A dim future

The lamps are going out all over Europe; and here.

The lamps are going out all over Europe; and here.

The final stage of Congress’s ban on incandescent light bulbs hits next week when their production – in all sizes and wattage – will be prohibited. It’s too late to repeal this lunacy because the manufacturers have eliminated their capability to make the things; sounds very much like healthcare where, now that he’s wrecked the industry models, there’s no going back, even as ObamaCare fails.

Gee, it’s almost as though he planned that.


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23 responses to “A dim future

  1. Anonymous

    correct..it was not intended to actually work

  2. Inagua

    Thank you, George Bush. Not only for outlawing regular light bulbs; establishing Homeland Security and TSA; and classifying plant food as a pollutant; but also for the clever response to 9/11 — while Osama escaped Afghanistan, you stayed focused on Saddam’s non-existant WMDs, and invaded a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

    • Our entire political class assembled the past 13 years of lunacy, Inagua. Bush, certainly, but none of this would have been possible without the wholehearted cooperation of our “representatives”.

    • TheWizard

      I think it’s important to remember that the intelligence services of us and our allies all believed the WMD’s were existent, and Saddam defied quite a few U.N. resolutions on the way to invasion, including 2 that warned him exactly what was going to happen if he didn’t fully cooperate with UN weapons inspectors.

      The downfall of Saddam is on Saddam.

  3. Inagua

    “The downfall of Saddam is on Saddam.”

    Wizard – Who cares about the downfall of Saddam. I care about the escape of Osama, the 32,000 American casualties, and the wastage of a trillion dollars. And if you are concerned about violated UN resolutions, what do you propose doing about the biggest violator, Israel?

  4. Anonymous

    The a way both Inagua and TheWizard hit the nail — who gives a shit what the UN has to say.

  5. Listen, I am pretty pissed off about Iraq and Afghanistan but not nearly as much as I am about the light bulbs. We have the same thing in Europe where we have had to swap nice incandescant lights for energy saving globes that make everyone look like they’ve got liver desease.

    Have a great Christmas!

    • I’ve been howling about this fiasco for years – there’s even a tag for it on the blog. My only hope is that consumers will wake up a month or so from now to discover that they must buy $15 CFLs that their government promises will last 10X longer but fail in 3 months and have shitty light to boot. Between that same government taking away their healthcare at around the same time, they might just finally begin to question whether an all-powerful government is the wonderful thing its proponents said it would be.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        It is Christmas Eve. A time for goodwill towards all men. Women too. As long as they have large fun bags to unwrap. Correctamundo, you dirt selling little deviant?

        ENOUGH OF YOUR LIGHT BULB FETISH!! LET IT GO MAN!! In a year from now, you are going to have a government appointed doctor sticking a finger up your lily white ass to tickle your infantile sized prostrate. While that is a step up from the Bridgeport whores you pay $20 bucks for now to do the same thing, some of us actually care about this stuff. You disgusting little pervert.

        Anyhows, I am still wrapping the gifts. It is not one of my better skill sets. Each one looks like a wrinkled testicle. I know you may like it, but it may scare the kids.

        What time tomorrow? Should I bring anything? I can kill a goose at Binney Pond if you would like.

        Just let me know.
        Your Pal,

      • I can’t give an educated comment about the ACA – but I do agree about the 10X longer point. If we have to change over to a different type of bulb that reduces our energy consumption then that’s fine by me. But what the governments are doing wrong is that they are not holding the companies that make these substandard products to account.

        Goverment officials were probably assured by the manufacturers that these bulbs would be better – but often they are not – and the governments do nothing about it.

        Anyway, I have to go and wrap presents under the light of one of tjhe many bulk bought incandescant bulbs in my house for the time being.

        I don’t agree with a lot of what you say, but I thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  6. Not too late to stock up: can’t be manufactured after January 1, but existing supplies can still be sold. I’ve got my lifetime supply of everything from 40W chandelier bulbs to 50-100-150 three-ways to 300watt floods stashed in my basement. Get ’em while you can. Amazon still has some great deals–

  7. Anonymous

    i have probably close to 300 or so bulbs in various fixtures, both inside & out, at my house. this new law is a joke. it’ll cost me a friggin’ fortune to convert to cfl or led’s. i’ve thought about converting some outdoor floods (20 or so) that are on frequently to led’s, but at $40 per, it’s insane.

    • Wait until renters discover that they have to go out and buy replacement bulbs for the entire house because the previous tenants took them with them.

      • Cos Cobber

        Great point on renters.

        It’s going to cost me a fortune to convert my dimmable recessed lights. I already use CFLs selectively, but in many locations they are simply inferior. Also, they never last more than 1/2 the advertised life.

  8. Anonymous

    thanks for alerting me to this. does it affect halogens? if so that’s a disaster for us, as we use hundreds in residential and commercial settings.

    • Halogens use about 25% less electricity per lumen than incandescents, so they qualify as energy efficient and will still be manufactured. I also like them because they’re dimmable, unlike most CFL’s.

  9. Peg

    I’ve got somewhat of a stockpile…. but – worried it won’t hold out. I keep on thinking that SOMEONE will get elected to reverse this insanity …

    Not sure, however, if I’m insane to think this could happen!

  10. TheWizard

    There are some loopholes on the bulbs http://www.newcandescent.com/ but it angers me that we have to work around our own laws made by a government that has way too much time on its hands.

  11. George Leroy Tirebiter

    Skirting EU law: The rebranding of incandescent bulbs as ‘Heat Balls’

  12. Shaker

    Not sure why the government had to mandate this….there was a time when someone would have just invented a better light bulb and reaped the rewards of so doing….sadly, we live in different times…