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Gee, wonder how long this has been going on?

Obama Fan

Obama supporter hopes to bring love to the Virgin Isle – that’s changed

77-year-old and former WNEW, WPLJ disc jockey Dave Herman arrested trying to buy seven-year-old from her mother.

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A retired New York radio personality has been charged in a sting operation with trying to transport a 7-year-old girl to the U.S. Virgin Islands for sex.

David Herman, 77, of Airmont, N.Y., and St. Croix, was arrested Thursday at the St. Croix airport, where federal authorities said he had expected to meet the girl and her mother flying in from New York.

Herman thought he’d been corresponding online with a woman about her child but was actually talking to an undercover officer from Bergen County in New Jersey, according to U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.

UPDATE: The NY Post, unsurprisingly, has more detail. Here’s a poser for the “moral relativists” teaching in our educational system: what, besides the alcohol involved, would offend a conservative Muslim about what Herman intended to do, and does that mean we mustn’t engage in “trans-cultural judgment”? What if he converted to Islam on the airport tarmac?

(Warning: probably not fit for early morning reading – make sure you’ve had your coffee, so you don’t spit it across your computer screen)

Herman — who once hobnobbed with rock superstars such as Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Pete Townshend — allegedly began his bid to bed the 7-year-old when he met the child’s “mom,” named Kris, in a Yahoo! chat room.

Under the handle “david121482,” he allegedly talked to the undercover officer about his lust for a girl “Lexi’s” age.

“Age 6 is the perfect time to start her being loved that way,” the Rockland County resident said, believing the girl was 6 at the time, according to feds. “I find girls that age incredibly sexy, soft, and their innocence is also a huge turn on for me.”

The DJ also vowed to be gentle with the girl.

“Herman promised he would not hurt ‘Lexi’ though he might have to be ‘forceful’ with her,” according to the complaint written by Homeland Security Special Agent Mark Lubischer. “Herman suggested that they could give ‘Lexi’ some alcohol to relax her.”

After the music man failed to arrange a tryst in New Jersey or New York, Herman allegedly suggested a hookup in the Virgin Islands, where he has a vacation home.

He allegedly hammered out the final details during a Sept. 30 phone call with “Kris.”

“During this conversation, Herman discussed how he wanted to ‘break’ Lexi’s hymen and also stated that he was looking to do a lot of ‘oral’ with her,” according to Lubischer.

Herman was charged with interstate transport of a minor for sex, officials said.

He faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted, in addition to potential fines of up to $250,000. He’s set to face a US magistrate in the Virgin Islands on Friday.


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Sale, busted sale


33 Macarthur

33 Macarthur

33 Macarthur Drive, Havemeyer, sold full price ($1.1 million) in 13 days.

58 Prk58 Park Avenue South, Old Greenwich, reported an accepted offer last week but is back on the market today.


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Don’t help a bad law get good

Not that there’s any hope of salvaging a health care plan that depends on suckering young healthy people to buy insurance for their parents, but the Democrats are now talking with Republicans to see about pushing off the mandate for a year.Don’t do it!

ObamaCare passed as a 100%- Democratic Party law; not a single Republican voted for it and they should keep that record intact. Delaying the start of the plan for a year will simply allow the Democrats to postpone the impending disaster for a year and get them past the 2014 elections. Why on earth would Republicans want to help them do that?

Dullard Bill accuses thinkers of hoping that ObamaCare will fail; his master King Barry actually accused Republicans of sabotaging his precious product yesterday. Neither is necessary because this abortion is going to die all on its own, and the smartest thing for the Republicans to do is stand back and let’er roll.


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FEMA Flood zones information meeting next Wednesday

Town Hall, 7:00 PM. Town Planner Diane Fox will be there as well as a couple of local surveyor land use types to answer questions about how the new flood zones affect your property. Not the time to screech at anyone (unless, you know, you really have to) but a good place to receive the most up-to-date information on how you’ve just lost fifty-per-cent of the value of your home. Come on down, you’ll love it!


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Allocation of scarce resources


Joint Chiefs of Staff arrive for White House briefing

Joint Chiefs of Staff arrive for White House briefing

Obama orders military to convert to unisex uniforms,  No money for troops or ammo but to strike a blow for sexual equality? Priceless.


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Greenwich BOE: let’s get busy shuffling colored children around

They'll never see it coming

They’ll never see it coming

A reader sends along this link to tonight’s BOE agenda. The more they can distract us with this, the less attention will be paid to the “CORE Curriculum” disaster and, of course, the $75 million music palace. Pretty smart, these BOE people.

Going forward, it is proposed that the Board work with the State Department of Education to identify a mutually acceptable resolution to address racial balance concerns. It should be noted that this resolution should also address the District’s overcrowding issues. The resolution should be accomplished as soon as possible so the District can have time to properly implement any solutions.

Facility Utilization Update: At the last meeting, the Board took action on several strategies to address the District’s facility utilization issues (see page 2). The Board discussed but did not take action on adding an additional school of choice at North Street School. The Board asked the Superintendent to provide more information on how that concept could be structured. That document is attached for the Board’s review and discussion.

Based on the need to determine a strategy to address racial balance, it is suggested that the Board not take action on the proposal to add another school of choice at this meeting. There is the potential that the Board and the Administration may need to coordinate any additional strategies to address facility utilization and racial balance.


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Sale and an accepted offer

New construction on Brookside, old house off Laddins Rock

59 Hillside

59 Hillside

59 Hillside Drive has sold for $2,647,500.

24 Midbrook

24 Midbrook

24 Midbrook, Old Greenwich, asking $1.150 million, has an accepted offer. I personally think there are more attractive homes/locations available but obviously a buyer, as opposed to someone who’s just observing the scene, disagrees.


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Attention, Democrat readers. Dollar Bill? Francis? Here’s your chance

In this morning’s email: Probably can get  great health insurance policy thrown in for free, you act now.
Welcome, US investors!

Welcome, US investors!

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:59 PM, Alfred owachgiu <alfredowachgiu@gmail.com> wrote:

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