Don’t tell Dollar Bill!

Another Democrat replaced

Another Democrat made redundant

FWIW’s pet liberal idiot – I repeat myself  – has often maintained on these pages that the minimum wage can be jumped to $25 without effect on unskilled labor employment because, he insists, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, that “robots will never replace food preparers”. So here’s news that should make the poor guy choke on his triple-whipped, double sputum latte: robot baristas are coming to take sociology majors’ jobs away.

Starbucks’ 95,000 baristas have a competitor. It doesn’t need sleep. It’s precise in a way that a human could never be. It requires no training. It can’t quit. It has memorized every one of its customers’ orders. There’s never a line for its perfectly turned-out drinks.

It doesn’t require health insurance.
Don’t think of it as the enemy of baristas, insists Kevin Nater, CEO of the company that has produced this technological marvel. Think of it as an instrument people can use to create their ideal coffee experience. Think of it as a cure for “out-of-home coffee drinkers”—Nater’s phrase—sick of an “inconsistent experience.”
Think of it as the future. Think of it as empowerment. Your coffee, your way, flawlessly, every time, no judgments. Four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup in a 16 oz. half-caff soy latte? Here it is, delivered to you precisely when your smartphone app said it would arrive, hot and fresh and indistinguishable from the last one you ordered.
And, as the author of this article in Quartz points out, caffeine addicts will find “finally, a barista you don’t have to lie to about how your day is going”.


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4 responses to “Don’t tell Dollar Bill!

  1. Peg

    Don’t come down too hard on him, Christopher. After all, enlightened beings like Nobel Prize winner economist Paul Krugman thinks the same idiotic thing.

    I guess the next step is what they did in the Soviet Union. It will become illegal for business to purchase robots that put people out of business. And then, when the businesses can’t afford to pay $25 an hour minimum wage (why $25, you pikers?!?!) – then the businesses themselves will be put out to pasture.

    Life today in these United States, courtesy of all the Dollar Bills, Paul Krugmans, Barack Obamas, etc., etc., etc.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      After all, enlightened beings like Nobel Prize winner economist Paul Krugman thinks the same idiotic thing.

      The relative value of a Nobel prize, particularly the Peace Prize has diminished to near zero after it’s award to Obama (Drone Assassin Extraordinaire), Arafat (Grand-daddy of all terrorists), Al Gore (Moron serial grad school dropout and AGW huckster). The economics prize is now also a bit tainted with the award having gone to Herr Kruuuuugman.

  2. Anonymous

    if $ bill thinks min wage is 25 an hour with no problems, i welcome him to run our local business of a dozen or so employees and see how that works out. we’d close in less than 2 or 3 months, and that’s after exhausting all working capital to pay salaries at the new required amount.

    what an f’ing moron. truly. people who say that kind of shit have NO CLUE how to run a business. none. all they do is take take take, never having the responsibility to actually create wealth. it infuriates me to no end.

    at least 50% of every small biz in greenwich (from retail to services) would close. no doubt. and the commercial real estate owners would be sucking wind with vacancies. that’s a lotta retail space to fill.

    interesting statistic i read was that 8% of cabinet and senior-level appointees in the obama admin have private sector experience. otherwise, they’re all career gubmint employees/political hacks. bush was around 56% coming from private sector. even clinton was around 50% or so. speaks volumes when i’d take just about anything to have clinton back vs. that sack of a communist in office now.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Anonymous: You just don’t understand! Every time socialism has been tried in the past, it didn’t work because the people trying implement it weren’t quite as smart as Barack, Michelle, Danny Malloy, Fudrucker, and Dullard Bill. This time it is SURE to be a success!

      /sarc off.