Two sales, a contract, and EOS’s broken heart

It’s all here.

275 Riverside Avenue

275 Riverside Avenue

275 Riverside Avenue’s sales price has been reported, $3.375 million. We’ve already had plenty of discussion on this house between those who really liked it (that would include me) and those who didn’t,  so there’s no need to rehash it; I’m just passing on the price for the use of those who keep track of such things. Owner paid $3.5 million for it in 2006 and is said to have spent more than $1 million on renovations and additions.

534 North Streetr

534 North Street

One of my favorite homes, 534 North Street, sold for $2. 1 million. This 1819 house was, I suppose, in need of some modernizing but it’s beautiful to my eye and I think $2.1 was a steal. The owner might have done better, ultimately, had he not started off at $3.235 million back in May, 2012, but that’s conjecture.

375 Stanwich Rd

375 Stanwich Rd

375 Stanwich, $2.750 million, reports a contract. Another really good house, in my opinion. The owner never dropped her price from $2.750 but that was, again in my opinion, a good price to begin with and well in the range of what comparable homes are selling for. This one sold new in 2007 for $3.150.

45 John Street

45 John Street

And just a few days after a reader asked for opinions of 45 John Street’s $14.5 million price (I said my opinion was irrelevant, but the market, by not responding, was providing the answer) the market really did respond – accepted offer. EOS chimed in earlier to say this was her kind of house but now, kid, it’s too late. On the bright side, you can stop searching under the mattress for that spare $14 million.


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27 responses to “Two sales, a contract, and EOS’s broken heart

  1. EOSredux

    My heart is indeed broken that I can’t have it but overjoyed for the lucky peeps who can and did plunk down that kind of cash. This house to me defines class, elegance, Greenwich of old. Nothing ostentatious. Simple beauty. When you know, do tell what the final selling price was. I guess $12.2. Cash.

  2. Stanwich

    I don’t understand the pricing on 534 North Street. I think the house is one of the most distinctive (in a good way) homes in town. Really elegant with the 3rd floor “dwarf” windows providing a bit of visual intrigue. In a sense, the most traditional style without being staid. Is there something about the layout or something else that caps its value? It seems to me that a beautiful old gem in very good condition on a very desirable street would go for much more.

    • As I said,I think it was hurt with what turned out to be too aggressive an opening price. But I’m with you: $2.1 was a howling bargain. Or not – after all, it didn’t sell until it did,so presumably lots of people looked at it and didn’t see the value you, I and the ultimate buyer did.
      But I sure like it.

    • Anonymous

      The house is right on top of a very busy street. I like the house a lot, too. But it was built at a time when being close to the main road was a feature, not a bug.

      • EOSredux

        Some of the greatest homes in Bedford are smack dab on the street; the historic ones especially on the Village Green. Here it’s a badge of honor to be the next generation caretaker of a fine old home.

        534 North is a gem.

        • Likes to drive

          North St has more traffic than Bedford Village

        • EOSredux

          Like to Drive: It is true that North Street gets more constant traffic than Bedford Village but for its small size, Bedford gets its relative fair share of traffic woes. Come into Bedford’s intersection of 22/172 off 684 any weeknight around 5pm. Cars are backed up all the way past Clark Road. Or try and find a place to park at the post office.

          Chris, let it go. I passed you ONCE when you were going 25 in a 40 zone. 🙂

          • You only noticed once – I drive around now in constant terror, ever-ready to swerve to the side and cower when I see your Bedford crash mobile zooming up behind me.

      • Less horse dung dust now, however.

        • EOSredux

          Not really. Horses are king here and dung is common all along Guard Hill Road and other dirt roads in town.
          More than horse dung, the real hazard to old houses on the road here is the crazy bad dust that comes off dirt roads after weeks of no rain.

          • No, I was referring to the house on North Street, where the road is paved and the horses plowed under. Up your way, I understand that the roads have yet to be macadamized-lucky you, most of the time.

  3. Anonymous

    That reminds me of the WSJ article (maybe even discussed on this blog) about the dirt roads & dirty Range Rovers being a status symbol of where you live. From the article “Residents of Bedford, N.Y., pay up for privacy. Dirt streaks on cars—a result of living on prestigious unpaved roads—are a status symbol. To get a closer look at the multimillion-dollar estates, real-estate agents and home buyers travel by horse.”

    • EOSredux

      Thanks. I had not seen that article but it IS true; dirt roads here are a status symbol. The WSJ article was basically a paid advertisement for Ginnel Real Estate as the houses shown were mostly their listings or their new builds. Muffin Dowdle has been selling for Ginnel for ages. House in photo #6, the white gingerbread cottage, is on Guard Hill Road and gets a ton of dust. The ugly new build (photo #1) is also on Guard Hill but far enough off the road for the dust to not be a problem. I hate to be harsh, but that new-build really RUINED that section of Guard Hill.

      Splash Car wash does a booming business here.

  4. Good for her , 45 John Street

    I am sure the seller is relieved that a sale is now done and life can move forward. This long time Greenwich resident had solid roots here. Hopefully she will be back often to see remaining family and friends often. Classy is an understatement for the owner, she is a gem and a sweetheart true and true. This change amounts to another big loss for this town.

  5. anon

    Muffin Ziminsky Dowdle. Friend of Cindy Sikorski Rinfret? How to de Pole yourself.

    • EOSredux

      Muffin talks a great deal about her childhood- proud to be the fourth of twelve children. She’s incredibly down-to-earth, no nonsense, hard-working, wildly successful, a wickedly riotous sense of humor, doesn’t take herself too seriously…and to Fan’s great video below, she’s the darling of the TV show on NBC called Open House. She’s done a slew of videos for Ginnel and the one you’ve selected is Muffin to a tee. She lights up any conversation and I believe is Ginnel’s top selling agent of all time – so she converts her personality into dollars. Not bad.