No Thanksgiving with family for them!

Web techs spend the day at headquarters, trying to fix Obumski’s web site by Sunday.

If two Connecticut Democrats had their way, such cruelty would be illegal – they want to forbid any work on the Sabbath, or holidays. “It worked for the Puritans”, said one, “and what is Progressivism if not neo-Puritanism?” One can’t argue with religious faith, whatever its guise, but there’s this to chew on:

“We would oppose that (the proposed law),” said Timothy Phelan, president of theConnecticut Retail Merchants Association. “It’s a choice the retailer makes. They look for volunteers who want to make a little more money.”

That’s the case at Old Navy, according to Angela Grammatico, the market leader for 20 Old Navy stores in the region.

“We don’t have a hard time finding employees willing to work,” Grammatico said. “In fact, we had to turn people away.”

She said those who do work Thanksgiving are paid time and a half, given a turkey dinner and work four-hour shifts. The stores closed from 4 to 7 p.m. to prepare for the Black Friday sale.

Amster, who has worked past Thanksgivings but now gets the day off employed by her family’sRedline Restorations on Bridgeport’s Fairfield Avenue, believes the choice should be left with the employee.

“Some people need the money,” she said. “So the extra pay is nice for them.”

Progressives believe in Santa Claus, but not in the ability of individual adults to decide what’s best for them : “that’s what wise leaders are for”, say our Hartford saviors.


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4 responses to “No Thanksgiving with family for them!

  1. Cos Cobber

    They need to stop legislating all the sh_t. We are far better off letting market forces and societal choices sort this stuff out. I personally would never shop beyond the food store and gas station on Thanksgiving because I just don’t feel its proper. That said, I get damn pissed when these choices are dictated to me. And its a great point that believe it or not (and most legislature members have never worked a working class job) many of these people would prefer to work on the holiday because – gasp – they need money and they want to work for it!

    CT has the slowest job creation of the 50 US states since the mid 1990s and Hartford wonder’s why. Could it be because 99% of their lawmaking is punitive to businesses?

    I have a terrific book for children this Christmas season linked below. Its dead on accurate and entertaining. In fact, you’ll wonder if ivy libtards in the whitehouse use this as a guide to their legislative agenda.

    • towny

      Someone ought open a 24 hour drive thru liquor store in Cos Cob. Maybe they could combine it with one of the massage parlors or illegal gambling that flourishes in the Hub. Liquor in the front. Poker in the rear.

  2. Jack Martin

    What they are trying to do is a hack.
    This idea of the servers overloading and then sending an email when volumes decrease is moronic. It also tells you that the architecture does not scale and is inappropriate for the intended purpose, but of course it must be running by Sunday.

    Assuming they do hit their Sunday deadline, behind the scenes they will be rebuilding the entire job. This exactly why we stopped building web sites for clients years ago and only build sites for ourselves.

    “The improved site is supposed to handle 50,000 users simultaneously, double the current capacity.

    A new queuing system will notify users when there’s heavy volume, alerting them to wait times and allowing them to be notified by e-mail when they can return to the site, officials said.”

  3. Peg

    You guys have no sense of compassion! I think the Dems have it right.

    Let all the surgeons and ER docs and nurses and lap technicians and everyone else in hospitals off to be home with their families on Thanksgiving. Add in the police, nursing and rehabilitation home staff, fire departments, and all the other poor souls who are being FORCED into working on this holy day!

    So a few die or go without food and water for 24 hours. No one should have to work on Thanksgiving!