Year end sales

Two, one in mid country, one in Riverside

40 Winthrop Drive

40 Winthrop Drive

40 Winthrop, Riverside, sold for $2.935 million. This is a reasonable, modular home that ordinarily would be expected to sell for less but it’s on almost (0.9) an acre of great yard and on a convenient, quiet street. Throw, say, $300,000 into making the existing house a knock-out, and you’d be ahead of the game.

16 Dingletown Rd

16 Dingletown Rd

16 Dingletown Road tried for $6.150, got $4.950. Owners paid $5.6 for it in 2011, so they didn’t do all that badly, considering. They paid that 2011 price because, I assume, it had been marked down from $9 million and thought they were getting a bargain. Beware of asking prices when calculating a home’s worth.


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10 responses to “Year end sales

  1. Cos Cobber

    that garage on dingletown really hurts the proper sense of proportionment. if the garage roof line was lower than the main house and the structure small, the overall appearance would improve.

  2. a9ymous

    a lot of house for 5mm on Dingletown

    buyers did well(?)

  3. Anonymous

    David has been using that trick for years (over pricing and then selling at a “discount”) and has been very successful at it.

  4. Accolay

    Sorry, but Winthrop is definitely going to need more than 300K to be considered a knockout. Maybe 900K…

    • Well go wild, put in $500k, you’d have an excellent house for $3.5 and still be a little under market. I don’t think putting $9 into it would be wise, but I don’t think you have to.

  5. Anon

    Where’s the pool for that price?