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A snowy Christmas Eve

Perfect. Merry Christmas to all, and to all  good night.


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Hair shirts for the faithful

These are, I kid you not, real Christmas seasonal gifts for the tree hugger set.  CNS News has the scoop. How can people so stupid, so gullible, be winning the war? If I were the type to lie down and cry, I’d find all this depressing.

Pine Needle underwear  –  $38 – from France, of course.

Bamboo Smartphone AmplifierBamboo Smartphone Amplifier

Bamboo Amplifier – This product almost looks like it’s fresh out of a sitcom. Take your smartphone and slip it in the slot on an empty piece of bamboo. Voila, it “boosts the sound on your smartphone without wires or batteries.” This bambeco product is based on the fancy technology we used as kids when we’d roll up a baseball program and shout into it for improved sound. It’s a Vuvuzela for your smart phone. For only $38, be the silliest person in your composting discussion group.

Water Pebble – Also from the nature nuts at bambeco, your own personal shower scold. This “clever device sits over your shower drain and signals you via a series of gently flashing lights when your shower is almost over and when it’s time to get out.” Bambeco calls it a “traffic light for your shower,” instead of a terrifying peak into some “Dune” future where the left limits our water supplies too. It’s only $14, a drop in the bucket, so to speak.

New America Game – Brought to you from liberals who don’t like the old America. You can find this now classic board game at the EcoChoices Natural Living Store, which also sells the Earth Game (“not a war game but a peace game!”). In New America, “Players act as Research and Development teams trying to redesign North America’s Social-Economic System before it’s too late.” It’s “designed to provoke discussion among mature, thinking people!” That leaves out the pro Obamacare crowd. Only $34.99, plus your man card if you are a cis-gendered, hetero male.

Stoneware Compost Container – At $100, this is like the Cadillac of indoor compost containers. “Keep your organic matter sealed tight and your house smelling great as you create valuable fertilizer with this sleek stoneware composter.” On the upside, it also weighs eight pounds and has a handle, so you can use it to fend off burglars who figure you have money to burn. Eight pounds? Plus the grapefruit rinds? You’re supposed to haul that where, the air shaft?


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Getting ready

Standing rib roast’s air-drying in the icebox, gingerbread men are out of the oven and cooling before icing, pies – apple, mince-done. Now to start a roaring fire to keep Santa out of the chimney and we’re set.



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Planned Parenthood tried to despoil Christmas, then decided it couldn’t stand the heat

Planned Parenthood released a video to insult Christians (and really, anyone of good will) today, “The Twelve Days of Contraception”.

Planned Parenthood Arizona says it “wants to wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful 2014!” They add, “We hope you will enjoy this original song written by staff and performed by volunteers. And, if you want to know more about the different types of birth control mentioned in the song, visit http://www.ppaz.org.”

Introducing “The Twelve Days of Contraception” or, as Planned Parenthood has named it, “The Twelve Days of Christmas (the contraceptive version),” where your true love will bestow upon you a box of Plan B, condoms, Depo-Provera shots, NuvaRings, birth control pills, dental dams, diaphragms, and other contraceptive goodies.

They made the video to annoy others and to draw attention to themselves, but apparently the reaction to their efforts wasn’t what they expected, so they pulled the plug. Back to designing ObamaBoy ads.

What's "private" in a taxpayer-funded organization?

What’s “private” in a taxpayer-funded organization?


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It jut doesn’t cost that much to keep an intelligent writer on staff

Bombed again

Bombed again

Fresh from advising its hourly workers how much to tip their personal trainers and pool boys, McDonald’s latest employee bulletin warns its people to avoid fatty, fried foods and eat at Subway instead.

McDonald’s has some healthy advice for its workers – don’t eat at McDonald’s.

The fast-food behemoth recently posted the jaw-dropping tip on its Web site for employees, warning that the very same burgers and fries they sling for their legions of customers are hazardous to their health.

“Fast foods are quick, reasonably priced, and readily available alternatives to home cooking. While convenient and economical for a busy lifestyle, fast foods are typically high in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt and may put people at risk for becoming overweight,” the post said, according to CNBC.

The post shows a picture of a burger and fries – but slams the meal as an “unhealthy choice.”

It then praises a submarine sandwich and salad – typical fare served by arch-rival Subway – as a healthier alternative.

Red-faced McDonald’s brass defended the posts – which come from an outside vendor – in a statement.

“Portions of this website continue to be taken entirely out of context,” McDonald’s sniffed. “This website provides useful information from respected third-parties about many topics, among them health and wellness.”

McDonald’s could hire a good writer to communicate with its workers for, say. $100,000 (I want $150,000, plus bennies, if you guys are reading this). Instead, it’s probably paying these “respected third parties” a million a year so it can be exposed to ridicule and contempt. That’s not much of a value meal.


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A dim future

The lamps are going out all over Europe; and here.

The lamps are going out all over Europe; and here.

The final stage of Congress’s ban on incandescent light bulbs hits next week when their production – in all sizes and wattage – will be prohibited. It’s too late to repeal this lunacy because the manufacturers have eliminated their capability to make the things; sounds very much like healthcare where, now that he’s wrecked the industry models, there’s no going back, even as ObamaCare fails.

Gee, it’s almost as though he planned that.


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If you kant read this, thank a teacher

Camden students rally in support of their teachers

Camden students rally in support of their teachers

Camden, NJ school system: 13,000 students, only 3 with “college-ready” SATs.

