FEMA meeting postponed til next week

Wednesday, November 6, Town Hall,7:00 PM.
Back tomorrow.


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32 responses to “FEMA meeting postponed til next week

  1. housecat

    OMG OMG!!!! He’s back everybody! Walt, you can come out of the therapist’s office now.

    How was the LARPing?

    • LMNOP

      Unless today is tomorrow, I’d say he’s not back. The party damage too many of your brain cells cat?

      • housecat

        Meow! About 1/4 of the post was off screen on the CrapBerry. Are you still mad about the goat?

        • Al Dente

          I’ve got the place fairly clean and in good order. Those stains on the ceiling are permanent, I’m afraid. Housecat, you’ve got the kitty litter.

  2. The Obamacare-defunders practice a “politics of perpetual intra-Republican denunciation. It focuses its fire on other conservatives as much as on liberals… The key premise that has been guiding these conservatives, however, is mistaken. That premise is that the main reason conservatives have won so few elections and policy victories, especially recently, is a lack of ideological commitment and will among Republican politicians. A bigger problem …is the insufficient number of our followers. There aren’t enough conservative voters to elect enough officials to enact a conservative agenda in Washington, D.C. — … The challenge, fundamentally, isn’t a redoubling of ideological commitment, but more success at persuasion and at winning elections… There is no alternative to seeking to expand the conservative base beyond its present inadequate numbers and to win the votes of people who aren’t yet conservatives or are not yet conservatives on all issues.”

    Rather than stomp our feet about Obamacare, we need to propose solutions that work, and win some elections.

    From http://www.nationalreview.com/article/362303/against-despair-ramesh-ponnuru-rich-lowry

  3. LMNOP

    Great way to start a Wednesday when Jon Stewart is on the Obama Bashing Bandwagon. This adds to Peg’s theory that Slaughterhouse 5 is coming to a White House near you.

  4. Inagua

    Slaughter House 5 might be a bit optimistic. Now that The One has been safely re-elected, the dominant media is willing to point out a few of his operational shortcomings in order to market Hillary as a fresh face, and not an Obama retread. Get ready for Hillary the consensus builder, the woman who listens, works well with others, knows how to build coalitions, enjoys political give and take, can focus on detail while not losing sight of the big picture, etc.

    • LMNOP

      you forgot her most marketable skills: she can lie and lay blame on others just as easily as obama.

      hillary can thank her plastic surgeon for the fresh face.

      • Peg

        I am beginning to get the sense that the Democrats finally went over the top with this president and Obamacare. They are hitting their own constituency where it really hurts – the pocketbook – and big time. How many people are going to be able to look at dozens of replays of “if you like your plan, you can keep it” – as they look at “their plan” going up by 50% to 300% – and their deductible growing, too… and still want to keep these compulsive liars in power? May not happen overnight – and fer sure the Republicans have to overhaul their own sorry rear ends. But – I think more and more that The End May Be Near for Soviet Democrats.

        • Inagua

          “They are hitting their own constituency where it really hurts – the pocketbook – and big time.”

          I’m not so sure, Peg. Right now, Obamacare is only directly hurting those people who have individual health insurance polices. These people tend to be self-employed, independent types, and are probably disproportionately Republican. I doubt if enough Democrats are directly hurt by this.

          To be sure, many low skilled Democrats can only find part time work because of Obamacare, but the causal relation to Obamacare probably eludes most of them. And the high unemployment rate is due to George Bush, as any good liberal knows.

          I share your hope about the end of the Soviet Democrats, but I fear your timing may be off. I think these people have another generation to go before the damage is so severe that low information types wise up. It is highly likely that we have eight years of Hillary to endure from 2017 to 2025.

        • Cos Cobber

          Nahh, Instead they will rally around those previously uninsured and ill who are now covered. Even if there is just one such story, that person will be the poster child for their campaign in ’16. For those who are getting stiffed in the new Obamacare landscape, they will offer up more subsidies paid for by the 1%.

