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When the going gets tough, the whimp gets begging

Obama beggingObama jetting off to the west coast for five fundraisers.

With every problem facing the country solved, what else has he got to do?

UPDATE: Just to keep the masses busy during the coming holiday week while the Democratics’ leader is sucking up to billionaires, the Messiah has graciously extended the date by which they must enroll in his ObamaCare a full eight days, from December 15 to the 23rd. Merciful Master we thank thee and bless thy name.

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At least he didn’t live on Round Hill Road

Goldberg and Leeds (r)

Goldberg and Leeds (r)

A Greenwich doctor, one Gary Leeds, pled guilty today to a massive ($100 million-plus) Medicare and insurance fraud.

Two doctors – one from Greenwich, the other from Weston – with a practice in New York admitted today to accepting bribes in exchange for test referrals as part of a long-running and elaborate scheme operated by Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services LLC (BLS), of Parsippany, N.J., its president and numerous associates, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

According to a statement issued bythe U. S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey, Richard Goldberg, 60, of Weston, and Gary Leeds, 60, of Greenwich., each pleaded guilty today before U.S. District Judge Stanley R. Chesler in Newark federal court to one count of accepting bribes.

Including Goldberg and Leeds, 20 people have now pleaded guilty in connection with the bribery scheme, which its organizers have admitted involved millions of dollars in bribes and resulted in more than $100 million in payments to BLS from Medicare and various private insurance companies.

During today’s guilty plea proceedings, Goldberg and Leeds admitted to accepting thousands of dollars per month in cash between September 2010 and April 2013 in return for referring patient blood specimens to BLS. The pair acknowledged they each accepted more than $100,000 in cash from BLS in exchange for referring at least a combined $1.8 million in lab business from their joint practice, Family Medical Group of Manhattan.

Last week he sold his house at 3 Dingletown Road – I guess he won’t be needing it for quite a while.

3 Dingletown Road — Gary and Isabel Leeds to Rodrigo Placido, $2,137,500.

Here’s the house.

Here’s the doctor.


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Their choice of hotel seems appropriate


No coral reefs in sight, but there are other diversions

No coral reefs in sight, but there are other diversions

Congressmen flee cold, drab Washington for a St. Croix junket at “The Buccaneer”. “We’re on the people’s business, so naturally, we use the people’s money.” Studying coral reefs, they say. Uh huh.


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A great story from 1963

Great Salad Oil SwindleAmerican Express and the Great Salad Oil Swindle, and how JFK’s assassination spared the NYSE and the financial world from catastrophe. WSJ reporter Norman Miller wrote a fascinating book on the subject called, coincidentally,“The Great Salad Oil Swindle” in 1966. My father recommended it to me when I was 13, and between that and another book he gave me that year, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, my interest in Wall Street began. That I eventually ended up peddling real estate was probably to be expected.


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He was liked by them, once

The Economist has a good summation of the past five years on this week’s cover



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18 Spezzano Drive sells, even without a name change


18 Spezzano Drive

18 Spezzano Drive

840 sq. feet., 0.11 acre, but at a final sales price of $465,000, there should be enough room, physically (it’s in the R-7 zone) and financially, to do something creative here. Sellers started at $649,500 back in July and that proved too ambitious, but after a price drop and then a busted contract they dropped it to what I’d guess was that accepted offer, $487,500, and found this buyer.


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As the President says, “elections have consequences – live with it”.

looters2Venezuelan President Maduro uses his new emergency powers to limit business “profits” and loot them.

Caracas (AFP) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro exercised new emergency powers for the first time Thursday, signing decrees limiting business profit margins and tightening regulation of imports.

He acted as part of a so-called “economic war” against a crisis for which he blames the opposition “bourgeoisie” and imperialism.

Under new powers granted to Maduro on Tuesday, the two new laws aim to control prices and profits in the business sector and closely monitor imports and exports and hard currency that comes in from oil sales, Venezuela’s main source of revenue.

Maduro’s government says the business sector has been chalking up profit margins of up to 1,000 percent on imported goods.

The center-right opposition has called a rally for Saturday to protest the emergency powers granted to Maduro, the handpicked successor of the late populist president Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela’s economic woes are marked by inflation running at 54 percent and shortages of basic goods, among other problems.

Dollar, “Majority Rules”, Bill would approve.


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Another (slight) sign of improvement in mid country


88 Birch Lane

88 Birch Lane

88 Birch Lane, asking $2.050 million, reports an accepted offer. It tried for $2. 1 in 2011, expired at $1.9 later that year, came back in 2013 at $2.3 million, dropped to $2.050 and found a buyer. Not a huge improvement, perhaps, but of course, it didn’t sell in 2011, so who knows what its proper price was then?



