If you wondered what the BOE fight’s about, it’s about preserving the status quo

Fatal attraction

Fatal attraction

Outgoing Democrat BOE Chairman  Leslie Moriarty has endorsed any and all Republican opponents of incumbent member Peter Sherr. This despite the fact that Democrats in Greenwich have traditionally declined to get involved in internecine Republican politics, despite the fact that she was requested by her party’s chairman not to do so, and despite the fact that it was Peter Sherr whose vote put her into the BOE Chairman’s position and placed Sherr beyond the pale so far as his fellow Republicans are concerned.

So if Moriarty is incapable of personal or party loyalty, to whom does she pledge allegiance? It seems to me that she’s sworn fealty to Republicans Jim Campbell and Ed Dadakis, the architects of the “go-along-to-get-along” school of governance that embraces Republicans and lickspittle Democrats alike. Everybody gets along, no one is rude to the school superintendent (no matter how brief his tenure) and proper deference to education experts and Hartford morons is paid, always.

Good riddance to Moriarty. As she leaves, cast one vote, and one vote only in the Republican BOE race and mark it for Peter Sherr. Something needs shaking up over there at the school board, and Sherr’s the only one who holds even the slightest promise of doing so.


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70 responses to “If you wondered what the BOE fight’s about, it’s about preserving the status quo

  1. Mickster

    Honestly, I’m not totally convinced that he’s anything but a s**t-stirrer!
    His conspiracy-theory about non-residents was total BS…

    • Mickster

      On the other hand, a recommendation from someone who has presided over the debacle that is Greenwich schools for the past 8 years (2 as chair) may not be something I’d be proud of as a candidate.

      • No, but keeping her mouth shut would have been a nice gesture.

        • Proud Parkway

          Why should she Chis? Aren’t you all about freedom of speech. She has a right to voice her opinion. And no one could “get along” on the board with Sherr and his best friend Marianna making trouble. I had a front row seat to these antics when Marianna was at Parkway. I agree there needs to be a shake up and that means Sherr also retires.

        • PTA Mommie

          Moriarty will not keep her mouth shut. She can’t. She seems to think that her endorsement will someone translate into control next year. The weak people she endorsed will sure keep her in the loop.

  2. housecat

    Except for Tamm, who was quoted most recently as claiming that the Eastern side of Town needed more affordable housing. Gee, I sure didn’t know that affordable housing is something the BOE is in charge of dealing with, did you? I thought they had something to do with public schools. Silly, silly me!

  3. Democrat

    Both Moriarity and Kale. Good riddance. There letter to the editor is pathetic. Instated of leaving gracefully they decide to write a letter endorsing who they think should sit on the BOE. The schools are in such trouble because of these two. Bye Bye

  4. AJ

    O/T, but, why buy or build a house when you can print one to order in twenty hours or less?

    ‘The Printer That Can Print A 2,500 Square Foot House In 20 Hours.’


  5. PTA Mommie

    It’s bad enough that Moriarity Anderson and that Kale woman are doing what they can to make sure Sherr doesn’t get on. That’s bad enough. But Barbara Oneal a current member who will probably be chair next is actively campaigning against Sherr. She is side by side with Paldunas ( the traitor)
    How inaproriate I that. She should be called out. She should never be chair.

    I’m voting for Sherr!

  6. PTA Mommie

    Sue Sue Rogers is up to know good again. I received a mailing today bashing Sherr. The mailing is funded by a PAC. And guess who is on the PAC.
    Sue Sue

  7. PTA Mommie

    Moriarty Anderson and Kale are leaving the schools in horrible shape. So why would anyone take what they have to say seriously.

  8. PTA Mommie

    Oneal also has to go! Her behavior this campaign is unacceptable.

  9. Both Leslie Moriarty (current Board of Ed Chairman and Democrat) and Steve Andersen (prior Board of Ed Chairman and Republican) decline to support Sherr. Both of them support his two Republican opponents Bernstein and Peldunas. Does that mean that both sides are opposed to Sherr?

    Both prior Superintendent of schools Freund and current super McKersie find him hard to deal with.

    This is some kind of universal vote of no confidence, by those he’s worked with.

    Sherr supporters say he asks probing questions. Perhaps, but let’s remember: progress is made by answers, not questions.

    • Don’t get answers without asking questions and so far as I can see, Sherr’s the only one asking.