          Meanwhile the Republicans will continue to hold their breath while offering no real solutions to the big picture – how to tackle the uninsurable or those unwilling to buy insurance.

        • Joey

          The individuals who lost their policies will most likely be better off under Obamacare unless they make over 4X the poverty level (90K for a family of four). Even if they make over the 4x the poverty level and don’t qualify for subsidies their new policy will be stronger than the old one and, hence, probably more expensive. The reason why these policies are being taken back is because they don’t meet the standards under the new healthcare act. Essentially they don’t provide enough coverage. Thus if you are lower middle, middle or upper middle and had an individual policy you are better off under Obamacare. if you are lower rich and above you will pay more and have better coverage. Yes you don’t get to keep your old policy like the prez said and I guess he lied. However it is difficult to say you are worse off unless you are a lover of choice and enjoy transfering your healthcare risk to others.

        • LMNOP

          Joey: “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all insurance plans, private and employer-based, to cover maternity and newborn care, one of the law’s 10 categories of ‘essential health benefits’ that every policy must include”.

          Unless you are a female Joey as in Heatherton and not a male Joey as in Buttofuoco, I’d comfortably say paying for coverage that you don’t need isn’t being better off.

        • Joey

          LMNOP—Yes you are right I am a male. I have a policy with my employer so none of this applies to me—-except for the extra fees. I am glad to pay the extra taxes on income and capital gains as long as it keeps all of these people without insurance out of the ER (which we pay for anyhow) and into real care.

        • Joey

          and LMNOP. You forgot the other eight points of “10 Essential Health Benefits” of the ACA. You know hospitalization and prescription coverage are pretty essential and cover both boys and girls. That is the problem with you partisan guys is that you attack one part and then leave out the rest. Should we consider this lying??

          Well in the art of argument what is left out usually matters. You just need the facts.

        • LMNOP

          Joey: I’m for personal choice of coverage that suits my needs. I like to have a menu but I don’t care to pay for what I don’t need. It’s like ordering a meal: if I don’t want a salad, why should I pay for one just because its available. Food for thought.

  5. Peg

    And – for a nice speech about what Republicans DO need to do – here you go:


    • FF

      You know, I think from reading that speech I get why the Republicans are screwed into the future, and its not much different from how the Democrats were screwed in 1982. Lee cites all these legitimately potent minds to buttress the fact that the Republicans of 1980-2000 were fully in control of the policy debate. However, of those minds, Jack Kemp was a supply-sider, but a fierce advocate of affordable and safe housing. Jeanne Kirkpatrick was a stolid foe of the Soviets and communism in general, but a leader in a reasonable rapprochement after 1989 that ensured things like safe nuclear fuel transfers and democratic elections in Eastern Europe. In other words, the old Republicans played like a team and permitted their best minds to pursue legitimate, non-doctrinal means because there seemed to be a shared end.
      Read further and you find out why today’s Republicans are hopeless. Lee’s prescriptions for the future are buzz words. “Freedom”, “opportunity”, “work”, “obamacare”. Observations of problems, but no prescriptions at all. And without real goals, there are no real results, and without results there are no votes, and when you want votes in the absence of these you result to feel-goodism. A party that has two major players who are children of Cuban immigrants who are afraid to put forward any kind of immigration philosophy at all that might work demonstrates that failure. The old Republicans might have given room to one of the team to run with a concept to see where it might fit both into the short term and the long term. Today, everything not fully doctrinaire is stillborn, and the politicans too cowardly to be statesmen, leaving team R with absolutely nothing to show for their efforts except frustration.

      • Cos Cobber

        FF, the problem with “solving” our immigration law is that we have a white house who will further gut the law once passed using executive orders and more selective enforcement.

        I’d like to see immigration reform and sensible laws….but can you trust this white house? nope. Better to focus on all the other matters and wait to ’16 on immigration.

