Two sales reported

Today is the start of the new MLS system, a date picked, no doubt, because it’s a slow time of year and traffic will be low – agents are all busy trying to break into the ObamaCare site. In any event, here are two sales. New format, let’s see how it works.

UPDATE: Looks like you have to click on the MLS # to get the detail. Click on the image itself and you just get pictures.

Loughlin (not really an actual picture, Walt)

Loughlin (not really an actual picture, Walt)

32 Loughlin Avenue, new construction, April contract, closed today at full asking price of $1.795 million.

22 Wildwood, Milbrook, sold for $1.840. I haven’t figured out how to do the history feature of the new system, so you’re on your own here, for now.


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9 responses to “Two sales reported

  1. Cos Cobber

    My people tell me the Loughlin house price did not include the Porchse as drawn by the architect.

    None the less, a decent price for the Cob.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Ah, that’s Porsche!

  3. EOSredux

    The History feature is in the subset of tabs, with Report and Calculator. Click the + sign within History to see price changes etc. Very nice looking new MLS system.

    The house on Wildwood is adorable. Maybe too close to I-95 but wow, move-in ready inside and out. Lucky new family moving in.

  4. EOSredux

    Looks like the builder on Loughlin did alright for himself. Click the History tab on that listing and see he paid only $600k on a $729 ask for the old place and got his asking for the new build. Merry Christmas to HIM!

  5. pike

    Isn’t 6 West Putnam Avenue a bar and grill?

  6. Toonces

    I am getting a message that the link is no longer available. Pretty please, can you check that Chris?

  7. Nopo chick

    Yes I getting that message and really want to see the inside of the modular, are there pics?