The country’s gone mad


Racist pig!

Racist pig!

Pottery Barn pulls sushi-chef and kimono Halloween costumes after pressure group labels them “racist”.

In Kentucky, all 750 employees of a medical services firm are ordered to undergo “diversity training” after someone wears an Obama mask to a company party.

In Philadelphia, a 2 1/2 -year-old is suspended from nursery school for singing (or trying to) the Philadelphia Eagles team song which mentions “fight” three times. 

And, mentioned here yesterday, in Providence, Ivy League students close down a speech by NYC’s Police Commissioner because they don’t even want to hear what he has to say about crime prevention.

It’s all as one, and none of it’s good.


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23 responses to “The country’s gone mad

  1. David Smith

    I do not have the details, but as near as I can figure, the heckling shutdown was BECAUSE of “stop and frisk”.

    Personally, I don’t care if they are being racist – IT’S WRONG! and w the MSM keeping low profile, heckling is one (rude) way of getting a message across to someone who doesn’t want to listen to the commoners.

  2. weakleyhollow

    There’s a Peanuts cartoon going around with the caption: “What’s the definition of racism?” Ans: “Opposing Obama.” Parody anyone but The Chosen One

  3. burningmadolf

    And….. the pussification of America continues.

  4. OG Reader

    It’s because George Carlin is no long with us.

  5. Anonymous

    My daughter’s University banned the Miley Cyrus costume because twerking is racist.

  6. housecat

    Help me out here…

    1. “Sushi Chef” is an occupation, not an ethnicity. Get a grip, people.

    2. Presidents have been popular costumes as long as I’ve been around. I never heard Tricky Dicky, Reagan, or HW complain, although Bill probably got himself into a snit at the thought.

    3. There are more productive ways to get your point across. Throwing a temper tantrum in your late teens just makes you look like an A***hole. Throwing a temper tantrum when you are an Ivy Leaguer in your late teens just makes people want to stuff your pampered ass in a dumpster.

  7. FF

    I think you should be suspended for anything and everything if you root for a Philadelphia team. Iggles and Fillys? Really? Save the kid a lifetime of anguish that will no doubt lead to crime that suspension will

  8. Jonathan

    Great comment from that post on the PB sushi chef costumes: “This once great nation has turned into a nation of entitled complainers and whiners. A nation that calls itself the “greatest country in the world”, yet does NOTHING to back it up. A nation where a large portion of its citizens can’t read. A nation that encourages, even rewards coming in second, or third, or even last. A nation where it’s okay to live in a house you can’t afford, wearing clothes you can’t afford, driving a car you can’t afford to a restaurant you can’t afford, as long as your neighbors see you and think you’re rich. A nation that would rather watch Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over the local or national news to learn about what’s happening around them. And now, a nation where even the most blatantly NON-racist thing is seen as racist, and the apologies come flying from every angle with promises of “sensitivity training”. How sad.”

    • Cos Cobber

      Jonathan, FF and the NSA would kindly ask that you report to re-education promptly tomorrow morning.

      • FF

        We are thinking of opening up a convenient location over by the golf course, off Cliffdale. We can re-educate and play a round, makes reprogramming so much easier

  9. Riverside Chick

    Damn, I was going to dress up as the St. Paulie Girl, braids and all, but now the Germans will think that I am making fun of them saying “Germans are alcoholics” …….it was a good costume too.

    • Fred2

      Dear Riverside chick,

      Your presence, in that costume, will be greatly appreciated by all the drunk germans at my party.

      I recommend that you practice your backhand and steely glare beforehand if you understand German though, Franz can be a little verbally forward after a few litres of Bier.

  10. Barack O'Bama

    An Irish Coon will drink any dirty Kraut under the table!