Desperate, Obama discovers the virtues of private enterprise

drobama-lrgCalls in Oracle, Google and other, you know, people who know something to fix ObamaCare portal. Don’t worry; once these minor glitches are resolved, our president assures us that big government is fully capable of running 17% of our GDP. Okay, we weren’t so good at that first part,  he admitted today, but once the greedy profit seekers fix things up we’ll do what we do best, and that’s running a very large organization that will manage the individual  health care needs of 300 million Americans.

Feel better now?


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23 responses to “Desperate, Obama discovers the virtues of private enterprise

  1. Anonymous

    Is ObamaKare an accidental “trainwreck” wrought by lazy government knuckleheads or a well-planned suicide attack by Alinskyites & Stalinists on free enterprise and 17% of the U.S. economy?

    Massive (planned) website failure, easy to orchestrate outrage from the Repubs – blind dogs are harder to fool, testimony by Sebelius & Tavenner purposefully designed as lightning rods for criticism, now the Progressive White Knights of Silicon Valley “riding to the rescue,” to tell us what exactly?

    • I’ve said all along that the progressives intended ObamaCare to fail so they can usher in a fully-nationalized system. Nothing that’s occurred since its start up convinces me I’m wrong.

      • Inagua

        Obamacare has only failed at the web site level so far. I am not sure that the insurance regulation and premium revenue redistribution, which is the heart of the program, will fail. It is essentially the Obama Phone program writ large, where the people who previously bought the product must pay more for it in order to provide the product on a free or subsidized basis to the near poor, who currently lack the product, and the uninterested who didn’t buy the product, but are now required to. It might work.

        • Anonymous

          Inagua, those are the direct first order effects.

          What about the secondary and tertiary effects? It’s more than an Obamaphone writ large, because of the scale of the redistribution. The telecom tax to pay for Obamaphones is a miniscule portion of a typical phone bill which itself is a small part of a typical household budget. The ObamaKare tax becomes a meaningful percentage of a middle class household budget. Not only is it a direct upon the middle class, it is a targeted assault upon the portion of the middle class which participates in the individual care market which contains a larger percentage of folks whose values of independence, self reliance, individual responsibility, etc. are antithetical to the collectivists’ demand for dependence. Unions aren’t worrying about ObamaKare too much.

          ObamaKare is an assault upon job creation, a good job historically having been a path to and a maintenance of middle class status.

          You’re right it might work – at building government dependence, destroying freedom, and the middle class.

        • Riverside Chick

          The fine is only $95 if you don’t have Health Care- beats paying $200 month if you don’t want to buy it.

        • hmmm

          Good, the middle class deserves to get it good and hard. They got us into this mess and they are the only ones that can get us out.

          The middle class of today spends most of their time envious of the upper class when instead they should be striving to join it.

  2. Anonymous

    Web site contract given to Michelle O’s college buddy in a no bid procurement process – hmmmmmmmm

  3. Fox

    The website is a side show. The real killer is the monstrous premiums for sub-standard coverage with sky-high deductibles and physician networks that exclude top-quality providers here in Greenwich.

    A side observation: why no outcry that otherwise untaxed Social Security benefits and supposedly “tax exempt” interest is subject to a backdoor tax by being included in the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) used to calculate subsidies for Obamacare’s overpriced trashy plans?

    These idiots will cause a recession and leave more people than ever before uninsured before they finish their infernal work.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the real point of it all.

      The coverage for uninsured, pre-existing conditions, the now infamous “if you like your coverage you can keep it,” they were all smokescreens for the gullible and the useful idiots.

  4. Dollar Bill

    A fully nationalized system, of course, would be cheaper, and provide greater health care access than RomneyObamacare. The rest of the industrialized world figured this out a long time ago, and spend far less than we do, and cover more people. The Tea Party morons that run the House will never figure this out because they remain clueless corporate shills in hock to Randian voodoo. It’s not even ideology anymore that these guys subscribe to. It’s animism. Before long, Gohmert, Bachmann and company will be sacrificing goat entrails on the floor of the House. And CF will be eating them.

    • Hillary was just paid $400,000 for an evening’s work by Goldman and has been raking in similar speaker fees from the other Wall Street players in preparation for her White House run. Who’s this”corporate shill” you’re worried about?
      BTW, when someone inserts “of course” into his argument it’s usually an admission that there are no facts behind his opinion. There was a commenter on this board some months ago, for instance, who wrote that “robots, of course, will never replace food preparers.” Asked to back up his preposterous claim he disappeared, only to resurface now.

    • Inagua

      DB – Britain has had a National Health Service since 1948. Are you familiar with the results?

    • housecat

      What?!? No clever homophobic references to Tea Partiers? I’m shocked. Shocked. Or… Did you finally take my advice?

    • AJ

      How do you get in hock to Randian voodoo? It sounds like an interesting process; please explain it to me.

    • Toonces

      Dollar Bill: Please take a trip to the Mass General Parking lot sometime. Note that it is filled with license plates that say “Je me souviens “. If National health care works so well in Canada, why are they coming here?

    • hmmm

      It’s clear db is part of a cost center

  5. burningmadolf

    For free? Wow, what a deal. And the original developers return all the money they were paid because they suck? What a country.

  6. Anonymous

    Here is a very nice summation of Obamacare…I love the the paragraph about the Bystander-in-Chief…”But perhaps Obama didn’t know. Maybe the bystander president was as surprised by this as he claims to have been by the IRS scandal, the Associated Press and James Rosen phone logs, the failure of the ObamaCare website, the premeditation of the Benghazi attacks, the tapping of Angela Merkel’s phone — i.e., the workings of the federal government of which he is the nominal head.

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:
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    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:
    Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook

    • Inagua

      What Krauthammer calls a disaster, Obama considers a success because it continues the Great Liberal Project of infantilizing large segments of society by making them government-dependent and reliable Democratic voters.

  7. harrycan

    Oh, he’ll run it all right. Right into the ground. And then he’ll feign no knowledge just how everything went bad. The ONLY saving grace is that we have both the democrats and his royal highness himself calling it “Obamacare”. So like Typhoid Mary and Montezuma’s Revenge, his name will go down in history as the one attached to this disaster. Now that’s a legacy for Americas first Black president.