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Christmas Eve safety tip

I shoulda stood in bed

I shoulda stood in bed

Don’t spend the evening at strip club called “Slick’s Go-Go”.

Three shot dead in Irvington strip joint. They probably wish now they’d attended midnight mass instead.


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If a Jew can wish Christians a Merry Christmas, why can’t the PC crowd? Who do they think they’re offending?

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Merry Christmas to our Christian friends around the world from Jerusalem.”

In honor of that ecumenical spirit, I offer this picture of the Jewish family group celebrating Christmas in their own traditional way. Merry Christmas one and all.

The Bernstein Family prepares to chow down

The Bernstein Family prepares to chow down  before heading out to the movies


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Not a great time for tri-state realtors

Don't you just love tinsel at Christmas time?

Don’t you just love tinsel at Christmas time?

Just after learning of the amorous exploits of a couple of Coldwell Banker agents playing round heels in a customer’s house, news comes that a Douglas Elliman agent is spending Christmas at Riker’s Island for shoplifting.

A glamorous Manhattan socialite is spending Christmas behind bars after being sentencing to 30 days for stealing a designer sweater with a price tag of more than $5,000.

Stefanie Lackner, 46, a realtor married to the CEO of Fisher Island Club resort Bernard Lackner, pleaded guilty last week to misdemeanor petit larceny in connection to a shoplifting incident that took place in August 2012 at the high-end Madison Avenue boutique Brunello Cuccinelli.

According to court documents, Mrs Lackner entered the store located a few blocks from her office at the real estate firm Douglas Elliman and picked up a sweater priced at $5,135.

The blonde real estate agent initially took the garment to a fitting room to try it on. She then requested the sweater in a different size while holding onto the original.

The criminal complaint cited by the New York Post states that when Lackner emerged from the dressing room, she was carrying only one sweater, but a black shopping bag she had in her possession was noticeably bulging.

The crime was described by a police officer who reviewed surveillance footage from inside the store

‘The defendant did then exit the store without paying for the remaining sweater,’ the court papers state.

“Hey, at least she didn’t screw anyone while wearing the sweater,” Rob Cheatum, Ms. Lackner’s manager at Douglas Elliman told FWIW, “at least she didn’t do that.”


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When they finish in London, the GHS Money Pit should be ready for its own renovation

GHS Auditorium entrance foyer (as envisioned) Credit: Peter Tesei

GHS Auditorium entrance foyer (as envisioned)
Credit: Peter Tesei

First underwater tunnel in the world to be restored to its original splendor.

Touted as the birthplace of the modern Metro system, the first underwater tunnel in the world – built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his father Marc – is one of the most important sites in engineering history.

Until the London benefactors can be lured over here to help out, perhaps our town officials will consider alternative revenue sources to help defray the cost of  (trying to) block PCB seepage:

In its heyday it hosted market stalls, fire-eaters, an infamous fundraising banquet when still part-finished, and later, unwanted prostitution.


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