    • hmmm


      You have a lot of spin going on. Do corporations not ask questions before making decisions? Everyone should be asking questions not just sherr. Those not asking questions need to go including mcursey

  10. PTA Mommie

    I still can’t believe PaldunASS after stabbing Sherr in the back gets any kind of support. He is a weasel. And its because of Sherr that Leslie is chair. And an awful chair she was. Instead of thanking Sherr she is now writing lame letters to tne paper that mean nothing.

    Bullet for Sherr! It’s our only hope

  11. Riverside PTA member

    I just read the letter to editor from a Nancy Kail ( outgoing BOE member) who gives her advice on how the board should continue. Who the hell is she? It’s because of her that the district is failing. I will be voting for who ever she did not endorse.

    • Again, PTA Mommie – I don’t disagree with much of what you’re saying but you’ve said it, again and again and again. Different names are just annoying. Keep it up and I’ll enforce a time out.

  12. AND

    Two points:

    Sherr may be difficult to work with but he is the only one asking questions. #1: With out him and Cohen, Sid would have pushed the IB all the way through GHS and we would have never known about the deal he and Anderson had worked out with IB behind everyone’s back. #2: With out Sherr, McKersie would still be pushing for redistricting behind the scenes.

    My ballot is simple:
    Democrat: Erickson and Appelbaum
    Republican: Sherr and a write in for Chris Fountain

    • dogwalker

      You took the words out of my mouth AND.

      So the big complaint about Sherr (and Pons Cohen) is that they are “difficult”? Doesn’t every committee have someone who is difficult? Deal with it, BOE. Set an example for the kids, rather than bullying people you don’t like.

  13. AND

    If you don’t vote for Erickson and Appelbaum you get Tamm.

    • Undecided voter

      That’s OK with me

      • Undecided,

        Tamm is not the right choice.

        While she says that she wants to represent us on the west end of town, she has no idea what the parents want. She is the only candidate talking about redistricting and busing our kids all around town.

        I have met no parents at New Leb or Western MS that think she makes sense.

        Nice person who is friendly to the kids, but that doesn’t mean I want her setting policy for the schools.

      • Cos Cobber

        Anybody but Tamm. That is my feeling. Sure, many of the others are less than perfect, but I don’t need a subversive with a potentially radical left agenda wasting the BOE’s time. I’ll take any of the others over something like that.

  14. The Truth Hurts

    Of 92 Board meetings during his one term of office, Peter Sherr was at least 20 minutes late to 18 meetings. He left several early, sometimes significantly so. He failed to attend 9 meetings. He missed the public hearing on racial imbalance on October 8th. This is committed public service? In fact this is the worst reliability record for the Board of Education in recent memory. The public and our kids deserve better.

    • AND

      That should be Sherr’s campaign platform. “I’m there less than everyone else, but I’ve done more than everyone combined.”

      Attendance – great evaluation tool. We should base all performance on attendance.

      • The Truth Hurts

        You can’t even begin to do the Board’s work if you can’t work with the other 7 people on the Board. If you’re not there, you aren’t working with them. What good is an idea if you can’t persuade anyone else that they are good ideas? Five votes make a Board decision.

  15. Greenwich Gal

    As far as I am concerned – it is all rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic. No effective change of the BOE will make any difference without a massive change in the politics and governance of the TOWN OF GREENWICH itself.

    • FF

      Couldn’t agree more. People need to start being able to vote for their representatives by district, instead of townwide. You get 7 members of the BOE from Riverside

      • You’re kidding right? Shouldn’t we want the best candidates to represent the whole district vs creating “fiefdoms.”

        Look at the mess we have in the RTM. We can’t even field enough candidates for some districts.

        Stick to real estate.

        • Riverslide

          His problem is he can’t come up with an alternative election scheme that protects the power of the Democrats in town, where they are badly outnumbered.

        • FF

          That’s kind of odd, considering the United States is a representative Democracy. Our Presidents get elected in a state-by-state electoral college where each state can have someone to represent their “fiefdoms”. We have congressmen, who are elected by “fief”. Livvy Floren, Fred Camillo, Steve Walko and Scott Frantz, Republicans all, represent certain parochial districts that you might call a “fief”. Yet somehow you exactly parrot the Republican Town COmmittee line that we can’t have “parochial” interests when it comes to the School Board. Is it fair and representative that we may have 7 of 8 representatives of the BOE from OG/Riverside? Or is it fair that the BOE seems to exist these days only for self-referential purposes.