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20 Church Street sale


Hey, ya wanna buy the place or look at pictures? I don' need no stinkin' pictures!

Hey, ya wanna buy the place or look at pictures? I don’ need no stinkin’ pictures!

Unit 41 B, $1,204,50. I was surprised to see such a high price for one of these, but then I looked at its history: sold for $1.710 in 2006. Those were the (delusional) days. On the other hand, things may be looking up for the project as its renovations continue – the seller couldn’t get $1.175 for it in 2011.

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“Doc shock”

Your doctor will see you now

Your doctor will see you now

Insurers are gearing up for ObamaCare by restricting the pool of doctors patients can use.

Last week here in Connecticut United Healthcare culled thousands of doctors from its Medicare provider rolls, today, the Washington Post reports, those restrictions are being applied nationwide to all doctors, Medicare or otherwise.

Yesterday, I linked to a report that the best of the country’s hospitals are refusing to accept ObamaCare insurance.

So, your choice in doctors is diminishing, the hospitals you might prefer are off limits – will the Death Panels have appeared by next November? Either way, I’ll bet Democrats facing elections next fall are growing nervous. No wonder they adopted a scorched-earth policy yesterday and exercised the nuclear option. As Fudrucker suggests, they’re worried about losing control of the Senate and want to pack the courts with lifetime court appointees who can advance the Democrat agenda for decades to come.


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Given he owes his current job solely to pr and hot air, it’s not surprising

What difference will it make?

What difference will it make?

Obama will “fix” ObamaCare by changing the public’s perception, beginning with a name change. His aides have suggested that “HillaryCare” has a nice ring to it.


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Greenwich home sellers, start your engines – refugees coming

Fleeing the communists, S. Korea, 1951

Fleeing the invading communists, Seoul, S. Korea, 1950

Incoming NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio holds hearings (funded by George Soros – surprise!) to hear from ex-cons how the police can make their life of crime more comfortable. Even less surprising than George Soro’s involvement is their number-one suggestion: “leave us alone to work our magic”. I’m sure De Blasio will be happy to oblige.

A group of 50 ex-cons, junkies and chronic vagrants gathered at a Manhattan “Think Tank” Thursday to describe what they thought the NYPD should be doing to make their lives easier.

The felonious forum outlined a clear “get-soft-on-crime” vision.

“I like the idea of ending stop and frisk. That was the first thing that was totally there for me,” opined Mikell Green-Grand, a 49-year-old former jailbird who has convictions for grand larceny and identity theft.

Arthur Castillo, 38 — who has been convicted for possessing stolen property and assault — said he would be much obliged if the cops just left him alone to do his thing.

“Cops won’t leave us alone!” he said. “Newly released prisoners are watched by the police and a lot of us don’t feel we have an opportunity to readapt to normal life because we are treated as criminals even though we are free.”

The event, which was held in Morningside Heights, was hosted by an advisory group called Talking Transitions, run by liberal billionaire investment magnate George Soros.

The goal was to offer de Blasio tips on “policing, corrections, parole policies and more.”


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Hmm – interesting


Shocker at the BOE

Shocker at the BOE

BOE night: O’Neill dropped out of race for BOE chairmanship, leaving Peter Sherr and the Democrat to split the eight votes between them, 4-4. 

In a major surprise at Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting, Republican Vice ChairmanBarbara O’Neill dropped out of the race for the chairmanship, while Democrat Adriana Ospinaemerged as a challenger to Republican Peter Sherr for the board’s top post. That twist produced a split vote among the eight board members for Sherr and Ospina.

As a result of the deadlock, board members postponed the election of officers to Tuesday.

Sherr, who was re-elected to a second term Nov. 5, announced his candidacy for the board’s top post earlier this week. O’Neill, the board’s vice chairman, announced at the same time. But she was not nominated at the meeting, which led to her withdrawal.

Ospina did not learn of O’Neill’s decision to drop out until the meeting, she said.

“Thirty minutes before the meeting, the status of the election was that Barbara would run and probably get two votes, and Peter would run and probably get two votes, and I would run and get four votes,” Ospina said. “None of the Democrats were informed (before the meeting) that Barbara would drop from the race.”

Peter Bernstein, a Republican colleague of O’Neill’s, declined to comment on when O’Neill said she would not seek the chairmanship.

The board’s four Republicans — Sherr, O’Neill, Peter Bernstein and Peter von Braun — voted for Sherr. The four Democrats — Ospina, Jennifer Dayton, Debbie Appelbaum and Laura Erickson — voted for Ospina.

Are the Republicans finally learning how to politic? Gee whiz.


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