First it was Pajama Boy, now heroin – will the man stop at nothing?

New ObamaCare benefit hits the streets.

Yo! Check out what Uncle Barry's got for you!

Yo! Check out what Uncle Barry’s got for you!


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9 responses to “First it was Pajama Boy, now heroin – will the man stop at nothing?

  1. Cos Cobber

    More evidence the Obamacare social/underground marketing campaign has become unhinged.

  2. AJ

    On the surface it’s ludicrous to blame Obama for bags of heroin branded as ObamaCare. But when you consider the cursory, or should I say practically non existent investigation into the Justice Department’s GUNS for DRUGS operation know as Fast and Furious and the slap on the wrist given to Big Banks for laundering billions in drug money, in essence, tacit approval, then the implications may be much less comic than you think. Why do you think drugs are illegal? Because the government hates competition.

    • I was thinking the same thing, AJ – yes, I was being humorous linking Obama to heroin distribution, but then I thought of Fast and Furious and hey – who’d have believed our Justice Department would ship thousands of automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords? So these days …

  3. Mike

    please put up a thread about the father of Duck Dynasty being suspended for speaking his mind on gays. Now this is un-American

    • I’ve resisted that because it’s not really a story about First Amendment rights, which involve state, not private action. I do think A&E reacted stupidly and treated its star unfairly, but what would you expect from the “entertainment” industry?
      I think the clan will do just fine, and I hope they accept one of the many offers they’re receiving from other media firms – they’ll make more money, A&E won’t profit from some mean ol’ homophobe, and both sides will be happy.
      I’ve never seen the show myself, not subscribing to any of those so-called premium channels, but I’m curious now, and may look to see if there are episodes on Netflix (assuming I can figure out how to get Netflix).

      • dogwalker

        You can watch some full episodes on the A&E website.

        • AJ

          I prefer that show where Turtleman goes out and catches wild beasts with his bare hands, I especially liked the one where he caught a giant alligator snapping turtle, a mysterious beast that had been attacking livestock in the middle of the night, a mystery that only the Turtleman could solve.

  4. Mike

    its hilarious, you should watch just for the fun of it.

  5. Mike

    The 2013 Red Neck Archie Bunker