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And who says they don’t have a right to health insurance too?

Now he can get one of those free Medicaid scooters, as seen on TV!

Now he can get one of those free Medicaid scooters, as seen on TV!

In a move that will have PETA nuts cheering, a Colorado man has his dog signed up for the new national health system.

Shane Smith, of Fort Collins, says his dog Baxter received a letter informing him that a health insurance account had been opened in his name through Connect for Health Colorado.

“I thought, ‘Wow, this is so awesome,’” Smith said with a laugh. “They have gone out of their way to insure my 14-year-old Yorkie.”

Smith had called Connect for Health Colorado to sign himself up for insurance because his old plan was cancelled due to Obamacare.

After having his original policy cancelled, followed by this, Smith says he won’t believe it until he sees it.

“There’s been a lot of headaches that’s come from all of this. All the phone calls. All the nonsense. They ended up giving me good coverage I think, but who knows if they’re going to take it away,” Smith said. “As long as Baxter’s covered that’s all the counts.”

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Just so you know, there’s almost no real estate news to report

Visions of turkey beast danced in their heads

Visions of turkey breast danced in their heads

Fall selling season’s over and while there are still deals in the works that will be appearing, new inventory is almost nil(who wants to have a broker open house and then show their home over the holidays?) and price cuts, such as they are, are almost laughable. Believe, me homeowner, if no one stepped up with a bid on your house at $3 million, $2.850 isn’t going to stir him to action now.


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Farricker speaks, and it’s a doozy

There'll be plenty of time for cricket now

There’ll be plenty of time for cricket now

This is why Francis and I are friends – he’s often wrong, but he’s principled – I admire that.

Letter to be published in Thursday’s Greenwich Post:

This Monday, some Democratic members of the BET proposed a significant overhaul of our election laws, and the people of Town were not notified. In a cynical attempt to preserve “balanced boards”, a group led by Bill Finger and urged along by Democratic State Central Committeeman Ed Krumeich, a proposal was made in the dead of night, unnoticed even to some fellow BET Democrats, calling for BET members to be elected in the same manner that School Board members are. Only unaccountable politicians would consider this optimal for the Town of Greenwich. Their only goal, it would seem, is to preserve their positions by proposing an illusion of democracy – and oddly hoping for some good publicity at the same time. This is wrong and should be stopped.

If the past election has shown us anything, it is that Greenwich needs real democracy, where parties compete with ideas and vision against eachother. I am Chairman of the DTC, but I am a resident of this Town, a parent and an American. If they disagree with my position on allowing fair open and transparent elections, Democrats can vote me out of office. But I will make this case clearly and honestly. Bill Finger and Ed Krumeich are utilizing well-practiced “inside” maneuvers to tell you, the public, what they feel is best for you. I support a full Charter revision, and I believe that in a fair structure, Democrats can compete and win the debate in Greenwich. Finger and Krumeich think we will always lose. That is a choice for the voters, and not clubby insiders and you should show your “representatives” how Greenwich really feels about this cynical gambit.


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I’m not signing on, but it does show that FEMA issues aren’t confined to Greenwich

The National Association of Realtors, a lobbying group all us dirt salesmen are required by the local association to join and pay dues to, wants to force all taxpayers to subsidize homeowners living in flood zones. I think that’s a lousy idea, but clearly, the new regs are having an effect across the country.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.16.19 PM


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Not entirely surprising

First four women graduate from Marine Infantry Training course. It’s a long (59 days), hard slog ( I read), and the first group of women applicants all failed.

For the duration of training, the female students were required to meet the same standards as their male counterparts. The women’s physical strength as well as their ability to keep up with men on the battlefield were highlighted on what many consider the most demanding course event — a 12 1/2 mile march in combat gear.

The hike lasted no more than 5 hours while each student hauled almost 90-pounds of gear, at nearly a 4 mph pace (almost a jog), rifle included.

A looong time ago I went through a six week National Outdoor Leadership Course in Wyoming’s Wind River mountain range and the instructors slapped the same weight packs on all 18 of us, male or female. On resupply days, those packs weighed one hundred pounds, and although there was a lot of bitching from all of us, both sexes carried on, at high elevations.

I have reservations about women in combat, but that some young women can meet the physical and mental challenges required never crossed my mind. You go girl, but stay safe.



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Obama: “100 million successfully enrolled in Obamacare.”


Math are hard

Math are hard

“No, wait, make that 500,000! No, 100,000 – no, 27,000 – oh, whatever.”


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Biden: “ObamaCare and our president will be saved, Insha’Allah”

Please send us programmers!

Please send us programmers!

No kidding: he’s down to praying for divine intervention.

With good reason, but still ….

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My own great-grandfather slept through the battle, but he had an excuse

Battle of GettysburgGettysburg Address 150 years ago. John Caldwell’s Pennsylvania 61st force-marched to join the fight but the tide had turned and they were allowed to sleep. President Obama won’t be there to mark the occasion because he has “other commitments”, detailed here:

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 am || Meets with bipartisan group of senators to discuss Iran; Roosevelt Room
3:15 pm || Delivers remarks and answers questions at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council annual meeting; Washington
4:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel

Here’s the World  Socialist Web Site’s (I kid you not) view of things:

One hundred and fifty years ago today, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. He spoke at the dedication of a national cemetery on the site of the bloodiest battlefield of the Civil War, where less than five months earlier some 46,000 soldiers had been counted dead, wounded or missing.

In just 271 words, comprising ten sentences, in remarks lasting scarcely over two minutes, Lincoln placed the battle, the war and history itself in the context of the struggle for human equality.

