Bambi ducked; he’s safe until Saturday

Nice buck, operator error estimating distance, deer 1, hunters 0. Such is hunting.

Some contracts and accepted offers reported while I was frolicking in the woods.

33 Wildwood rive

33 Wildwood rive

33 Wildwood Drive, Milbrook, asking $1.590, has an accepted offer after 56 days. It was purchased for $1.350 in 2005 but it claims a new kitchen and baths.

530 North Street

530 North Street

530 North Street also reports an accepted offer. Asking $2.795, down from $3.350 in may, 2012. It sold for $2.495 million back in 2002. Clients I showed it to weren’t impressed, but then, that’s what makes a real estate market.

150 Clapboard Ridge

150 Clapboard Ridge

150 Clapboard Ridge, dropped its price from $5.1 million to $4.295 and that seems to have done the trick.

22 Perkins Rd

22 Perkins Rd

And 22 Perkins, $4.550, has a contract. Owners paid $5 million in 2003 and in a fit of misplaced enthusiasm tried for $7.350 million in 2001. The pressent price is more reasonable.

I’ll be curious to see this one’s final selling price.


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20 responses to “Bambi ducked; he’s safe until Saturday

  1. Mark B.

    He DUCKED…?
    Dog, the bullet’s doin’ 3000 freakin feet per second.
    You MISSED.

    • Mark B.

      Sorry. I missed the rest of the post, so incensed was I…

      • In fact, it was my friend who missed, after I’d set him up in the best location and loaned him my crossbow, which is far easier to shoot straight than my compound. Unfortunately, gravity works on everything (except in Dollar Bill’s world, but that’s another story), but has less time to affect a bullet than an arrow. Estimate fifty yards with a bow and aim for that distance, the arrow’s going into the ground.
        So yeah, you’re right: he missed. I’ve done the same thing, though.

  2. housecat

    Be sure to open your closets and shower curtains very, very carefully. Anyone that tracks down your address and posts an accompanying photo of your house on the internet is capable of all kinds of crazy. (PS: well, at least we know what she was really doing in Greenwich in Sept!)

  3. LMNOP

    CT governor Republican Candidate Tom Foley has ad aimed at NYers thinking of leaving the city because of deBlasio:

  4. ShedLessToolMan

    Tom Foley is awesome… and as I have said here way before that ad.. Di Blasio will help push demand for housing buyers in NJ, westchester and CT near manhattan.. greenwich is the closest commute.. so, I think it gets the greatest Di Blasio effect in CT.. . I hope Foley wins next year!

    • Anonymous

      3rd time lucky for Foley, I give the guy credit for persistence. If I was 61 and that rich I would not have any interest in politics.

  5. Anonymous

    Funny quote on the Foley ad website:

    “Connecticut’s chief export is aerospace, and it’s chief import is frightened people.”

  6. If you were bowing it Bambi did not duck enough….and made Front Page lots of wheres including Drudge….BUT Obamacare came to the rescue and she has been adopted….

  7. ShedLessToolMan

    anon 8:39

    Mike Bloomberg is much older and much richer and yet still pursues politics.. it is about power.. not money or time

  8. Gordon

    ‘Hope He’s As Easy To Get As Birth Control’…new round of quality Obamacare ads are out:

  9. came for Salma; left, pondering obamacare:

  10. Fluid Grid

    Amazing to me that someone could live up that driveway on CR Road, and have such a cheap, hideous looking tile mess of a kitchen.
    I would have expected a helluva lot more.
    The house is a tear down.

  11. Anon

    The Clapboard Ridge house was built by an elderly heiress whose family once owed all the property in that corner of CRR and Lake and built several houses in that area. It is was sold by her son.

  12. Anonymous

    Clapboard….built by son, lived in by son, sold by son….

  13. Anon

    Paid for by Mom on Mom’s land. You call it however you see it.

  14. Anonymous

    you are both right!!