Happy Festivus!

Today’s the day.


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12 responses to “Happy Festivus!

  1. New Buyer

    Since we are now approaching the time of both Christmas & Festivus, does anyone know if the town plans to pick up the leaves? OG’s street are lined with piles of wet, decaying leaves that have been covered in snow twice. Temps drop again next week returning the leaves to frozen mounds that can’t get removed until spring. Who is in charge of this debacle?

  2. MikeDofCT

    Leaf crews are out, saw them on Palmer Hill last week and today on Vally Rd

  3. anonymouse

    It is a debacle, no doubt. I’m sure they cut it back to one pick up (and starting later in the calendar, as well) to save some costs, but that has clearly backfired on them. Now it takes them all day to do just one road. I seriously hope they rethink their strategy next year and re-install the twice a season pick up beginning in early November.

  4. sound beacher

    Saw multiple town trucks coming & going @ Edgewater and the big rig filled w/ leaves, hauling towards I-95 this morning.

  5. towny

    Two 4x4x4 compost bins work for us.