Suggestion from a lefty columnist

Pajama Boy should butch up. I don’t think that’ll work.



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4 responses to “Suggestion from a lefty columnist

  1. So THAT’s his inner white half, huh???

  2. Mazama

    “Butch up”?!? Are you kidding? The progs who made the Pajama Boy promotion fretted that maybe he was too macho to look like a real prog…

  3. Peg

    “Pajamaboy” can be as butch or swishy as you wish. No amount – nor type – of marketing is going to work as long as you have such a major sow’s ear of a health care plan.

    Fingers crossed that this mega disaster will bring some true fiscal conservatives to DC next election – and we can begin the hard work of building back to part of what made our country great. (And yes, you little USA-haters – despite all our faults, much to admire and respect about our country….)