Not a great time for tri-state realtors

Don't you just love tinsel at Christmas time?

Don’t you just love tinsel at Christmas time?

Just after learning of the amorous exploits of a couple of Coldwell Banker agents playing round heels in a customer’s house, news comes that a Douglas Elliman agent is spending Christmas at Riker’s Island for shoplifting.

A glamorous Manhattan socialite is spending Christmas behind bars after being sentencing to 30 days for stealing a designer sweater with a price tag of more than $5,000.

Stefanie Lackner, 46, a realtor married to the CEO of Fisher Island Club resort Bernard Lackner, pleaded guilty last week to misdemeanor petit larceny in connection to a shoplifting incident that took place in August 2012 at the high-end Madison Avenue boutique Brunello Cuccinelli.

According to court documents, Mrs Lackner entered the store located a few blocks from her office at the real estate firm Douglas Elliman and picked up a sweater priced at $5,135.

The blonde real estate agent initially took the garment to a fitting room to try it on. She then requested the sweater in a different size while holding onto the original.

The criminal complaint cited by the New York Post states that when Lackner emerged from the dressing room, she was carrying only one sweater, but a black shopping bag she had in her possession was noticeably bulging.

The crime was described by a police officer who reviewed surveillance footage from inside the store

‘The defendant did then exit the store without paying for the remaining sweater,’ the court papers state.

“Hey, at least she didn’t screw anyone while wearing the sweater,” Rob Cheatum, Ms. Lackner’s manager at Douglas Elliman told FWIW, “at least she didn’t do that.”


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13 responses to “Not a great time for tri-state realtors

  1. And in other celebrity news, Eliot Spitzer has been banging his 31 year old press secretary. His wife throws in the towel.

    Maybe he’ll challenge Hillary in the presidential primaries.

  2. WTF is up with that?

    $5K Sweater????? Some fooking sweater that. Why do people do that stupid shit? I’m guessing it’s for the thrill of it. Once had a Persian GF – very rich – who would get this weird squirrely look in her eye just before she’d try to shoplift stuff. I literally had to pull things out of her bag and put it back just so she wouldn’t get me caught up as an accessory. That was a short relationship, though I really missed certain aspects of her – ummmm – “personality”.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Did Santa treat you well? Did you get everything on your Christmas wish list? I hope so!! Nipple clamps? Double sided butt plug? How to Write 101 by Helen Keller? An Idiot’s Guide to Literature, which I think you actually wrote? The Secret Guide to a Dynamic Personality by Francis Farricker? The Ultimate Guide to Selling Dirt or How to do Bondage at an Open House, by the GAR Evil Princess?

    I really do hope your stocking got stuffed. Right where the sun don’t shine. And who frigging wants a $5k sweater? For that price it better be an auto erotic body suit.

    Merry Christmas!! You frigging loser.

    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    Who would ever guess…..she looks so well “taken care of” by hubby…..obviously, something deeper going on.

    • They’re getting divorced – sometimes people act out in bizarre ways during that situation. I’m still wondering how she actually ended up in jail for shoplifting, regardless of the price of the item. Rich white women don’t go to jail for a single incident of shop lifting, so if you’re looking for “something deeper” going on, I’d start there. Very odd.

      • Anonymous

        Good point, Chris. I guess it pays to have friends in the right places to incarcerate yesterday’s wives….

  5. Anon

    Any good “inside” stories about Greenwich realtors?

    • [not] Gideon Fountain

      Part of the deal in admission to the dirt sale game in Greenwich is swearing out the Oath of Omerta.

  6. Anonymous

    Funny quote in the comments section: “Realtors. They make politicians look honest.”

  7. housecat

    “$1.2Millon mansion in Southampton”
    Is that a typo?