          Grow up, and think for yourself for a minute instead of parroting the party line. And no, with you nobody is home

        • FF,
          Not sure if how we elect officials for 300 million people makes sense for the 60,000 or so we have here. Think we stick with the best to speak for the whole town.

          Alternatively, you could start your own town and name it Frankwich.

      • Cos Cobber

        Nice, but I would rather we end the party control system first; both in seat protection and nominations. It has a shameful parallel to the political machines in bogus democracies and its not producing the best candidates.

        • FF

          It would help if you bothered to understand the law. I proposed that we elect all members of the BOE by district. Under state law, there can be no dedicated “minority party” seats, meaning that in theory the Republicans could win 12-0. So where is that “protecting the party”. The fact is that it is so difficult to get candidates to run a race with 62,000 people to connect with, that you get the boards you have now. You all complain mercilessly about the BOE, but get instantly political when faced with some kind of solution, assuming that it must be political. So either run yourself, propose a change, work for real change or get out of the way

        • Cos Cobber

          FF, all I am saying is that I don’t think we need to leap to the district approach, that dropping the party slotting would be enough.

        • Riverslide

          Well, the solution is right before us, obvious, quick, known to be doable: have the RTM vote to drop the political quota system currently used for the BOE. Oh, but the Democrats (and their ideological bedfellows on the RTC) don’t like that kind of change because it would be a big step toward putting the voters (left, right, center..) in charge rather than the edu-crat lefties.

    • Riverslide

      You’re right. It may be better if Sherr loses. If he wins, he’ll be badly outnumbered and won’t accomplish much but drawing attention to the idiotic excesses of the “establishment” and in the process he’ll draw more fire, and the establishment-left will make his “diviseness” the issue for the next four years. People will have the illusion of a dynamic, functioning democracy controlling their schools, and they won’t ask for systemic change in the election process, one that could get a majority of independent-minded people on the board.
      (I’m still going to bullet vote for him.)

  16. Hu Nuh?

    I fear Greenwich Gal is correct. Hope I’m wrong. Under the gleaming facade, the rot is deep and longstanding.

  17. Hu Nhu?

    She could fix the BOE in a heartbeat………

  18. BB

    Please keep in mind that in June, Milone & McBroom developed four redistricting plans, all of which were disasters in their own right, and several of which were supported by current and (soon-to-be) former members of the BoE.

    It was Peter Sherr–along with Peter von Braun–that were steadfast in listening to the parents outrage over the plans and were instrumental in systematically voting to remove each plan from consideration.

    I believe the public school parents of Greenwich owe a debt of gratitude to Peter Sherr, and we should show that by giving him our vote on Tuesday.

  19. Before you get to the polls Tuesday, you should make sure you have the facts on Sherr’s track record on the board, and not just follow along with random comments.

    The facts are:

    At the April 10th meeting of the BOE this year, they voted on the $42 million MISA proposal. What you probably missed is that instead of supporting that proposal, which had wide support throughout town, Peter decided to side with Peter von Braun with a radical idea of building a completely new high school, which von Braun spitballed at $100-150 million. WOW!

    For those of us that know Greenwich real estate and understand the real costs of unanticipated cost overruns, you could probably put that proposal conservatively at $200-250 million – a quarter of a billion dollars.Scherr’s response to von Braun’s idea at the meeting and I quote “I think the idea is actually worth considering.” This is verified in the minutes and the reporting by all of Greenwich papers of the April 10th meeting.

    Scherr was a supporter of MISA at $37 million. But instead of supporting the additional $5 million, he decides, along with von Braun that we should spend probably $200 million on a new high school, that nobody asked for or thinks we need. Huh?

    While he likes to talk about how he is a fiscally conservative board member, his board track record represents something completely different.

    Add that to the fact that he missed almost a third of the board meetings and the negative direction of achievement in his four years on the board, makes me wonder what you are looking at and if you all actually have the facts.

    Check the minutes and the Greenwich papers on the above it is verified.

    If you are going to spend the time to go to the polls, please get informed. Peter has four years of track record. We need a new direction, and Peter’s is the wrong one.

    • WTF

      I, for one, thought the Von Braun proposal worth considering. The idea of spending $40+ million to build an auditorium beside an aging HS that’s sitting on a toxic dump, makes absolutely no sense.

