Obama reassures Americans about his plans for a single payer system

bbqi-350aPresident Obama today took issue with those who claim the single payer health care system he’s steering us to will lead to mediocre care. “Why, look at England”, he called to reporters across the 17th fairway, “their National Health Service now offers brand name surgery. Can’t complain about that now, can you?”

Reporters surmised he was reacting to news that one of Britain’s top surgeons has been suspended for branding his initials on a patient’s liver.


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4 responses to “Obama reassures Americans about his plans for a single payer system

  1. AJ

    Some of the other wonderful ideas the government has come up with:

    poisoning alcohol during prohibition to scare people into giving up drinking — they may have killed up to 10,000 people.

    the development of a gay bomb to be dropped on enemies so that troops would find each other sexually irresistible and be rendered ineffective. Hopefully, it wasn’t tested in subway stations in Greenwich Village.


  2. dollar Bill

    We have a single payer system in this country, for seniors,. It’s called Medicare. Pretty popular, and efficient. We should have it for everyone!

  3. Inagua

    Medicare is popular because the average enrollee takes out three times what he puts in. It is efficient only to the extent that it burns money, underpays and harasses doctors, and causes more and more doctors each year to leave private practice.