girls been getting that advice for generations on end, in 800 different ways, along with the predictable slut-shaming? What intelligent advice could a Randbot possibly impart to this faux debate? I know, the question answers itself.