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For all a Hearst paper will tell you, he was the playwright

Grieving widow, Patty Hearst

Grieving widow, Patty Hearst

“Hearst executive Bernard Shaw dead at 68”, Greenwich Time informs us,

Bernard L. Shaw, vice president of corporate security for Hearst Corporation, died Tuesday in Garrison, N.Y., after a long illness. He was 68.

Shaw joined Hearst Corporation in 1983 and most recently served as vice president of corporate security.

“For three decades, Bernie served Hearst Corporation with loyalty and distinction,” said Steven R. Swartz, president and CEO, Hearst Corporation. “All of us are grateful for his long tenure and friendship. He will be greatly missed.”

“Bernie was a dedicated employee — much beloved by his fellow workers — as well as a loving father and husband,” said Frank A. Bennack, Jr., executive vice chairman, Hearst Corporation. “Our condolences go out to his immediate family and the entire Hearst family as well.”

Shaw married Patricia Hearst Shaw, granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, in 1979. He was born in San Francisco and served as a police officer there for 15 years.

Blah blah blah – Look, he was the cop who married Patty Hearst after she was released from prison. He got the gig with Hearst Publishing  because he married the boss’s daughter. That’s the story: sex, revolution and bombs, not the death of a mundane corporate executive, however beloved. Rock and roll, dude, Symbionese Army! Pow!

Bury the poor guy if you must, but don’t bury the lede. Or, worse, fail to even mention it from fear you’ll annoy the owner of your paper.


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Dog bites man


Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

Brian Boitano announces that he’s gay. This was actually reported as “news”.


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Pajama Boy meets our Secretary of State




John Kerry grovels in abject apology to India for his country’s arresting their “Women’s Rights” representative to the UN.

The lady was charged with paying her domestic slave worker, who she’d imported from India, $3.31 an hour and lying about that pay on the visa she completed. She was arrested, handcuffed and brought to jail because, gee, she seems to have committed a crime. The lady’s waging a one-man war on women and Kerry’s sorry we ruffled her feathers? Spineless sap.


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Now it can be told


Nobody likes me, either

Nobody likes me, either

“Everybody hates me”, Obama cries.

Shocking secret meltdown.

White House insiders say the deeply depressed Commander-in-Chief is hardly eating or sleeping, hasn’t talked to First Lady Michelle, 49, in weeks and is convinced everyone hates him!

“Barack is shattered that his presidency and his life are in free-fall,” says a source.

“He can’t believe the American public has turned on him so viciously, mainly because of the Obamacare disaster. No one has been able to help him.

“Michelle has tried everything she can to comfort him, but he just snaps, ‘Go away. Leave me alone.’

“Barack watches news reports, reads the papers and sees the shocking poll results – and he loses it.

“When he saw one report that his approval rating had plummeted to a staggeringly low 37 percent, he had a total meltdown.

“He buried his head in his hands, saying, ‘Everybody hates me.’ When he raised his head, his eyes were glistening with tears.

“He’s lost the confidence and affection of the public that he so desperately needs to go on with the hardest job in the world.


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School bowdlerizes “Silent Night”

None of this Holy Virgin or Christ the Savior crap in my school, vows principal.

What’s next in our new, intolerant nation, firing a TV star for expressing his religious beliefs about gay marriage?


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What the heck happened at Greenwich Hospital?

Nothing to see here, move along, move along

Nothing to see here, move along, move along

A worker who claimed she was fired for attempting to report contaminated blood samples to the police lost in court today. Okay, I get that – many wrongful discharge suits are brought by disgruntled workers (have you ever encountered a gruntled worker?) and they often lose – no big deal. But then I read this:

Modaffari said that on May 29, 2011, she had just drawn blood from a female patient in the intensive care ward when she noticed that it appeared pink in the vial. She said she checked her other unused vials and each contained a clear liquid. She said a co-worker also complained of having vials containing an unknown clear liquid.

Modaffari said she put her vials in a hazardous materials bag and was going to take them to the Greenwich Police but was stopped by a supervisor who took the vials.

On June 3, 2011, Modaffari was interviewed by two FBI agents about the incident but right afterward she said a hospital vice president confronted her and warned her not to tell the agents anything.

In his opening argument to the jury, the hospital’s lawyer, David Poppick, characterized Modaffari as a disgruntled employee who had poor performance reports and was having difficulty adapting to the hospital’s new technology.

Poppick also downplayed the dangers of the contaminated vials, pointing out that while some bacteria was found in one it was being used to draw blood out of and not into a patient. He said the situation was thoroughly investigated by the FBI and FDA and no problems were found.

“There was no monkey business at Greenwich Hospital,” he told the jurors.

So Modaffari was prevented from turning over the contaminated vials to our local police, yet the FBI conducted an investigation? What were they doing there? Who called them in? Who called in the FDA, for that matter?

The jury heard the evidence, not I, so they may have answers to these questions, but something occurred over there on Perry Ridge Road to trigger a federal investigation, and I wonder what it was?


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Across the nation, a certain class of liberal is dazed and confused

Poor Dollar Bill, he rushed onto these pages to defend Pajama Boy the other day, and now finds that the ad is being laughed at by everyone else, even the cool kids at school. MSNBC – MSNBC! – is howling at the lunacy of the ObamaCare team. FWIW reached out to Dullard to see whether he’d been allowed to change his position but he refused comment, other than to admit, “I am awaiting further orders”.


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And speaking of government surveillance …

Anyone else find this creepy?

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 1.13.46 PM


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Put it to a vote: government drones – fair game or sacred cow?

License: $25. Liberty: priceless

Hunting permit: $25. Liberty: priceless

Colorado town wins right to vote on drone hunting.

