“Smart diplomacy”

Enraging Muslims around the world

Enraging Muslims around the world

Or amateur hour – you decide. Saudis cut diplomatic relations with the US.  Not many fans of the Saudis over here, I suppose, but they are the glue that keeps our interests (oil, Israel) in the Middle East together. If Obama wanted to dump them, he’d have been better off doing it to them first, with an alternative ready. As it is, it’s almost as though he’s just stumbling around, clueless.


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  1. Anonymous

    Odumbo, the Muslim Israel hater, loses the Saudis first.

    Barack Hussein Obama, foreign exchange student, teaching assistant in Constitutional Law, and smartest guy in his own mind.

    A top notch satire writer couldn’t have conjured up this one.

  2. Once

    This is going to come around and bite us in the ass.

  3. maybe bowing wasn’t enough?

    hard to believe it has been 30 years since the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut.

  4. …”almost as though”…..????!!!!!

  5. The Saudis thought we were going to whack Assad. Instead they got JK’s “unbelievably small” strike, canceled when Putin gamed Obama into guaranteeing Assad a job for the next few years.

    I kind of don’t blame them.

    • Anonymous

      What about Obama isn’t fake?
      I guess our dear leader can cross the Saudi’s off his list of when he calls, they’ll answer. Can you hear me now?

      • The Israelis aren’t exactly in love with Obama either. So this could be a new point of agreement between the Arabs and the Jews. Perhaps this was his secret plan to foster peace in the Middle East.

        Do you think he’ll try to blame the Tea Party for the Saudis giving us the finger?

        • Do you think he’ll try to blame the Tea Party for the Saudis giving us the finger?

          It’ll be all of Dullard’s usual favorite suspects, Bush, “Tea-baggers,” Koch Bros, Che-che-cheney and now Ted Cruz.

  6. Mark B.

    Yeah the fainting lady was a good one, with Barry assuring her “I’ve got you, don’t worry, I’ve got you,” each time making sure his voice made it to the microphone.
    Disingenuous idiot.

  7. If you think the Saudis see Obama doing anything, absolutely anything intelligent in the Middle East, raise your hand. It takes quite a moron to give Putin a strong hand to play. Now he seems intent on giving the Iranians one as well. As one Czech writer remarked – “The Prince of Fools.” Obama seems drawn to our enemies, intent on betraying our friends, and certain that he can trust criminals. Unfortunately for the Saudis, they can’t play at this insane diplomacy, then leave; they have to live there.

    • Everything his critics said back in 2008 was true: a man whose sole life experience was that of a community organizer is simply unprepared to run the most powerful country on earth. He’s solving that, of course, by making us far less powerful, and will doubtless continue that policy until he has our role in international politics down to a manageable size. Our former allies are, as you note, making other arrangements as this process is accomplished.

      • Peg

        Unprepared to run our nation? Hell; I don’t think he could do a very good job with the Burger King down the way … despite the fact that he is utterly certain he IS king!

  8. top tip: you always gotta eat before you stand for a long time.

  9. towny

    The Saudis are making a huge mistake.

    • I imagine they think they can make a better deal with the up and coming strongman in the neighborhood, Russia. I agree with you that that will probably prove a fatal mistake.

      • FF

        But the headline isn’t correct. They did not sever diplomatic ties with us. All they did was say they weren’t going to coordinate activities with us in an alliance format. They are probably mad about their declining ability to control their own restive population with bread crumbs and diversionary wars in Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

        • FF: You’re right, the headline is not accurate, but they were certainly firing a shell across Obama’s bow. How real the threat is, remains to be seen, but if they do distance themselves as suggested in the article, in the long game WE will sink along with Obama. The only upside from my perspective is that your party will take the hit for it for decades to come. Small comfort frankly.

      • TheWizard

        With the Iraqi threat conveniently not around for them to worry about any longer, they can be more assertive. Next time somebody puts armor divisions on their border, they’ll be our best buddies again.

  10. Dollar Bill

    So the Saudis are in a snit that we aren’t bombing Iran and Syria, and want to cozy up to the Chinese. So let them! We need to be weaning ourselves off of Saudi oil, anyway, and not be held captive to their pique. All the more reason to move quickly to electric cars fueled by solar panels and wind power, even though brain-dead homo faggots want us to stay captive to oil forever.

    • Walt

      Typical libtard hateful, venomous rhetoric. Can’t you come up with anything original? Or at least 100% factual, you ignorant little dingleberry.
      “brain-dead homo faggot” ? BRAIN DEAD HOMO FAGGOT!! Well at least you are half right, which is a first, you name calling slimy douchebag. The Dude is, oftentimes, brain dead, but he is not a “homo faggot.” NTTAWWT.

    • housecat

      Seriously man, there is nothing wrong with you that a pair of tranny hookers and an eight ball wouldn’t cure. Just get it over with already.

      • housecat

        (That was directed at $B, not you, Walt.)

        • Walt

          I knew that cat. But you are right. There really isn’t anything tranny hookers and eight balls won’t cure. Just ask the Dude. It’s how he cured his ADD. Not really, but he likes to think it helps.

    • boredatwork

      I have a picture in my mind of a car driving along with a wind turbine stuck on the roof and solar panels stuck on the trunk and hood. What happens when you go into a tunnel? No wind, No sun. D’oh!

    • We need to be weaning ourselves off of Saudi oil, anyway, and not be held captive to their pique.

      Oddly enough Dullard, I don’t disagree with you on that specific point. But our exposure to Saudi sourcing issues is limited anyway. In 2012 As-Saudi Arabiyya provided the U.S. with 13% of our total oil imports, which is slightly less than half of our petroleum imports from Canada (28%) See, e.g. eia.gov FAQs page here. I simply believe the solution is not in more tax payer financing of F.O.B.’s scam projects. I say Drill baby drill!

