What if they passed a law and the chief executive finally learned what was in it?

I got mine, Jack

I got mine, Jack

In his continuing battle to salvage his eponymous law, Obama has once again changed it, unilaterally, to grant exemptions to millions more Americans and “allow” them to purchase catastrophic coverage instead of a policy with the law’s mandatory  (expensive) “benefits”. Wasn’t it just last week that the Democrats were defending their leader’s lies by saying that he was doing it for our own good so we wouldn’t be stuck with “lousy” catastrophic plans? Yes it was.

Millions of Americans who had their health plans cancelled will be exempt from the Obamacare individual mandate, the administration said Thursday – a surprise move that comes just before Monday’s deadline to sign up for coverage starting Jan. 1.

The administration also said people who had their plans cancelled could get a scaled back catastrophic plan, which has more limited benefits than those included in other Obamacare health plans.

The move prompted sharp criticism from Republicans and concern from the insurance industry that another last-minute change would disrupt coverage and lead to tumult in the new marketplaces.

“This latest rule change could cause significant instability in the marketplace and lead to further confusion and disruption for consumers,” said Karen Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, an industry trade group.

Republicans who have fought the individual mandate as one of the most hated aspects of the sweeping health law said the change was one more sign of a failed policy.

“The Administration is recognizing the grim reality that more Americans have lost health insurance than gained it under ObamaCare,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Thursday evening. “Holding a fire sale of cheap insurance is not a responsible fix for a broken program. This is a slap in the face to the thousands of Americans who have already purchased expensive insurance through the Obamacare exchanges.”

No word on whether this new dispensation from the emperor will affect his congressional dwarves, all of whom benefit from the $10,000+ subsidy they wrote it into the law for themselves.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.), whose salary is $193,400 a year, said he has purchased a health care plan through the D.C. Obamacare exchange and that he is accepting the federal subsidy that can run up up to $11,378 per year for a member of Congress to purchase a plan on that exchange.

“I’m just like 150 million other people in America,” Reid said. “My employer helps me pay for my health care.” …

Think about that: Reid’s “employer” is the American taxpayer. He’s just passed a law requiring, under penalty of prison, that his employer pay for the benefit he’s enjoying. “Just like 150 million Americans”? I don’t think so, Harry.


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13 responses to “What if they passed a law and the chief executive finally learned what was in it?

  1. Anonymous

    wear pajamas
    drink hot chocolate
    take a selfie

    tell more lies about obamakare

  2. Anonymous

    The Executive Branch is tasked with implementing laws passed by the Legislative Branch. Last time I checked, I don’t believe the Executive Branch was allowed to change the laws to suit its political purposes. I may be wrong though. Any constitutional scholars out there that can answer this question.

  3. Mickster

    I feel sick – Congressmen get an $11K subsidy?

  4. Anonymous

    Reid’s so excited about the subsidy that he landed in the hospital this morning!

  5. Anon2

    Why does the GOP let the Dems control the Senate?

    The GOP should have a natural lock on the Senate since the Senate represents the states. They should stop wasting money and funding races in Dem strongholds like CA, NY and NJ and instead concentrate on states with small populations like the prairie states which should be all GOP.
    They should also stop giving fake conservative Dems like Manchin cover. He votes the Dem party line when needed. His seat is a natural GOP seat and when he runs the GOP should make clear that a vote for Manchin is a vote for Reid.

    If the GOP followed that strategy the Dems would not have a chance at controlling the Senate for decades since Dem votes are concentrated in a minority of states. You’d think the GOP strategists would have figured that out by now – but perhaps they want to run big but inevitably LOSING campaigns in Dem states because they make more money that way.

  6. Reid has become the really old curmudgeon that no one really likes and few feel any sympathy for! Time for him to retire to the rocking chair on the porch so that he may drool in private!

  7. Rubio talks big, but, he agrees with the Reid justification to pocket his own subsidy:


  8. The Obamacare websites are failing. As the WSJ reported yesterday, some states have spent over $200 million on the roll-out and have less than 10,000 sign-ups! Meanwhile the Obama administration claims the website is approaching “private sector” levels of effectiveness and responsiveness. As if.

    So a) the law cancelled your old health insurance plan, b) there is a mandate and tax penalty if you don’t have health insurance, and c) the websites won’t sell you a replacement. What does Obama do? He relies upon the deeply held convictions he learned from the progressives at Columbia and Harvard Law, emerging with the subtle and deep analysis for which he is known: “gee.….poor people good…..corporations bad…..insurance companies are corporations, aren’t they? Let’s just shift the consequences to the insurance industry. We’ll delay the law’s mandate. This contradicts the Obamacare law, but the media won’t notice. We’ll simply compel the insurance companies to mask Obamacare’s failings by enrolling everyone, regardless of whether their plan is compliant… of whether their plan is cancelled…of whether they actually signed up (after all, the records are now unreliable)….of whether they paid the premium….of whether the state insurance commissioners actually allowed the companies to again market last year’s plans which Obamacare forced to lapse….., of whether the lack of young healthy customers crashes the actuarial results of the coverage…”
    These actions will allow the Democrats to postpone the catastrophe that is Obamacare beyond the 2010 2012 2014 elections. After all, the goal here is Affordable Care obtaining political credit for Democrats.

  9. Mazama

    Dec 19: Harry Reid announces he plans to be Senate leader until 2021 (at which point he’ll be a young, spry, with-it age 83).
    Dec 20: Harry Reid hospitalized: “Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, was hospitalized Friday after falling ill in the morning, his office said. Mr. Reid, who just turned 74, was going to remain in the hospital as a precaution. As a result, he will not be presiding over the Senate’s final day of business this year. ”
    Sounds like he’ll probably be OK for now – by which I mean healthy enough to wield a gavel – but, then again, “sometimes God had other plans for us.”

  10. Mark B.

    I can call myself a Republican, a hard-nosed gun-toting Tea Party conservative, who hates everything about Obama and his administration…
    And who just got word that I need to bring my youngest son, who is covered at his age under my employer’s policy only because of Obamacare, to Sloan Kettering for evaluation.
    Not sure how I’m supposed to feel, other than to think it’s “funny how things go sometimes”…