Not quite the surprise some might think; or to put that another way, “well duh”

My kind of guy

My kind of guy

Author: Republicans concerned about loss of power, not liberty.

The Republican Party’s leadership is more concerned with threats to its power than threats to liberty, according to Angelo Codevilla, author of “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It.”

“The Republican establishment most certainly does not see any threats to liberty, because it doesn’t care about threats to liberty,” Codevilla said in a phone interview from his California home last week. “Being part of the ruling class, it is more concerned with threats to power.”

The disconnect between the base of voters who expect Republicans to fight for limited government and the behavior of Republican politicians is growing more pronounced, he explained.

Why is the Republican leadership part of the ruling class? Because it has constituents other than Republican voters,” he said. “And these constituents are the large corporations and the various monied interests that happen to be the same as the people who support the Democratic Party.”

Codevilla also described the lure of power: “There is also another factor — and that is the attraction of power, the attraction of prestige, the attraction of favorable treatment by the media, easy access to the universities and to the prestigious foundations, to the best dinner parties, the A-list in Washington, etc. These things are enormously attractive.”


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3 responses to “Not quite the surprise some might think; or to put that another way, “well duh”

  1. Can the Republican party be a) a doomed shrinking party condemned to irrelevance as a consequence of its diminishing base, and b) part of a powerful ruling class?


    $ Bill, call your office.

    • AJ

      Can the Republicans slit their own throats and die a slow death? However, 2014 should be a good dead cat bounce year for GOP. But once the cat lands? Splat!