Skakel out on bond

Michael Skakel was released today on bond while the state appeals the reversal of his conviction. My brother Anthony, who was at GHS the time of the Moxley murder, says that most students pegged the older brother Thomas with the awful deed and certainly, following the trial twenty-five years later, I saw no evidence that proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it was Michael, not Thomas, who did it. Settling for one of two brothers without regard to which was actually guilty might have slaked the (understandable) blood lust of Martha Moxley’s family, but it’s hardly justice, for Michael or Martha Moxley.


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18 responses to “Skakel out on bond

  1. Jane

    I was only 12 when it happened, but remember it vividly. Common belief was the other brother was guilty. Was too young to know why, but just reporting what I remember.

  2. Flash

    2 lives ruined, 3 if you count M Sherman
    This murder has bad karma

  3. Anonymous

    Walked to the bus with Martha every morning while at wjh….was on walsh lane the day they found her ….standing next to them both who were watching police search the property which is pretty creepy…..think they were equally involved….truly messed up family…..

  4. kennedy curse

    can this story become a greek tragedy

  5. Greenwich Gal

    “Become” a Greek tragedy? Anything Kennedy – Skakel already has been a Greek tragedy…

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Where were you on that Mischief Night, so many years ago?

    The day before Halloween, I could see you scouting out the good places to Trick or Treat. Looking for the places that would increase your odds of getting nickel candy bars, instead of that crappy candy corn garbage they always give out in Cos Cob. So you toured the nice neighborhoods in advance. LOOKING FOR AN EDGE AND EASY CANDY!! Always plotting and scheming. Scheming and plotting. You cunning little man.

    I imagine even then, in your early sprouting pubes days, you were a devious little scheister, always looking for an edge, laying the foundation for your later “career” as a peddler of dirt.

    So were you in Belle Haven that fateful night so many years ago? Dreaming of snicker bars, and all hopped up on a sugar high? Thinking about the next day, when you would be all dressed up in your Hello Kitty costume? UNABLE TO CONTROL YOUR EXCITEMENT!!!
    Well were ya, PUNK?

    Your Pal,

  7. Anonymous

    not funny, walt.

  8. Riverslide

    A jury looked at the facts and declared him guilty. That you, sitting on Williams St., “saw no evidence” means nothing.

    • Your faith in juries is admirable, but naive.

      • Riverslide

        “Naive”? I’m not the one who thinks Michael Skakel is innocent!

        • AJ

          A judge just gave him a retrial; that rarely happens; it means something. He was convicted on zero evidence, as in, not a shred. All that trial proved was that he was a likely suspect amongst others, including his brother who was an even more likely suspect who, had he been charged, would have been the one convicted.

  9. Anon

    I hear Michael Skakel was at Round Hill for dinner last night.

  10. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where Tommy Skakel is these days?