Two accepted offers

Hillcrest Park and Riverside

72 Hillcrest

72 Hillcrest

72 Hillcrest Park Road, $2.495 million, 30 days on market.

15 Linwood

15 Linwood

15 Linwood, $1.599 million, took 5X as long, probably because of price: the first price of $1.725 was steep for what is essentially a three–bedroom house. Plus, when the owners moved out (this was a relocation move) they took with them the beautiful furnishings and decorations Mrs. Owner  (friend of mine) had installed, and the house went back to looking as it did when I sold it to the sellers some years ago. When I sold it, it was bank owned and we got it for a song, so the barren walls and rooms weren’t so daunting; bump it up some hundreds of thousands of dollars and it’s not so inviting. My guess on final sales price? $1.450.



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3 responses to “Two accepted offers

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    You scribbled “When I sold it..”. You sold a house? When did this happen? You actually popped your previously pristine dirt selling cherry? Ending the longest dry streak since the Sahara was created?

    Congratulations my friend!! Don’t piss it all away. But treat yourself. Get yourself a few of those school girl, plaid skirted, slanty eyed hookers you are so addicted to. You earned it. Call 1-800-mylittlegook. Use my name. And report back.

    You loser.
    Your Pal,

  2. EOSredux

    Any inside scoop on 40 Park Avenue, Greenwich? Ogilvy listing at $3.4 (which means it is overpriced by 50+%?)

    Zillow shows foreclosure in 2009. Sale in 2011 in the $2+ range. Listing says renovated, so I wonder if that means the work was done between 2011 and now? Photos don’t look all that renovated to me; kitchen looks early 2000s vintage, with green counter-tops. Coveted address, walk to town…but not sold, 191 days on market so far; says to me, after years of listening to you, it’s the price stupid, right?

  3. Just_looking

    Any idea why you were not the listing broker, since you sold it to the sellers?