Off to Riverside (or perhaps further north) until tomorrow night



December 1, 2013 · 10:07 am

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  1. Cos cobber

    Btw, is it time to privatize the Metro north railroad? It could be done by handing out 10 year operational contracts and maintenance contracts. It seems the current system is incapable of managing itself and taking both productivity and safety seriously.

  2. Have fun, bring back venison jerky.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    You need to learn when to surrender. You frigging loser. Don’t you get tired of clomping through the woods, with Bambi laughing at your lilly white ass? Does she throw pebbles at you? Fart in your face while you fumble with your gun?

    Maybe you should take up a new sport better suited to your personality, and skill set? Agree? Now what could that be? How about masturbation? It doesn’t require a personality, which you excel at, it involves shooting, which you appear to like, and it isn’t fatal as long as you stay away from the light socket.

    Good idea, right?
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    It used to be that we dreaded finding a mole in the Pentagon or CIA – one that could misdirect our resources so that we would be weakened at strategic points and that we could not achieve our goals.

    Believe it or not, the same thing is happening to the Greenwich Democratic Party right under the noses of it’s leadership! They discovered what was happening just a few days ago, but seem powerless to do anything to stop the erosion of the Party Potentate’s power!

    What the Democrat leaders report is the emergence of a dissident group that threatens to replace them. This will be done not through the electoral process, but by stealth, conspiracy and usurpation. A secret, 3 member cabal, known as the “MFK”, has emerged as a rival power center to the DTC, at least as it concerns the Board of Education. It is led by Moriarty, the outgoing Chair of the BOE. Moriarty and her cohorts are unable to muster the 5 votes necessary to elect any officer. Therefore, they have decided to go public with the identity of their mole. Not to anyone’s surprise it is Barbara O’Neill, career-member of the Teacher’s Union, assisted by her Boy-Toy. The other three votes will come from Ms’s Dayton, Applebaum and Erickson. Dayton’s vote was bought last year by O’Neill’s promise of Dayton gaining the Vice Chairman’s position in the next term.

    This part of the deal was probably purchased at last year’s board election in return for O’Neill’s contribution to Moriarty’s second term. O’Neill did this by pretending to run for Chair to tie up her fellow Republicans until 10 minutes before the election, when she announced that she “was not ready to be Chair”, thereby preventing any other Republican from organizing a campaign. The quid pro quo for O’Neill‘s betrayal was that the Democratic members of the BOE would support O’Neill’s candidacy from the background in the following year’s election for BOE Chair and pressure the Newbies on the board into supporting O’Neill as well. This wasn’t hard, given O’Neill’s habit of caucusing with the Democrats after every board meeting to receive Moriarty’s instructions for the next meeting. Often this caucus was supplemented by a written memo from Moriarty detailing the motions that she was ordering O’Neill to make. These had a large “B” hand written on top. Not being very security conscious, O’Neill often left these at her seat after the meeting was adjourned for anyone to pick up and read.

    Another effect of this conspiracy was to harpoon the candidacy of Adriana Ospina, a highly regarded Harvard-trained lawyer, who was the Democratic candidate who tied Peter Sherr 4 – 4 in the first round of elections. The MFK Cabal became terrified of the possibility that the tied result would be referred to the Board of Selectmen, the Republican members of which were likely (and later pledged) to vote for Peter Sherr. Failing at the ballot box, the MFK cabal activated their mole and resorted to conspiracy by triggering last year’s deal. O’Neill apparently happily took up her place and once again betrayed her Republican Colleagues. This appears to have been behind her statement reportedly made the preceding Tuesday to the Republican caucus that she had 6 votes in her pocket. A bit premature, but true in the end.

    Ospina reportedly was crushed by the betrayal by her Democratic colleagues. Judging by the expressions on his face (reportedly deer in the headlights when Sherr was nominated) School Superintendent Dr. William McKersie was overjoyed by the prospect that the board would now be led by two syncophants. The net result: Cabal 1: Children and Taxpayers 0.

  5. gee whiz. no party at the house? i guess too much T-Day to recover from.

  6. ShedLessToolMan


    what does the unlimited package cost here, stateside?

    your bored pal,


  7. Greenwich Gal

    Seriously! All this intrigue with the BOE does not make any difference at all. It is all rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic as I have said before. What effective change do you think anyone on the BOE can even begin to make? No one has the cojones to bring up the real problem in our district – which is that a third of the personnel need to be replaced. Not gonna happen. We are beholden to the unions and the crony politics that is inherent in Greenwich.

  8. edgewater

    totally O/T. today’s story puts the metro north train that derailed in the bronx going 82 mph into a curve calling for max 30 mph. seems to me that reckless drivers of automobiles that cause deaths get prosecuted for vehicular homicide. are the unions so powerful that the district attorney in the bronx won’t consider prosecution? i am not deciding guilt at this early stage, but the possibility should be looked at. or are we past the standard that no one is beyond the law?