Look for, the union label ….


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My great-grandfather did the same thing

Some victory

Some victory

Restaurant shuts down permanently after workers close it for four days demanding $15 per hour wages. My own ancestor started as an 8-year-old sweeping sawdust on a carpenter’s floor back in the 1840s, eventually rose to be a very successful builder in New York City (one of his residences still stands on, I think, 62nd street, across from Bloomingdale’s) and in the latter part of the century came to his shop one morning to discover his workers outside, picketing. He turned his carriage around and retired that day.

It happens.


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Between De Blasio’s victory and this, Greenwich home sellers may have a bright new year

UBS trading center

UBS trading desk

WSJ: Last minute profit surge to boost traders’ bonuses.

A strong rally in financial markets over the past two months is expected to add a last-minute boost to bonus packages for Wall Street’s traders and investment bankers, partially offsetting an otherwise grim year.

The winners in financial firms this year are likely to be equity traders, who have reaped gains from soaring stock markets, and investment bankers, who have benefited from a pickup in initial public offerings and other deals. But the recent rally is unlikely to provide much help to bond traders, who have endured one of their toughest years since the financial crisis.

Tough year for bond and commodity traders. Agents, cull your customer lists accordingly.

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Work on the GHS money pit will resume – maybe

We need a bigger boat

We need a bigger boat

The town awaits the results of its latest attempt to keep things dry and PCB-free.  Good luck with that.

Construction of the orchestra pit for the new auditorium being built at Greenwich High School could start next week, if a newly reinforced dam prevents major leakage into the site.

Site contractor AMEC has .. bolstered the excavated area’s cofferdam with extra sheet piling. As a result, the dug-out section is ready for another pumping, scheduled for Thursday, of the approximately 9 feet of water sitting in it.

The dewatering process is complicated by the widespread ground contamination that exists at the high school site. The initial leakage into the pit caused the water table to tilt, and polychlorinated biphenyls [PCBs] in the ground to migrate.

A stronger cofferdam is expected to prevent major groundwater leakage into the pit and the extent of water-table disruption that precipitated the PCB migration. If the reinforcements do not work, the cofferdam will require more bulwarking before pit construction can begin.

“The problem was it was affecting the pressure in the level of the water in the field and causing flow and some migration of some contaminants in the field,” [BET member Bob Brady] said. “It was a manageable level from an engineering and technical standpoint, and the pump could have kept it [the pit] dry for construction, but it was causing problems with the PCBs. That seems to be the critical variable.”

Indeed it does.


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Well goddamned right it was – I’m only surprised that Jimmy Stewart wasn’t shipped off to a gulag

I'll sell you some rope, if you wish

I’ll sell you some rope, if you wish

Now it can be revealed: FBI investigated whether “It’s a Wonderful Life” was part of the world-wide communist conspiracy, because it portrayed Mr. Potter as a greedy banker.

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is a Christmas classic – adored by families and praised by critics as one of the best American movies ever made.

But in 1946, when the movie came out, the FBI labelled it as subversive – a vessel for communist propaganda.

During the Red Scare after World War II, FBI informants claimed the film’s portrayal of wealthy banker Mr Potter as a greedy villain was a sure sign of communist influence.

‘With regard to “It’s a Wonderful Life,” [informant names redacted] stated in substance that the files represented a rather obvious attempt to discredit bankers by casting Lionel Barrymore as a “scrooge-type” so that he would be the most hated man in the picture,’ according to a 2,000-page FBI report called ‘Communist Infiltration in the Motion Picture Industry’ that was assembled between 1942 and 1958.

‘This, according to these sources, is a common trick used by communists.’

This was a pretty slow-moving conspiracy, because the movie flopped at the box office, and became popular only in the 70’s, when the copyright was accidentally allowed to lapse and TV stations began broadcasting it non-stop during Christmas season as free filler.

But the commies are a patient lot: how long did they wait for Barrack Hussein to be born and assume office?


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Three little (stupid) pigs

HMS Disaster

HMS Disaster

New Jersey: Arrested for drunk driving, woman calls her friend from jail, who is arrested for drunk driving after arriving at headquarters drunk. They both then call  third friend, who is arrested for drunk driving after arriving at headquarters drunk.

I once watched five (!) Riverside Yacht Club boats pile onto a rock, one after the other, during a race. In  my role as arbiter of the summer’s most inane behavior on the water, I gave the third skipper (Bob Phelps, if it matters) the coveted “Turkey Bone Award” for stupidity on the (low) seas, reasoning that he should have figured out the problem by the time he approached the shoals, whereas the 4th and 5th captains were just too dumb to honor.

Same thing here, except in the case of the hapless New Jersey sots, the fourth person they called for a ride arrived sober. Score one for the New Jersyians.

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Suggestion from a lefty columnist

Pajama Boy should butch up. I don’t think that’ll work.



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Obama reassures Americans about his plans for a single payer system

bbqi-350aPresident Obama today took issue with those who claim the single payer health care system he’s steering us to will lead to mediocre care. “Why, look at England”, he called to reporters across the 17th fairway, “their National Health Service now offers brand name surgery. Can’t complain about that now, can you?”

Reporters surmised he was reacting to news that one of Britain’s top surgeons has been suspended for branding his initials on a patient’s liver.


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