Amateur hour: Obama now attacks Germany

Not content with his calf in a china shop performance in the Middle East, Obama has turned his attention to one of our few remaining allies and told the Germans how they should run their domestic economy.

Considering that Germany’s unemployment rate is 5.2% while the Eurozone’s is 12% and Spain’s a whopping 22%, it can come as a surprise only to a megalomaniac like Barry that our former ally has rejected his advice and called his demands “incomprehensible”. 

There may be something a community organizer can run, but as we’ll soon see with deBlasio, their skill set doesn’t cover running a large city let alone, as has been demonstrated over the past five years, an entire country.


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13 responses to “Amateur hour: Obama now attacks Germany

  1. Anonymous

    I was just in my car listening to the news about failure. It got me thinking that Obama has never held a real job in his life. He reminds me of the salesman in my company….great talkers, but could never implement what they’ve sold.

  2. FF

    Thank goodness we have those hard-working Congressional Republicans! I’m glad they are so lazy and shiftless, otherwise they’ll destroy more than they already have. Not exactly a profile in courage this missive from Cantor

    Click to access 113thCongressSecondSession.pdf

    • Anonymous

      Most of the Repubs in Congress are idiots. However, your National Socialist Democrats are liars, thieves, moochers, and totalitarians.

  3. AJ

    You are halfway to enlightenment, grasshopper. Now all you have to do is figure out that your team is the other side of the same coin and no better if not worse than the other side. Then what do you do? Throwing out all incumbents would be a good start.

  4. burningmadolf

    Yeah, F Germany with all their math and engineering and shit.
    They don’t know that we are way more productive with all our barely literate sociology/psychology/English majors.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Barry attacking Germany may be the first thing he has done that I agree with. Was it a sneak attack? Did he blow up all their boats in Berlin Harbor like Adolph did to us at Pearl Harbor? It would serve them right. Those weiner schnitzel eating little Nazi’s.

    Did he wait until Oktoberfest was over? I hope so. That is one hell of a kegger. You have to give that to the krauts, right Dude?

    Anyhows, why do you think he did it? A false flag operation? To draw attention away from the greatest wealth confiscation in history that is called Obamacare? Which he is screwing that up worse than Rommel at Iwo Jima.

    And why isn’t the MSM covering this? Did France already retreat, even though they haven’t been attacked yet? What are the Jap’s and the Chinks doing, besides banning Sushi Chef Costumes? Are the Brits jumping in? I was going to dress up as Queen Elizabeth today, but I figured I would piss somebody off. And I had the “Royal Wave” down pat. And a set of bad false teeth. Such a waste. So I went dressed as a “Professional” Real Estate Agent instead, and still pissed everyone off.

    Did you get any good candy today?
    Your Pal,

  6. Peg

    Why is it that so many Dems can’t ever simply say “yeah; we thought he was The One and instead he’s The None”? Nope. Can’t ever agree that BO has screwed up something (anything??!?) mightily. Instead it’s “well; how about those S*&T Republicans?”

    Some of ’em sure are. But – you gotta dig pretty deep and low to find one as lousy as our fearless leader……

    • Because to admit he’s a failure is to admit that the entire progressive movement is a failure and with that, their entire political existence goes up in (cannabis) smoke.

      • Peg

        I also have a sense, CF, that to admit that is to acknowledge that they fell in love with the fact that he was “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” – oh, and did we mention that he is BLACK?

        Can you imagine people falling in love with a white guy because of the above? Of course not.

        Obama is (usually) articulate and clean and nice-looking. And – count me in as one of those who, although I didn’t vote for him in either election, was hoping against hope after the 1st that he would be able to do at least some of the positive stuff that his supporters thought he would do. And yes; I was glad to see that our nation had moved from our previous sad racial history to a time where not only was his dark skin not held against him – in some quarters it was a plus.

        But yes. You are correct that to admit he and his programs are failures it to admit that Orwellian governing is foul and that no matter how clean and articulate and good looking one might be – it doesn’t cover lousy policy and even worse implementation.

  7. Town Election…Relevance?
    We have a choice on how to borrow…not whether to borrow…

    Has anyone noticed that while he may not be drinking the Tea Party brew Candidate Reilly says stop borrowing !!!!!

  8. Yos

    Germany’s unemployment rate is at a mere 5.2%, you say?

    Bull. Here’s how they do it… job sharing. Like magic! F’rexample… hire two part-time people at BMW to do the invoice tracking job of one (otherwise productive) employee. From an expat friend, this sort of Fascist nonsense is everywhere. It’s a form of welfare that gives “workers” the illusion of relevance and sufficient distraction to keep them from fomenting revolution.

  9. Anonymous

    At this point hearing/reading “Obama criticizing…” leads to an immediate “LOL, wut, are you kidding me”?

    And no one my circle reads or listens any further.

    What was it they said about some just pre WWII british politician… “a modest man with much to be modest about,” one could only dream the same could be said about so many US politcians.

    • Churchill said that about Clement Attlee. It’s similar to Walter Kerr’s description of someone as having “delusions of adequacy”, another excellent description of Barry boy.