407 Round Hill goes to contract

Last asking price was $2.775 million. That’s a drop from its 2011 asking price of $4.9 million but will still represent a decent profit for the seller, who bought this out of foreclosure in 2009 for $1.8 million. This is a tear-down contemporary on 7 acres, which are divided into two levels by a steep hillside. There’s a cellphone tower on the Round Hill Community Church property next door and in front of this one, so your direct communication with both God and the material world are assured; doubtless a plus.

We’ve discussed this property over the years and so there’s not much left to say. Beautiful land; shared driveway, cellphone tower are detractions. But a building lot of this size, tower notwithstanding, is probably a decent value at around $2.5.


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5 responses to “407 Round Hill goes to contract

  1. Wow! This really is a Greenwich CT real estate news blog!!!

  2. Mike

    what a dog this thing is !

  3. Awful. Stinky moldy basement. Let the buyer beware.