A Colorado town considering issuing hunting permits for drone aircraft has been given the go-ahead for a special election on the matter.

A District Court judge on Tuesday rejected a legal challenge that claimed the petition drive was approved by a biased town clerk.

“I feel pretty dang good about the judge’s decision,” Kim Oldfield, the town clerk, told FoxNews.com. “I feel like I’ve been vindicated and now the people will be able to hold the vote.”

Supporters of Deer Trail’s proposal say it would make the town a national attraction for gun enthusiasts and people skeptical of government surveillance. The proposal has, however, drawn a stern warning from the Federal Aviation Administration, which says shooting at unmanned aircraft is a crime.

Phil Steel, the author behind the town’s ordinance, said he was delighted that the judge ruled in favor of allowing the vote.

Steel said it is hard to determine how the vote will go. He said of the 370 voters, there are about 40 or so that will vote against the ordinance, in some cases, due to old political grievances.

Steel got the idea after seeing news reports about the National Security Agency’s domestic spying efforts. “Do we really want to become a surveillance society? That’s what I find really repugnant,” Steel said.

Harry Venter, editor of the weekly Tri-County Tribune, worries the proposal sends the message that Deer Trail disapproves of the military, not domestic surveillance. “It’s embarrassing to most of us, to be honest with you,” Venter said.

Under the guidelines of the ordinance, any registered drone hunter would be given $100 if he presents “identifiable parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle whose markings and configuration are consistent with those used on any similar craft known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government.”


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My brother Anthony finds this hilarious

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 12.06.04 PMWell, he’s the music nut in the family. Claims you can hear the original tune underneath, and (he tells me) the Latin’s right too. Ants has a “different” sense of humor, but from the comments below the video, others share it. In any event, here it is, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a la Gregorian. Laugh your socks off.

Reno erat Rudolphus


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Maybe we can do something about that

Back at'cha, Harry

Back at’cha, Harry

Harry Reid says he intends to remain Senate Majority Leader through 2022.

Of course, one can only be majority leader if he is in fact, in the majority.


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Makes those “Blue Light Specials” seem quaint

British shoppers brawl over reduced-priced vegetables.

Tesco has been forced to lay on extra security staff to deal with bargain hunters fighting over reduced fruit and vegetables.

In scenes described as ‘shocking’ by the local MP, shoppers have been knocking each other to the ground and even swiping items from other people’s baskets in the scramble for discount food.

Eyewitnesses reported shoppers being injured and supermarket workers being attacked as they brought out trolleys of reduced items.

Well it is Christmas, and what’s a holiday supper without a fine, plump rutabaga, especially one got on sale?


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Greenwich, maybe not, yet, but it could certainly be trucked to Wappingers Falls

All yours, for practically nothing

All yours, for practically nothing: Steven Braverman, you still in the market?

Former Indianapolis pimp’s 26,000 sq.ft. home for sale, $1.3 million. It’s been vacant since the owner died in 2006 so there’s a bit of a mold problem, but hey, real estate, like life, is about compromise.

Five buildings occupy the property, including the original ranch home, a pool house, an apartment for guests, and a conference and entertainment center.

‘It’s right in the heart of Indianapolis, it’s not really a suburban location,’ pointed out realtor Brian Sanders of Century 21 Scheetz to the Huffington Post.

‘Obviously, it will take someone with a little personality who’s not afraid to be a little bit bold in their taste.’


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Gosh, this is even more heartbreaking than “Gift of the Magi”


Why must they be so cruel?

Why must they be so cruel?

Home wrecker’s own Christmas celebration ruined by wicked stepdaughters who wouldn’t forgive her.

Weeks of preparation, 12 hours slaving away in the kitchen and £700 spent on food and presents.

It should have been the year I finally won my way into my stepdaughters’ affections by putting on the perfect Christmas.

So why, despite all my efforts, did I end up throwing the tree – complete with decorations – into the garden before storming off in the torrential rain?

How could it have all gone so wrong – again – and why were my husband’s daughters continuing to punish me?

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised. My experience and that of so many other women I know has  taught me it is impossible for a stepmother to create a happy family Christmas.

That year, when I (wrongly, I know) lost my temper, I had done all in my power to give my partner’s daughters the perfect day.

I knew the fact I had started seeing their father, Peter, when he was married to their mother, still hurt them. I realised it would take time to stop them seeing me as the wicked interloper.

I saw Christmas as the perfect opportunity to show them I wanted to do all in my power to make amends and that we could enjoy some kind of bond.

When I met Peter in 1982, his daughters Samantha and Tracey were 13 and 11. He ran a country sports store in Tiverton, Devon, and I took a job as his manager.

There was a 22-year age gap between us. As a 25-year-old, I looked up to him and adored him, though I knew he was married and had two daughters.

Plenty more where that whiny, self-pitying drivel came from, if you care to read on, although you’ll find better in The Onion..


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Does it mean anything at all that they were black?

Armed robbers redirect Santa’s assistant’s attempt to deliver gifts in Detroit.

Screw Fox News, I want those presents back

Screw Fox News, I want those presents back

It could have been worse for the victim, however; imagine how embarrassed he’d have been had he been robbed by a midget girl Santa.

Midget Santa


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And the MISA saga continues

I know I dropped my wallet in here SOMEWHERE

I know I dropped my wallet in here SOMEWHERE

GT reports, two weeks after a FWIW reader did, that groundwater seepage has “slowed” construction of the money orchestra pit and hence, the rest of the project.

This is a separate issue from the soil contamination problems, yet to be reported anywhere but here, but it’s coming.

Hold on to your checkbook.


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