The hottest segment of the market is no longer the $1-$1.5 range

Brother Gideon reports on three recent sales, each $20 million plus.


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13 responses to “The hottest segment of the market is no longer the $1-$1.5 range

  1. Cos Cobber

    It’s kinda shocking….

  2. Anonymous

    rolling capital gains into property and riding out the insanity, i would venture.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Is that the Clark Griswold estate? I didn’t know they lived in Greenwich. Did they ever make it to Wally World? I hope so.

    And Christmas Vacation isn’t a bad movie. Clark Griswold is played by Chevy Chase, a real life blue blood WASP, who is supposed to be a total prick in real life. Figures, right? He is probably related to you. You stuck up Social Register Mary. And I met Anthony Michael Hall in some bar down by NYU. He played the kid in National Lampoons Vacation. He fell for the pull my finger joke. Little douche bag.

    And what is up with the snowflakes on your brother’s page? It was making me dizzy. It shouts homo. NTTAWWT. But between the snowflakes, the Jag, and dressing the poor dog up in costumes, I gotta tell you, I am starting to wonder about that kid. Does he wear an ascot by any chance? Or bell bottom pants?

    Anyhows, are you all set for Christmas? I am woefully behind. Does Greenwich have a package wrapping service? I could use some help with that.

    CVS tomorrow?
    Your Pal,

  4. Coincidence that ALL of those big sales occurred in the wake of Bill De Blasio’s election?

  5. LMNOP

    Does someone need to be a billionaire to buy a $25m or more house? Or can a mere multi-millionaire swing it?