It is politically significant that President Barack Obama has spurned invitations to the event being held today at Gettysburg National Cemetery commemorating the historic and beloved speech. This follows his decision not to attend the July gathering marking the 150th anniversary of the battle itself.

Obama, after all, attempted to attach his name to that of Lincoln in his first campaign for the presidency, and he seldom misses the chance to drape himself in the mantle of “military glory—that attractive rainbow that rises in showers of blood,” to borrow a phrase from a speech Lincoln delivered in 1848 opposing American military aggression against Mexico.

The words of the Gettysburg Address, however, cannot settle comfortably in the ears of a president who has done more to advance inequality and eviscerate democratic rights than any other in American history.

Does anybody still like this guy?

UPDATE: After previously claiming  unspecified “scheduling conflicts” would prevent Obama from attending the anniversary, the White House discovered today that the prez was sticking around to apply his laser-like focus on the ObamaCare website woes. That’s not what they claimed when they announced his decision to stay away on October 13th, two weeks into the disaster, and not what they claimed during the last six weeks until this morning, until the political heat grew too much.



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Convenient to transportation


29 Riverside Lane

29 Riverside Lane

29 Riverside Lane, asked $829,000, sold yesterday for $781,250.

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Oops! ObamaCare customer singled out by the president as a success story can’t afford it


Until it passed and she found out what was in it

Until it passed and she found out what was in it

Turns out she’ll have to pay full freight

OLYMPIA, Nov. 17.—Jessica Sanford, the Federal Way woman who got a shout-out from President Obama last month with her fan letter for the Affordable Care Act, got a rather rude awakening last week. Turns out she doesn’t qualify for a tax credit after all.

Chalk it up to a bollixed-up state website that apparently still has major problems. Originally it said Sanford and her child would get a whopping tax credit that would reduce their total premium to $169 a month. Now the state is telling her it goofed – twice – and she has to pay full ticket. There may even be a third goof involved: At least one health-insurance broker says she may qualify for a tax credit after all, albeit a small one. Officials at the state Healthplanfinder website could not be contacted Sunday night. But it just goes to show that even in the state of Washington, which has earned national kudos for a health-insurance exchange that seems to function better than the dysfunctional federal website, there are big, big problems.

“They have to own up to what is going on,” Sanford says. “They have to fix it. They can’t just go around and say this is working great. In my opinion they ought to shut it down and just get all of it straightened out.”

Senator Cruz?

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This ain’t happening

Democrats cheer on BOE's Oneill

Democrats cheer on BOE Republican O’Neil

Peter Sherr wants the chair at the BOE.. I think that’s a great idea and as the top vote-getter in this month’s election he’d seem entitled to the job, but there are four Democrats on the board who will vote for any Republican except Sherr and that dooms the candidacy. Prediction:: 6-2 against Sherr.


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Steven Braverman, is that you?

House in England won’t sell, for some reason, even though its price was cut.

Minimalist is a word unlikely to have been used much in this house. Even the modest size bathroom boasts a chandelier. Nor is there any escape in the garden, awash with ornaments, statues and ironwork.

Naturally, it is all a question of personal taste. Alas, in the 13 months the immaculately kept house has been on the market, it hasn’t been to anyone else’s.

It is, as estate agents tend to say, still waiting for the right buyer.




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Wrote about this 12 days ago, but what the heck – time for a reminder

blind-and-dumb1Under Obama’s own estimate, 40% of all employer-sponsored health insurance plans will not meet ObamaCare standards and thus will be cancelled. Until now, most of the media’s attention has been focused on the individual plans being canceled, and the relatively paltry “5%” – millions of Americans- who are affected. But the White House itself estimates that 40% of all policies will be cancelled, and others’ estimates range from 60%-70%. That’ll boost the “beneficiaries” of Obama’s compassion to 90 million, and climbing.

Cancellation notices should start going out next month; the good news for the White House is that in the resulting furor, t no one’s going to be focusing much on the failure of its sign-up fiasco.

That’s the good news – the bad news for Democrats will outweigh it.

UPDATE: Payback for the chumps: colleges across the country forced to cancel student healthcare plans as costs soar. Economics 101.


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No wonder Obama secretly agreed to ease sanctions

(Credit: AP/Susan Walsh/Reuters/Morteza Nikoubazl)

(Credit: AP/Susan Walsh/Reuters/Morteza Nikoubazl)

Iran’s gas industry on verge of collapse

Iran’s national gas company said it is facing collapse, the latest sign of deepening economic distress from international sanctions as Tehran seeks urgent relief in talks with world powers…..

The company tried to backtrack on the comments Monday. Majid Boujarzadeh, a spokesman reached by phone, denied it was bankrupt. But media reports also quoted Iran’s oil minister, Bijan Zangeneh, as saying the gas company “is destroyed.”

The sanctions, aimed at preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, have devastated the country’s critical energy industry. While gas is a relatively small income generator, oil exports, a major revenue source, have been slashed by nearly half since the beginning of 2012.

“Iran’s economy is out of breath,” said Fereydoun Khavand, an economist and Iran expert based in Paris. “They’ve always had mismanagement, but they were able to ward it off with oil revenues. Now their pockets are emptying out fast.”

Obama began easing sanctions on Iran five months ago and, now that that has been exposed, is pressing the Senate for more. “Any enemy of my country is a friend of mine.”

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Nothing to see here, move along, move along

In Wisconsin, state prosecutors are searching homes,seizing computers and subpoenaing all records from 29 conservative groups who opposed the recall of Governor Scott Walker.



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