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God said it, the Left believes it, and that settles it

Jesus ObamacareUCLA prof: Jesus would support Obamacare. It’s unusual for a lefty to adopt an argument that what (he thinks) the church decrees, the government should follow; see, e.g.., abortion, birth control and gay marriage, but I suppose things have gotten so desperate over there on the left that its denizens will say just anything.

The professor is on his own here, at least for the next 19 days – Obama’s off in Hawaii, where he golfed again today, again with an all-male crew. Does Barack’s refusal to play sports with girls have something to do with a new found appreciation of the Catholic church’s ban on female priests? He’s not saying.


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These are the people Obama’s targeting for subsidized healthcare

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 1.19.08 PMBrawls break out as Air Jordans go on sale. By what moral imperative does the government decree that I buy health insurance for people who choose to buy $400 sneakers rather than pay a doctor’s bill?

The highly anticipated release of the Air Jordan 11 Gamme Blue led to fights in multiple American cities Saturday morning.

At a Finish Line in Stockton, Calif., a few customers, one shirtless, fought inside the store. Fox 40 in Sacramento reported police were called but by the time they arrived everyone had fled the scene and no arrests were made.

No word how the ObamaCare sign up program fared with these teens.

The D.C. health exchange says it is launching an Obamacare blitz this weekend and knows where to go to find “young invincibles” — in line to buy the latest edition of Air Jordan sneakers.

On Saturday, exchanges assisters will work the lines that will likely form outside five athletic apparel stores in the northeast quadrant of the city.

That’s because the latest release from former NBA star Michael Jordan — the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” — drops this weekend.

The D.C. exchange’s assisters “will meet hundreds of young men and woman standing in lines anxious to be among the first to purchase the latest Air Jordan sneakers,” the exchange said.


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The professor nails it

aniwar_rally_1960s_600Glenn Reynolds starts with an excerpt from Ann Althouse:

Ann Althouse: “I remember the broad 1960s era commitment to free speech. There was a special zeal to protect those who said outrageous things. Today, we’re back to the kind of repression that in the 60s seemed to belong to the 1950s. What the hell happened?”

Then, Reynolds answer’s Althouse’s question: “The Baby Boomers turned into The Man. Also, we don’t need an ostensibly-neutral ideal to shelter communists anymore.”


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But it will be different here, because we have Harvard grads designing our system

Get in line

Get in line

Canada: Orthopedic surgeon quits public health care system because of delays treating patients.

Frustrated watching patients wait too long for medical care, a prominent Calgary orthopedic surgeon is taking the unusual step of opting out of the public health-care system – a move that will allow him to charge patients for privately delivered procedures….

The physician said too many young surgeons can’t find work in the province, meanwhile, patients are waiting months and years too long for hip, knee and other surgeries because the government isn’t properly funding the public system. “I feel that governments do not have the stomach to put the kind of money into the system that would help it go from long, long waiting lists to timely access,” Hollinshead said in an interview on Thursday…..

Today, it takes up to 18 months to see a shoulder surgeon in Calgary, then between six months and a year to book the procedure, he said. ….

Hollinshead acknowledged his move could reopen the debate about private health care in Alberta, but noted queue jumping is already taking place through medical tourism when patients book in with surgeons outside of Canada, or head to the Cambie Surgery Centre in B.C., for example.

Further, Hollinshead said, some patients fly with their Alberta surgeons to Turks and Caicos for hip, knee and shoulder surgery.

The rich will always have medical care, limousines and private jets: just ask Barabare Streisand.


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Attention, Wall Streeters: don’t stray north of the border


J.P.Morgan interns at play

J.P.Morgan interns at play

Canada enacts $100 fine on anyone puking in a taxi.

Boycott such inhumanity! Spend your bonus at home.

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A question for the GHS band before taking its junket to Cuba:

Love your reforms, Raul

Love your reforms, Raul

Do you really think that Cuba’s economy has stagnated for 50 years because of the US embargo, as your teachers have told you? Name one communist dictatorship whose economy has flourished in the absence of such sanctions. Discuss.

In the meantime, Raul Castro has again warned entrepreneurs that his government’s ready to crush them.


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Here’s a surprise: Obama’s reinflating the housing bubble


I blame Bush

I blame Bush

Fannie Mae fee increase “postponed”. 

U.S. Representative Mel Watt, who will leave Congress to become regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac , said he will delay a planned increase in the fees the U.S.-owned companies charge to guarantee mortgages.

Watt, who is scheduled to be sworn in as director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency on Jan. 6, said in a statement yesterday that he needs time to evaluate fee increases announced this month by Edward J. DeMarco, the agency’s acting chiefWatt, a North Carolina Democrat, was confirmed by the Senate as FHFA director on Dec. 10. A day earlier, DeMarco said Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac would raise fees by 10 basis points as part of an effort to shrink their mortgage-market footprint.

The companies, which have been under U.S. conservatorship since 2008, buy loans and package them into securities on which they guarantee payments of principal and interest. They now back about 60 percent of U.S. home mortgages.

DeMarco also said the companies would start charging higher fees in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida, states where long foreclosure timelines make it more expensive for the government-sponsored enterprises to dispose of properties they take over after borrowers default. He said the companies also would shift their fee structure so borrowers with poor credit would pay more.

Watt said he intends to delay all of those changes until he has time “to evaluate fully the rationale for the plan” and how it would affect the availability of credit and the companies’ risk exposure.

