No open houses to visit

There are officially 30 homes to see today, but weed out the rentals, and all that’s left are retreads or houses being returned to the market at the same failed prices they suffered from earlier. There are still buyers out looking, but nothing to see.

That’s a wasted opportunity because a new listing at a reasonable price would be guaranteed the market’s full, focused attention. As it is, it looks like they’ll be no new inventory until mid-January. Fortunately, hunting season throughout the country extends through that period so there’s no particular reason to stick around.


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11 responses to “No open houses to visit

  1. EOSredux

    May I just say, totally off-topic, how glad I am that you added Sarah’s blog to your blogroll. (AA for young people). She inherited your talent for words, and has a deep understanding of what a challenge she has before her to stay sober.

    I don’t feel I have the right to comment on her blog as alcoholism is not something I am personally familiar with but here I feel comfortable saying we all wish her well, and thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of her journey.


    • housecat

      All stupid party jokes aside, I totally agree with EOS. I clicked on the link some days ago, not realizing it was hers. I do have personal experience with alcoholism in my immediate family – still “active” after 50+ years. It is incredibly brave, not to mention wise and mature, for her to embrace sobriety at such a young age. She has given herself the chance of a long and wonderful life. I wish her all the best as well.

      • Toonces

        Seconding (thirding) Housecat and EOS. I have personal experience (x2) in my immediate family as well. Sarah is a gifted writer, Chris and a good human. I wish her the best as well.

  2. Anonymous

    Chris, What is the best way to search for rentals? in Greenwich….

    • Craig’s List, probably. Costs landlords nothing and seems very effective.

    • WTF

      Call a realtor, fool!!
      It’s free to you…

      • Toonces

        free? Say what? Commissions are worked into prices. FWIW, I think certain brokers are absolutely worth it.

        • Commissions may be included in a property owner’s original asked-for price, whether rental or sale, but it depends on market demand whether that commission is passed on. We probably average 10price reductions day here in town, rentals and sales, each of which represents more of that commission being shifted to the owner.

          • Toonces

            True – I guess it all depends on whether it is a buyer or sellers market and whether prices have gone down since the person purchased their home

  3. Anonymous

    If MLS listings are shared with all real estate firms in town, then they should appear on the broker websites, right? There’s a rental search link on I would think other broker websites would also have that capability.

    • True – my point was that many landlords don’t list their properties with a brokerage firm (especially rooms and apartments – houses usually are), so checking Craig’s List broadens the search.