Obama secretly extends sign up deadline


Now I didn't say that EXACTLY ...

Now I didn’t say that EXACTLY …

It’s the “secret” part that’s disturbing. What kind of government do we have these days?

Administration officials have surreptitiously extended the Obamacare sign-up deadline to one minute short of Christmas Day, in yet another effort to goose enrollment numbers.

The decision also creates yet another implementation problem for executives at the health-insurance companies, who allied with Obama to push the law through Congress in 2010.

The unannounced change is hidden in software code, which was modified to extend the deadline for people seeking insurance starting Jan. 1.

The Washington Post broke the story, which the administration first denied, then conceded, then reworded its concession. Benghazi lite? Business as usual? Crooks in the White House? Your pick.


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8 responses to “Obama secretly extends sign up deadline

  1. at least somebody finally enrolled him. no word on whether the rest of the family took part in this dog and pony show.


    • Well yes – an aide walked over a paper application, because the web site’s still not working and of course, he won’t actually be using the insurance – he gets his free, just like the poorest in the land.

  2. Peg

    I have one way to save a bit of government spending. Why don’t we just get rid of all the Senators and Congressmen… after all, with our emperor doing whatever he wishes when he wishes to do it, we really don’t need 3 branches of government.

    Supreme Court likely next.

  3. Anonymous

    The White House has borrowed from Outback Steakhouse – “no rules – just right”

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    If we had the media doiNg its job, all of the sh*t this administration pulls would be front and center and the people would be calling for impeachment. But alas, the media is aiding and abetting the adminstration.

    Just imagine, if you will, if this were a Republican president and he had weaponized the IRS and the NSA. The media would be in an uproar. Hypocrites, each and everyone one of them.

  6. AJ

    All of you guys sound racist to me, so let me point out the politically correct thing to say: “I hear and I obey”.