Deadly fauna in the waters off Tod’s

The custodian/chief teller/president of our local savings bank emailed me this picture and claims it is actually a genuiwine Portugee Man’o War, even though it looks more like an early morning escapee from the Grass Island sewage plant. We’ll find out because, being Italian, he’ll probably try to eat it. Assuming he can tell the difference between the two (and he’s a Byram native, so that’s up in the air), I’m sure he’ll provide an update.

Until then, it’s probably wise to avoid swimming at the Point this weekend.

Nessie of Old Greenwich

Nessie of Old Greenwich


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5 responses to “Deadly fauna in the waters off Tod’s

  1. Al Dente

    This is a sure sign of the end times.

  2. sound beacher
    Must be why they canceled the polar plunge, look at the kid in this photo running from Nessie.

  3. Rivman

    Man of wars have a telltale bluish sac.

    • Yes that’s true, but I didn’t want to discourage our budding nature boy from discovering the wonders of the great outdoors, and I thought pointing out his error would dampen his ardor. No word from yet, by the way, on what it tasted like.

      • AJ

        Not only do they have a telltale bluish sac, but they float on the surface and have a ridged conquistador helmet shape. They wash up a lot on the beach in Florida. I used to like to run them over with my car: they make a loud popping noise as if you had just run over a balloon.