      • Inagua

        FF – I congratulate you on listening to Senator Lee. I only lasted one-half hour. How any conservative can mention health insurance without calling for a national market and medical malpractice reform is beyond me. These two factors alone probably increase aggregate cost by 5% to 10%, depending on which study you choose.

        Health insurance for people under 65 should follow the Swiss model. Health insurance for those over 65 must remain Medicare-centric because the program is unfortunately here to stay. Only one meaningful reform might be remotely possible, and it would raise a boatload of cash — lien the estate of enrollees whose benefits exceeded their contributions. Medicaid already has this provision, and Medicare and Social Security need it.

        On immigration, why not enforce the laws on the books and see what happens?

        There was one other conservative public policy idea from the Reagan Era that Lee forgot to mention, James Q. Wilson’s Broken Window Theory, which served as the basis of Guiliani’s successful turnaround of NYC. Of course, the Leftie De Blasio is going to stop that. So chalk up another victory for your side.

        With respect to future election prospects, you are correct. The Republicans have no chance of winning the Presidency for at least a generation.

        PS – Don’t forget to tell us what happens to your business health insurance premiums once the Obamacare mandate for business kicks in next year.

  6. Flash

    I can remember when health insurance came with every job. The only qualification was to reach a six month term at the job.
    But I cannot put my finger on the point where all that changed.

    The cost of Health Care would drop significantly if the UNINSURED were refused Emergency Room Admission. That would be criminal…… what?

    • Joey

      not criminal. Just immoral.

    • Riverslide

      Speaking of emergency rooms, the US currently provides free basic medical care to everyone on earth (including foreigners, if they can get into the US, legitimately or not, and call 911).
      So what’s the problem again?

    • Peg

      I can remember when people paid for their own catastrophic insurance – and paid for “expected” health care out of their own pockets. Employer coverage was a function of government controls that didn’t allow employers to compensate their employees as they wished in salary – so employer-paid coverage was created.

      If people had to pay for everyday care out of their own income, I guarantee pricing would become more rational. It always happens (over the long haul) when market forces are allowed to be in place.

      And FF – there are plenty of Republicans who care about those in need – and who believe, as I do, that they are far better served by free markets and help to ultimately care for themselves. If you need examples – let me know.

      • Joey

        Peg your day is already here. I have a super high deductible plan through my employer (not by choice). I pay everything until the $4,500 ceiling is hit. It has changed the way I spend. For example, this summer an allergist prescribed a $450 nasal spray and a $235 child friendly version of prevacid (basically a chewable version of a over the counter medicine). Did I pay these exorbitant amounts. Absolutely not. Instead we searched (with the aid of the doctor) for some cheaper alternatives and I gave my son an extra box of tissues. The Obamacare Silver plan is nothing but a version of my super high deductible plan. It will make people think twice before spending and will hopefully hold a few doctors accountable. Yes paying 5k a year to help with allergies is not the right way to deal with medical care unless you are a doctor trying become rich.

        • Peg

          Joey, my day is not here. My day is a free market. I should be able to choose from a wide variety of insurers with a variety of plans. The government should not mandate that I must pay for, among other things, pregnancy coverage – particularly since I haven’t been able to bear children since I was 22.

          I should be able to purchase a plan from a company located in Utah, Vermont or Nevada – not just Minnesota. And, I might add, if I had a plan pre-Obamacare, that I liked and wanted to keep – I ought to be able to keep it. Just as our president promised to us, over and over and over again.

        • hmmm


          Is anyone allowed to become rich or do you think it is only doctors who should not be able to get rich?

  7. FF, you are right: the Republicans need to propose some solutions.

    Senator Lee is calling on Republicans to set out some positive, family-friendly reforms which help the middle class.

    Senator Lee, you’re a bit late to the party. If sensible, practical reforms are the thing, why did you lead our party to waste September and October on your quixotic and unsuccessful jihad against Obamacare, which you were bound to lose?