There was a time – remember the housing bubble? When some critics complained that it was caused by the extension of credit to homebuyers could not afford to buy a house nor keep up with payments. That’s all forgotten.

Here’s what Fannie Mae had proposed:

The mortgage giants said late Monday that, at the direction of their regulator, they will charge higher fees on loans to borrowers who don’t make large down payments or don’t have high credit scores—a group that represents a large share of home buyers. Such fees are typically passed along to borrowers, resulting in higher mortgage rates.

Fannie and Freddie, which currently back about two-thirds of new mortgages, don’t directly make mortgages but instead buy them from lenders. The changes are aimed at leveling the playing field between the government-owned companies and private providers of capital, who are mostly out of the mortgage market now. Fannie and Freddie were bailed out by the government during the financial crisis but are now highly profitable.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency last week signaled the fee increases but didn’t provide details. The agency’s move came one day before the Senate voted to confirm Rep. Mel Watt (D., N.C.) as its director. It isn’t clear whether Mr. Watt, who hasn’t yet been sworn in, weighed in on the changes. An FHFA spokeswoman declined to comment on any discussions with Mr. Watt, who also declined to comment.

Mr. Watt will face heavy pressure by consumer groups and the real-estate industry to reverse course, industry officials said Tuesday. “There will be significant opposition very quickly once people understand what is actually being implemented,” said Martin Eakes, chief executive of the Center for Responsible Lending in Durham, N.C., a consumer-advocacy nonprofit.

Don’t you just love “New Speak”, where the meaning is exactly the opposite of what is said?


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On the other hand, everyone loves goat meat

God Jul!

God Jul!

Vandals get their Swedish goat

Vandals in Sweden have burned down for the 27th time a giant straw goat meant to symbolize Christmas spirit.

The 13-meter (43-foot) high and 3.6-ton heavy straw goat was engulfed in flames early Saturday after unidentified assailants attacked it in the Swedish town of Gavle, 150 kilometers (90 miles) north of Stockholm.

The straw goat is a centuries-old Scandinavian yule symbol that preceded Santa Claus as the bringer of gifts.

Since 1966, when the tradition of erecting the giant straw goat in the town square was introduced, Vandals have burnt it down 27 times.

Are the Swedish authorities really this inept or do they enjoy watching the thing go up as much as everyone else?


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Coming soon: separate check out lines for GMO foods, meat of any kind, farmed fish and cosmetics tested on rabbits

You can still bring home the bacon but you'll have to wait, infidel dog

You can still bring home the bacon, but you’ll have to wait, infidel dog

Marks & Spencer and several other British food chains now allow Muslim checkout workers to refuse to ring up purchases of pork and alcohol – customers must segregate those items and take them to another queue.
Here in America, all it would take to end this nonsense would be 20 people to line up with carts filled with bacon, pork loins and some expensive bottles of wine and, when the burqa beauty refused to take their money, walk out, with the “free” goods. One or two mass arrests of its customers and that policy would change.
If I cared about England, I’d weep for what’s happened to its once proud citizenry.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: It occurs to me that if Marks & Spenser et als truly want to honor their Muslim tellers’ religious beliefs, they should break out the profits earned from the sale of alcohol and pork and reduce those tellers’ pay proportionately. Surely Allah would not approve of a true believer benefitting from the sale of proscribed goods.


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Love the headline

The Gateway Pundit: Bad Year for Junk Scientists: Planet cools on Global Warming 

It was a rough year for the junk scientists.
The cold hard facts keep getting in the way.

Antarctic ice set new records, the North Polar cap is still frozen solid and it’s snowing in Cairo.
cairo snow

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
The Financial Post reported, via Free Republic:

Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the cause of global warming

2013 has been a gloomy year for global warming enthusiasts. The sea ice in the Antarctic set a record, according to NASA, extending over a greater area than at any time since 1979 when satellite measurements first began. In the Arctic the news is also glum. Five years ago, Al Gore predicted that by 2013 “the entire North polar ice cap will be gone.” Didn’t happen. Instead, a deflated Gore saw the Arctic ice cap increase by 50% over 2012. This year’s Arctic ice likewise exceeded that of 2008, the year of his prediction. And that of 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Weather between the poles has also conspired to make the global warming believers look bad. In December, U.S. weather stations reported over 2000 record cold and snow days. Almost 60% of the U.S. was covered in snow, twice as much as last year. The heavens even opened up in the Holy Land, where an awestruck citizenry saw 16 inches of snow fall in Jerusalem, almost three feet in its environs. Snow blanketed Cairo for the first time in more than 100 years.

2013 marks the 17th year of no warming on the planet. It marks the first time that James Hansen, Al Gore’s guru and the one whose predictions set off the global warming scare, admitted that warming had stopped. It marks the first time that major media enforcers of the orthodoxy — the Economist, Reuters and the London Telegraph – admitted that the science was not settled on global warming, the Economist even mocking the scientists’ models by putting them on “negative watch.” Scientific predictions of global cooling – until recently mostly shunned in the academic press for fear of being labeled crackpot – were published and publicized by no less than the BBC, a broadcaster previously unmatched in the anthropogenic apocalyptic media.

Read the rest here.

From The Chryoshpere Today–
Sea Ice 2012 versus 2013
Arctic Sea Ice comparison: September 2012 versus September 2013


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