The spin cycle seems to be slowing

Just kidding!

Would we lie to you?

The fellow who promised “the most transparent administration in history”, whose party’s majority leader vowed to “drain the swamp that is Washington, to let sunshine disinfect Congress”, isn’t doing so well according to the citizens he rules, who think he’s leading a corrupt, closed government and that the problem has worsened in the five years of his administration. 

More than three-fourths of Americans are worried about government corruption, and 52 percent of those surveyed believe it has worsened in the past five years, according to a new survey released today.

The worries about government corruption span the ideological spectrum, with 68 percent of Democrats expressing a high level of concern, along with 75 percent of Independents and 88 percent of Republicans.


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5 responses to “The spin cycle seems to be slowing

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    There’s a grreat scene in Mars Attacks in which the invading martians run around with a “translating machine” that belts out Do not flee, we come in Peace as they blast away everything and everyone in sight. So it is with the Obama Administration – and Demoncrats generally – with regard to their transparency and “Honest Leadership – Open Government” meme.

  2. Chimney

    Notice how peaceful and quiet things are with Opumkin out of here-maybe we should take up a collection to keep him out permanently!

  3. Jackb26 Brem

    It is interesting, if not ironic, that the national capital is located on the Potomac … which in the original Patawomeck, the language of the local native american tribe, means… “place where people trade” or “the place to where tribute is brought”

  4. Anonymous

    March on the capitol.

    Don’t worry commies, and libtards, it’s a joke… for now.

  5. Today’s news is that your senator Richard Blumenthal is ready to jump ugly with UPS because some Christmas packages were delivered late:
    Sorry Dick, but you make us want to puke.

    Blumenthal is a lifelong lawyer/politician, who has never delivered a package, or made a widget, or satisfied any type of client in his life. UPS on the other hand, we know to be a very responsive, highly capable private enterprise which delivers every day for America. When they miss a couple shipments, Dick Blumenthal wants you to remember he is there to *represent the consumer*. Meanwhile the Blumenthal/Democratic regulatory, tax and union schemes spoil our state’s economy and make serving a customer harder and harder every day. In this case, a low-information voter might be lured into thinking Blumenthal is helpful. NOT.

    Does anyone other than Dick Blumenthal think UPS needs Dick Blumenthal to maintain high standards of customer service?