      • WTF

        All you need is for the EPA or some college study to come out in a few years suggesting that some hitherto ‘harmless’ chemical discovered on the site now causes XYZ disease and the whole place closes down. Bye Bye $40+ million tax dollars and hello parent lawsuits…

      • WTF,

        Great idea. Given the way the town funds itself in the short term (ie, 5 years or less), I assume spending $200 million on a school only triples property taxes.

        Now you can say WTF!

  20. First time long time WFAN

    Chris, is it that PTA Mommie a) had too many liquer-filled chocolates from her son’s Halloween bag last night, or b) is Marianna back blogging under a new nom de plume in support of Sherr?
    I had tears in my eyes when you were talking about issuing a “time out”. Classic! A daily dose of laughter helps keep the soul light.

  21. Anonymous

    CF, I agree that Moriarty’s Oped was quit unbecoming and certainly shows the desperation to keep diversity of opinion off the board. At the end of the day, all of the candidates are PTA shills. Read today’s GTime on their response to the BOE budget—everyone of them crying for more money—the only voice otherwise was Sherr. As he cited, Greenwich is the highest cost per pupil, pays its Superitendent $350,000….and yet not enough. Its never enough. And, all this in the context that enrollment has dropped precipitiously in the last 5 years and continues to do so in the future. Where is the intelligent, serious debate on these matters versus the nonsense racial bating, pardon me, balancing.

  22. Stanwich

    The infighting on the RTC is ridiculous. Jim Campbell has some nerve trying to defeat Sherr after his own preposterous battle with Chris Shays. And Ed Dadakis is a self-important blowhard. Why anyone listens to him anymore is beyond me.

    Sandy Waters was circulating an email talking about the same purported “attendance” record. If you saw the attached schedule she included with the email, it was her own handy work and she barely knows how to use excel. The actual attendance is posted on the Greenwich Public Schools website. Its just idiocy the lengths people go to silence a dissenting opinion.

    You have to give credit to Sherr. He stood up to an incompetent Anderson and actually listens to what people are saying. At one of the BOE meetings in early summer (it was at the high school) right when the redistricting issue was becoming headline news, he was the only one asking the common sense questions. For example, he pointed out that the consultant’s numbers on Riverside School projections simply did not make sense given what everyone knew was happening in the neighborhood — no way attendance would drop drastically. Poke holes in the basis for their proposals and the whole thing falls apart. I credit him with helping the BOE move past the insane proposals we initially saw at that meeting.

    Let’s not forget that a good number of the RTC and Republican glitterati support Sherr including Fred Camillo. He isn’t a lone wolf, he has substantial support. His detractors would like us all to believe that he is a problem child of the BOE, that’s just not the case.

    • The Truth Hurts

      Thanks to Fred Camillo, we also had Marianna Ponns Cohen. The public demonstrated what they thought of that endorsement at the last election. A nice guy, Fred knows absolutely nothing about the schools.

      • Proud Parkway

        Agree truth!

      • dogwalker

        What was wrong with Pons Cohen, Truth? She was right about IB, IMHO. She was right about Anderson having made a commitment behind everybody’s back. From what I see, she was defeated by a smear campaign that succeeded. It was not a vote of no confidence, merely a demonstration about how easily the electorate can be swayed, even against someone who was speaking up in their interest.

    • Pete Pete

      Sherr’s lame attendance was question at the RTC and h responded that he comes late because it doesn’t think it is important or necessary to be present for the public comments. Really? Talk about arrogance.

      • Most of the “public comments” are, usually, presentations from the various PTAs and are a complete waste of hot air.

      • RTC

        If that was raised in Executive Session, should you be talking about it on a blog? Or anywhere? Isn’t there an expectation that it is nonpublic discourse?

        • Pete Pete

          I was never part of ptac and I did not say that the attendance was raised in Executive Session. I said it was questioned in the RTC, which is what I was told by a member of the RTC. Maybe you can confirm that? Or why don’t you and red herring ask him directly why he arrives late. While you are at it, ask him how many expulsion hearings he has missed as well.

    • PTA member

      Sandy Waters…..
      Why does anyone mention her name. She is 80 years old and was an incompetent chair.

  23. Anonymous

    Reading all the anti Sherr comments it is clear he hit a raw nerve supporting the non “sanctioned” Republican Chair. How ironic that Moriarity favors the same action—but only on the Dem side. I wonder, if ever, we will get someone to break the Undemocratic form of government in this Town.