ObamaCare: an income redistribution plan that has nothing to do with lowering healthcare costs


Navajo code talker calls in his application for ObamaCare

Navajo code talker calls in his application for ObamaCare

HotAir.com has a succinct summary.

“The ACA was not designed to reduce costs or, the law’s name notwithstanding, to make health insurance coverage affordable for the vast majority of Americans,” says health care consultant Kip Piper, a former government and insurance industry official. “The law uses taxpayer dollars to lower costs for the low-income uninsured but it also increases costs overall and shifts costs within the marketplace.”

Lots of discussion on the new taxes that will hit the middle class beginning next week, but I love this little digression, just because it so neatly sums up what’s happening here in America:

” Ike Brannon still can’t get enrolled, as he explains at The Weekly Standard:”

What I like is that I can access the D.C. exchange in twenty different languages, including Apache, Navajo, and Irish. Which is great because I see so many Irish here who have a heck of a time assimilating, what with the fact that they only speak Irish and not the King’s English. (You can also receive notices in American Sign Language—l’d make a joke here but I might offend the deaf. But I guess since they can’t read and need American Sign Language I might as well let one rip. But I’ll refrain nevertheless.)

Maybe we should blame the federal government for this, but last time I looked (and at one point it was my job to do so) a government entity was only responsible for providing assistance in a foreign language if there was a significant number of people who spoke that language and had no facility with English. Of course, we can all quibble about what “significant” means in this context, but does anyone believe that it is at all conceivable that there are even ten people in the District who speak only Apache and need to buy their own health insurance? I would bet my entire net wealth that the number is, in fact, lower than that, if not zero. Ditto for Navajo and Irish. If there’s anyone in D.C. shopping for health insurance who speaks only German or French and no English I’d be shocked as well.

But while the exchange doesn’t work, at least we can get our messages telling us our application has been “disposed of” in the language of our choice, although to be honest I do not know at all what this message means and English is my mother tongue. Does it mean that I have insurance? I doubt that since I never got to select a plan. Or that I’ve been approved to buy a plan? if so why won’t it let me do so.


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7 responses to “ObamaCare: an income redistribution plan that has nothing to do with lowering healthcare costs

  1. EOSredux

    In speaking with many family and friends over Christmas, to a one for those of us over 65, Medicare monthly premiums have skyrocketed; my brother-in-law said his didn’t double, but went up significantly. He’s about to turn 70 in 2014. My mother, who at 95 doesn’t take a single pill, had her Part D double, with a note that if she were to take medications, her premium would go down! Now there’s liberal logic!

    Our Medicare premiums went up, but not a ton, but the Part D doubled. I take nary a pill; hubby takes one. I called Aetna, who for us provides that Part, and it was explained that the rate hike is predicated in large part where you live – ie a 10506 zip code is going to pay more than a 10458 (Bronx). The Aetna agent to whom I spoke said residents of Florida, the northeast retiree group, pay one-and-a-half times more than my doubled rate but that as a rule, NY and NJ pay some of the highest rates. California too. She tried to comfort me in saying I could apply for federal assistance if the Part D was burdensome. Cute.

    So income distribution is alive and well and we are seeing it first hand.

    • Inagua

      “So income distribution is alive and well and we are seeing it first hand.”

      Indeed you are, EOS, and you are almost certainly on the receiving of that redistribution. If you turn out to be anything like the average Medicare enrollee, you will use benefits that are three times what you paid in premiums. You 95 year old mother is undoubtedly way ahead of that triple up standard already.

      Why did your mother, your husband and you sign up for Part D if you are not heavy pill takers?

      • EOSredux

        To answer your question Inaqua, we were told that NOT signing up for Part D at the time of open enrollment to Medicare, meant a penalty later if you do need pills/medications. The penalty is equal to 1% of time you HAD Medicare but chose not to have Part D. Kinda of like, see, we told you you’d need us and now we’ll make you pay for it through the nose. As I understand it, I can find an alternative to this Medicare part D, something the Aetna agent called a 5-star provider, and if I prove I have quality medication coverage, the penalty will not happen. I didn’t care much that our Part D was $32.50/month – it was an inconsequential sum of money, a bill we paid 12 months at once. Hubby’s pills are $16 every 90 days so it IS a waste of money to pay $62/month if we can get something without a Medicare penalty.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    The ACA is going to leave the Demoncrats feeling seriously bruised in and around their nether regions, but then again it’s their party that endorses the lifestyle choices that often lead to such conditions.

  3. Greenwich Taxpayer

    We can and should vote the bums out but people have short term memories and Hilary is waiting in the wings to solidify this disaster in perpetuity.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I actually don’t think “Irish” is a language. I believe it is a race of people who like to drink and eat potatoes. And argue. And have lots of kids. Because they don’t have any money, so they have sex a lot. Because it’s free. The sex, not the kids.

    I think they actually speak a language known as Gaelic, and have an affinity for midgets, which they call leprechauns. I don’t know why. They love green, and have never seen a real tree.

    Did you hear about the winner of the Irish beauty contest? Me neither.

    Your Pal,