Forced conscription next?


You're going to the ER, one way or the other

You’re going to the ER, one way or the other

70% of California doctors boycotting the state’s version of ObamaCare.

“We need some recognition that we’re doing a service to the community. But we can’t do it for free. And we can’t do it at a loss. No other business would do that,” exclaims the president of the California Medical Association, as The Washington Examiner reports, independent insurance brokers estimate 70% of California’s 104,000 licensed doctors are boycotting the exchange. “The Covered California board says we have plenty of doctors, and they allege they have 85 percent of doctors participating, but they’ve shown no numbers,” and if a large number of doctors either balk at participating in the exchange or retire, the state’s medical system could be overwhelmed. “Enrollment doesn’t mean access, because there aren’t enough doctors to take the low rates of Medicaid,” warns one health director. “There aren’t enough primary care physicians, period.”

California offers one of the lowest government reimbursement rates in the country — 30 percent lower than federal Medicare payments. And reimbursement rates for some procedures are even lower.

 “Some physicians have been put in the network and they were included basically without their permission,” Lisa Folberg said. She is a CMA’s vice president of medical and regulatory Policy.

“They may be listed as actually participating, but not of their own volition,”



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9 responses to “Forced conscription next?

  1. Fred2

    I predict that somehow, this will be the fault of the republicans party, and they will apologize.

  2. CatoRenasci

    Umm, I think California’s efforts to conscript doctors to participate in ObamaCare might well violate the 13th Amendment, as well as the “takings clause” of the 5th Amendment.

    • There were lots of things that used to be in our constitution, but that was then, this is now. How about, say, denying all admitting privileges at hospitals to doctors who don’t accept ObamaCare patients? I bet the authorities could find a way around the 13th Amendment with that one, or something equally couched in the “public good”.

    • AJ

      I think they can force doctors to take Medicaid patients or whatever work for slave wages measures that government chooses to throw at them by making it a requirement for keeping their license to practice. Such measures might trap some of them as they might not know what else to do, but when it gets to the point that a doctor would be better off working at McDonalds, and probably long before that, it’s game over. Who in their right mind would take the time and the money that it takes to become a doctor for a life with no future? For a while we may be able to import doctors from third world countries, but as our economy sinks to or below third world levels, why would they bother coming?

  3. Notice that all the lawyers in Congress did NOTHING AT ALL to limit the Med-Mal Plaintiffs Bar fee structures. Gee, I wonder why?!?

    Can you spell ATLA????

  4. Crazy Cat Lady

    I am a doctor. My husband is a doctor. We have 5 kids. Our income has gone down significantly since 2000. Our practice overhead costs and insurance have gone UP dramatically in the same time period. We are not encouraging any of our kids to be MD’s, nor are any of them at all interested in going to school/training for about 8-10 additional years beyond undergraduate degrees to come out and be paid about $75K starting salaries at age 32-33. Not to mention the enormous government oversight and paperwork and restrictions and meddling. I am really sorry to see the complete demise of a once great honorable respected profession. I just hope that there are physicians around still practicing who will take care of ME in my old age. And to deliver and care for my grandchildren.