It had to happen sooner or later

12 Baldwin Farms So.

12 Baldwin Farms So.

12 Baldwin Farms South, one of developer Jay Silver’s two failed projects here and currently asking $5.295 million, has finally found someone to make an acceptable offer.

Silver started off in 2007 asking $12.495 million, lost the place back to – who else? Patriot Bank in 2011, and left the scene, while Patriot tried, first, $7.499 (September ’11 Jim Campbell, broker; Jim’s on a losing streak) and various prices since then, culminating now with another broker and at what I’m sure they hope is near its final resting place. Perhaps the latest cut, from $5.700 to $5.295 will prove to be the trick, but I’d be astonished if the final sales price doesn’t begin with a four.

There wasn’t much to like about this house – certainly not at $12.5 or even $7.5 million, from its entrance via a stone causeway over the swamp that comprises its front yard, to the skimpy patch of yard in the rear (ignore the trick photography, it’s a handkerchief-sized back lawn), to the weird, sort-of-French-manor, formal  exterior, to the informal country kitchen look inside. I suspect a committee of architects deigned this place, with interference “input” from the developer. Whoever was responsible for the final result, they doomed it from ever achieving anything more than a fire-sale price.

So, is a price in the high-fours the right fire-sale? I suppose so – there’s a lot of house here, and it all seems to have been well made, exterior design notwithstanding. 2 1/2 acres, some of it useful, close to town, must be worth something, and I’m sure replacement cost for the house itself would be higher than this is selling for. Of course, if someone did replace this they could use a different architect, but hey – then you’d be paying more. There’s some very nice, livable space in here, so maybe you only arrive at night (leave the exterior lighting timer off).


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21 responses to “It had to happen sooner or later

  1. Flash

    Future setting for the reality show The Shahs of Baldwin Farms

  2. Anonymous

    you are too funny. Yes the place is butt ugly and the lot sucks but for 500k they can make it look great. The sq ft number is still low and Baldwin is a top address.

  3. shared driveway (causeway) = deal killer

  4. Anonymous

    its not that bad just way too much stone, sometimes less is more.

  5. Anonymous

    think of the money you’ll save on exterior painting though!

    benjamin moore’s just not what it used to be anyway.

    • Fluid Grid

      If you buy BM Aura, it’s self priming.
      Works like a charm

      • Anonymous

        i don’t care about the priming aspect, i care about longevity. the stuff just ain’t like it used to be. flows beautifully when applied in the first few brush strokes, but they definitely tinkered with something in the formula in the past handful of years or so. it dries way too fast and it just plain doesn’t hold the brightness over time.

        i painted a house interior trim (all of it properly primed) entirely with satin impervo. it’s about 80 bucks a gallon, or a little less on contractor discount. not cheap.

        2 years later, it grayed. and i had to re-do it. the fussy pain in the ass owner (me) was livid. the local pro paint shop, the best in our area, didn’t have much to say about it other than they accept mastercard, american express, visa, or cash for the new paint….

        • Anonymous

          satin impervo aint what it used to be. reformulated to adhere to new voc rules.

          probably too late now, but next time, try two top coats with penetrol additive.

  6. housecat

    “A camel is a horse designed by committee…”

  7. Publius

    The veranda with the outdoor fireplace is is the closest thing to OK on the property but the Italianate style light fixtures are awful…..

  8. Wide awake

    Baldwin Farms has a lot of old, not worth saving, hard to sell houses….
    I do not see any deals coming on those including the 2 that were painted and put back on the market in less than a year….
    do they think we are asleep?

  9. GWChase

    Problem with this house is the “baby” house stuck where the front yard should be! Reminds me of a kangaroo with a baby in the pouch. Classic example of a “get rich quick” scheme that went south.

  10. Wilbur Peck

    It looks like Great Captains Island lighthouse.