      If the Saudi’s do in fact distance themselves as the appear to be threatening to do, far more dangerous to us is what will happen if the Saudis then bend to the will of their new Russians and Chinese friends and decide to chuck the dollar altogether as the world’s oil trading currency medium? Well, long and short of it is that we’ll be economically fucked. It’s likely that the Greenback would quickly thereafter lose its status as the world’s leading reserve currency. From there it will be a domestic economic free-fall with no parachute. Then how will Barack come up with the money to fund his legacy health care coverage law? Here’s the answer: He won’t be able to.

      On a technical matter. Is a “homo faggot” a heterosexual? I mean, it’s kind of like a double negative isn’t it? Doesn’t the “faggot” cancel out the “homo”? Just curious.

    • AJ

      Yes Bill, electric cars fueled by wind power. As you drive down the highway, the oncoming wind makes the windmill propeller thing on the roof turn and that makes the wheels go. Perpetual motion achieved at last. That’s a good one.

  11. AJ

    “Saudi diplomats now promise a ‘major shift’ in relations with the U.S. over inaction in the conflict in Syria”? You mean after all the trouble they went to supplying the rebels with the sarin gas used in the Syrian attacks and we fumble the ball? So what are they telling us? That now they’re going to fight their own wars? What do they do with all that military hardware we give them? Or is that stuff just for parades?

  12. Greenwich Gal

    OK – I guess I am the pampered princess here – what is an 8 ball?

    • housecat

      An eighth of an ounce of cocaine.

      • Walt

        Really? I thought an “8 Ball” was a reference to… how can I put this politely? The male plumbing!! Dingdongs!! Wankers!! Kibble and Bits!! Peas and carrots!! I got more.

        Anyhows, if we are both correct, that it is in fact a reference to both drugs AND the male pole riding equipment, you know what we got? KESHA BABY!!

        I love that dirty little trollop!!

    • Libertarian Advocate

      GG: urban dictionary says its an eight of an ounce (3.5 grams) of cocaine. That definition would be consistent with housecat’s erotic prescription for Dullard to resolve his apparently latent psycho-sexual desires. At least that’s what I think housecat is getting at.

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Never did the blow. More into French white Burgundies…At least when it comes to expensive, attitude altering substances.

    • housecat

      I like to know about all of this silly stuff without actually indulging in it. So, no tranny hookers for me. The most dangerous substance I indulge in these days is Prosecco, though am a huge fan of white burgundies, too. I’m sure there is a more au courant drug of choice for the particular type of party I recommended to NickelBoy, but I suspect that coke would get the job done.

      • AJ

        I have a feeling that Dollar Bill’s drug of choice is nitrous oxide, you know, what the dentists use, laughing gas. I’ll bet he’s got a big tank of it with a long hose coming out of it that he sucks on regularly, leaning up against his vinyl covered recliner in his “home theater” den which is probably decorated in Star Trek paraphernalia, or resembles some crude replica of the Star Ship Enterprise’s bridge. Live long and prosper, you inflated, devalued, worthless piece of paper.

        • housecat

          Amen to that, although as a Trek fan, I sincerely hope his LARP/Action Figure Collecting is of the Star Wars variety instead. Trek seems too inclusive for NickelBob – unless he secretly dresses up as Mr Sulu…

        • AJ

          Dollar Bill spends some quality time with his friends. Lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt. Unfortunately, the best LARP video of all time, lightning bolt / sleep, where Darth Vader not only throws lightning bolts but also uses his projective mind power to make people instantly fall on the ground asleep (lightning bolt, lightning bolt, sleep, sleep), is no longer up on YouTube.

      • FF

        You guys realize you are one latte comment short of an Upper West Side Liberal mating ritual with this white Burgundy/Prosecco stuff? Of course, it would require going to see “Blue is the Warmest Color” at the Angelica following, then a discussion about Bill de Blasio’s wife. toss in the “I only talk about coke, but I’m urban enough to know” stuff and you embody the liberal ethos. I always knew you were in the liberal closet.

        • housecat

          I’ve never made any secret of being a city girl born and bred. And, unlike your friend $Boy, I don’t look down on gay people (or the transgendered, bi, polyamorous, etc). If they’re consenting adults, and being themselves makes them happy, I say good for them. I’m more of a Cafe Mocha girl, though. Miss the Angelica, for shizzle.

  14. Greenwich Gal

    Walt, your taste in women never ceases to amaze.

  15. Walt

    What can I say, GG? My taste in women are eclectic. I didn’t say I would marry Kesha, but 48 hours in the Poconos, with a champagne glass hot tub room, treating her like my little love pin cushion? Exploring her every orifice? While she sings dirty songs to me? SIGN ME UP!!

    And any man who tells you differently is a LIAR!! Or a homo. NTTAWWT.

    And I like Megyn Kelley, the exact opposite of Kesha. I would also like to treat Megyn like my little love puppet, I must admit, but I would take her to Vegas, because she is classier than the Pocono’s. So this shows I can adapt, and adjust. I am flexible. Just like Gumby!!

    And Katy Perry. I would take her anyplace where I could give her a bronski as soon as possible. Which is pretty much anywhere.

    Or Steph, or Michelle Jenneke, or Kate Upton, or Bar what’s her name. You know, the Jew supermodel? Who dated Leo Decaprio, who I think is a homo. NTTAWWT. But it makes me think I have a shot.

    Anyhows, I think variety is great!! Variety of mere nothings gives more pleasure than uniformity of something. At least that is what I think.

    Or maybe I am just shallow. But Erin Andrews is on TV. So I gotta go!!

    • another starbucks 4 me

      I can’t believe you didn’t mention Scarlett Johansson. “The things I would do for my country!”