Obama: if you like the plan I’m selling you, boy, are you screwed

Obama-Soviet Memorial Ward

Obama-Soviet Memorial Ward

Got your ObamaCare policy yet? If so, mark Sloan-Kettering off your provider list.

Washington Post:

As of this week, not one of the plans for sale on New York’s health benefit exchange would cover treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, one of the world’s largest and most respected cancer hospitals.

That could mean that the 615,000 individuals and 450,000 small business employees expected to eventually get their insurance through the exchange would have to go someplace else for treatment, or pay the bill out of their own pockets.

Other premier city hospitals are in the networks of just a few of the new plans.

NYU Langone Medical Center has signed agreements with four of the 19 insurers doing business on the exchange.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which oversees the city’s biggest hospital system, has signed agreements with six insurers.

President Obama promised when the Affordable Care Act was enacted that people who liked their doctors could keep them, but the reality of the law both in New York and around the country is that the new, lower-cost policies it is creating sometimes have smaller provider networks than Medicare, Medicaid, or the plans people typically get through their employers.

Reached for comment, FWIW’s Village Idiot Dollar Bill was his usual articulate self in explaining how this could happen: “Bushchaneybush! Kochbrotherskochbrotherskochbrothers! Teabaggers! Oooooo, my head hurts so much!”


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7 responses to “Obama: if you like the plan I’m selling you, boy, are you screwed

  1. Inagua

    Chris, please be sure to tell us what happens to the small group policy that I assume EBT is enrolled in. Many small group cancellation notices have gone out already, and this inquiring mind would like to know when Frank Farriker becomes personally affected by the Affordable Care Act he presumably supports.

    • I’m a little fearful myself, Inagua, because I’m covered under it. Obama promised me lower premiums, but I didn’t realize he meant I’d be stopping paying premiums because there’d be no coverage. Bummer, huh?

  2. Anonymous

    This is what happens when these stupid Congressmen vote for legislation without reading it or holding hearings to understand its impact on people, doctors, hospitals, or the insurance market!

  3. Dollar Bill

    You know your political party is screwed when it’s standard bearers like Ted “I get my health care from Goldman Sachs” Cruz offer nothing on reforming and overhauling our grotesquely inefficient system of health care, but is content merely to chortle from the sidelines and attack, attack and attack the law of the land and sabotage it. Reached for comment, Randbot spokesman CF muttered “tort reform! “free market health care! “single payer is the devil’s handmaiden” Ooh, my head hurts!

  4. mike

    Impeach this fucking idiot!