Have a great holiday (s)



November 28, 2013 · 9:36 am

16 responses to “Have a great holiday (s)

  1. farrightwing

    Liberals, Progressives, and other low information voters will be entreated to sign up for Obamacare per edict issued by Moochelle.

  2. EOSredux

    To you and yours Christopher, Happy Thanksgiving. A great day to be thankful for family and FWIW friends, a roof over our head, good health, and a huge bird in the oven.
    XXOO to all
    The EOS Family

  3. EOSredux

    Two days if grocery shopping.
    Two days preparing and cooking.
    One hour to shovel it all in.
    Turkey done to perfection.
    Stuffing moist and yummy.
    Rolls like hockey pucks.
    Can’t win ‘Em all.
    Dish/cleanup duty by kids: Priceless.
    Pies later today, after deep snooze. Zzzzzzzz

    • I hate to bring up Pillsbury again, but they make a buttermilk biscuit that i was never able to come close to for flakiness So after 4 or 5 tries, I gave up.
      Happy Thanksgiving

      • towny


        Come on Dude. I heard you were an excellent kook, err you know what I mean. Good food you gotta take your time with. I have a biscuit recipe that is so good, that if I bake 2 doz and have 4 people over for dinner, they eat them all and many times ask for more. My recipe is comes out like a rich biscuit on the bottom and a butter layered, flaky, egg wash, croissant on top. Takes time though, got to rise and rest the dough for 12 hours and have the right tools to do the job. All good things take time. Cooking is like making love. Are you a 3 hour man or a 3 minute man?

        • From what I remember, I was a minute man- chalk it up to patriotism and an abiding reverence for our founding fathers.

        • towny

          Alright Dude. Grab Julia Child or Jacques Pepin recipe for croissant. Seperate the dough into two equal lumps. The first is cut with butter. Three laminates work best. The second lump has no cut. When finished cuttin in the butter-and use good butter fer christ sake-not that shit assed land of lakes- place uncut rolled out dough on top of butter layered dough. cut 4 inch squares. each square, fold the corners to the middle, and place folded corners DOWN lightly on the baking sheet. Egg wash-optional- Follow baking instructions in recipe. might need a few extra minutes bake time.

          Towny;s Biscuit on the bottom-croissant on top cant be beat.

  4. housecat

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all, too.

  5. Chris …quick add 3 bottles and you will show respect for the Hanukkah…next time they merge is a long way off…..

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Daddio!! Can we recelebrate when I get home? Argentina doesn´t believe in gravy…or Thanksgiving! Psh, weird.

    • Peasants!
      Chunky ham, turkey waiting for you. Pies were around, but one of the pumpkins now has Oso’s face print in it – he jumped up on the table and scarfed down half. We saved the remaining half for you though, don’t worry.