Obama brought the country to the edge of default to prevent the Republicans from doing what he’s now doing?


Never mind!

Never mind!

ObamaCare individual mandate headed for postponement. Just a week ago, the fate of the nation depended on the mandate kicking in immediately. Today well, ….


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21 responses to “Obama brought the country to the edge of default to prevent the Republicans from doing what he’s now doing?

  1. Peg

    In a word: yes.

    Think of the fun we can all have, however, watching the press spin it just a TEENSY bit differently than they did during the shutdown!

  2. anonymouse

    In my best Emily Litella voice…”nevermind…” lol

  3. Anonymous

    It’s proving to be quite the distraction from:
    – the largest intergenerational theft in the history of the world, a deficit larger than the deficits of all previous Presidents combined – the largest deficits ever.
    – blatant failure to enforce immigration laws, rule by decree not rule by law,
    – IRS scandal, politically weaponizing the fedgov, not to mention EPA, FBI, FDA, OSHA, et. al.
    – Benghazi, setting up the murder of Americans, while he and Reggie Love diddled each other, oh wait was that just a bad movie review? Hey, who knew that Cross Border Authority is exclusively a Presidential power?
    – NSA spying,
    – criminalizing Christians, veterans, Constitutionalists,
    – TSA groping,
    – foreign policy failure in Syria,
    – lowest workforce participation in over 40 years,
    – most racist DoJ ever,
    – Fast and Furious,
    – Solyndra,
    – more Americans killed in Afghanistan on his watch than on W’s
    – more Americans killed in Chicago than in Afghanistan
    – and on and on and on…

    He did however, manage to more than double American gun sales. Give credit where it’s due.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Here’s a photo of the 2012 graduating class at GA. I have nothing against GA, seems like a wonderful institution with a long and proud history. I post this not to instigate or cast judgment on their admissions policies, just posting to support my statement that their school is not as diverse as Gwich public schools where we already have at least 25% minority enrollment in 9 out of 11 elementary schools.

  5. Cos Cobber

    I don’t think the individual mandate should be delayed. Its Obama’s program and the public should have to eat his vegetables if it wants his desert. If we delay the mandate, its a good bet it never comes to pass and then all we have an expanded Medicaid program. IE more free stuff with much of America having no skin the game.

    The individual mandate puts skin the game for all.

  6. Al Dente

    This administration acts like children:
    “I know you are, but what am I?”
    “I’ll take my ball and go home, so no one can play.”
    “If you don’t like me, I’ll make you eat boogers.”
    “Let’s beat up Tommy, he’s too smart.”

  7. Publius

    noun \ˈglich\

    : an unexpected and usually minor problem; especially : a minor problem with a machine or device (such as a computer)

    From the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Does this sound familiar? I think not. It just shows that the journalists who use this word in the context of the ACA roll out are in fact what Merriam Webster defines below

    noun \ˈi-dē-ət\

    : a very stupid or foolish person

    • I would say that the ZeroCare website problems fail both parts of the definition — while they are obviously not minor, I find it difficult to believe that they were unexpected, either. This would require us to accept that absolutely NO testing was done prior to the rollout, and while gross incompetence from government types is no surprise, this is the kind of failure that generally costs even government/union slackers their jobs.

      Imagine getting a resume from someone who lists “participated in initial rollout of healthcare.gov” — *crumple, crumple*… “He shoots! He scores!”

  8. The only way to explain this reversal from Barry boy is that his previous intransigence on this issue was all about getting his way; it wouldn’t be the first time he’s displayed the maturity level of a below average junior high punk (and I apologize to any actual junior high punks reading this, below average or otherwise).

    Either that, or he actually wanted a government “shutdown”, and this was just a handy means of bringing it about — as others have pointed out, all of those “This [name of nonessential but nice govt. service] is currently unavailable due to those nasty Republicans shutting down Santa’s Workshop” signs could not have popped up so quickly unless the planning for them had begun some time before the “shutdown” went into effect, and probably before it even became likely (at least in the public eye).

  9. Mazama

    “Just a week ago, the fate of the nation depended on the mandate kicking in immediately.”

    Yes, and just eight weeks ago Obama told us there is (yet another) New Hitler on the loose and that it was necessary to immediately – immediately! – attack Syria – in essence provide support for the Islamic Jihadistts fighting Assad. And then… he outsourced it all to Russia and then… nothing.

    Does anyone else see a pattern here?

  10. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    PS – so can anyone figure out from this what the BOE is going to discuss/decide tonight other than the recommendation that we don’t sue the State?

    Click to access 102413_FURB_Update_w_CS.pdf

  11. Disappointing failure. From the article to which Chris linked: “The Administration, however, has recognized that there’s a “disconnect” between the actual and effective deadlines, as the deadline to get health insurance in time to comply with the ACA is currently six weeks earlier than the final deadline to buy it.”


    Are you looking forward to the blessed moment when these people have responsibility for the health care of your loved ones?

    • Blame this hideous rich bitch:

      • Mazama

        That woman, whose ability and aptitude are exemplified by that clip, defines the core problem we face and why there’s no hope as long as people like that endeavor to rule us.

    • LMNOP

      There’s should be as much if not more worry about the new 800 phone number posted on the ACA website. Callers are required to give name, address, birthdate, social security number, last W-2 info, two phone numbers – all this even if you only want to surf prices. And who knows anything about the person on the other end if the phone? No way would I ever do this. Disaster waiting to happen. What do they do with that information if I only want to check prices?

      None of this is of importance to Obama. He’s out making immigration speeches. Move on. Move on. That’s obviously how Soros got the name for his organization.