Who the hell pays £100 for a 16 lb turkey, Whole Foods shoppers visiting from the US?

Can you spot the turkey?

Can you spot the turkey?

Thieves steal eight turkeys retailing, if not worth, £100 each.

Burglars made off with an unusual but seasonal haul when they stole free-range turkeys from a farm. They took eight oven-ready birds, worth around £800, from a large chiller at a farm in Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire.

West Mercia police said the raid happened between midnight on Saturday and 6am on Sunday at the property off the A417 between Leominster and Newtown crossroads. It is believed the thieves got to the chiller in one of the barns by entering through a gate at the rear of the yard.

A police spokesman said: “The eight turkeys that have been stolen were each packed in their own individual box ready for cooking at Christmas. The turkeys were all KellyBronze birds and each box was labelled with this name.

“Six of the turkeys weighed 8kg and the other two weighed 9kg, prepared as part of the KellyBronze range. The total value of the stolen turkeys is thought to be as much as £800.


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6 responses to “Who the hell pays £100 for a 16 lb turkey, Whole Foods shoppers visiting from the US?

  1. Peg

    I guess the same people who pay $5K for a sweater.

    Of course, what does it matter the price, if you’re stealing ’em?

  2. Anonymous Citizenette

    The rich and faux rich (aka Heineman rich) will spend any amount to get anything they think is better than what the rest of us slobs have. And then there are those who have no money (entitlements excluded) but feel they are just as deserving of the finer things in life as those that do……although that usually means things like Coach and Fendi bags & iPhones, not turkeys.

    • Hey, watch it – the girls and I bought their mother a Coach purse for Christmas. Of course, it was beautiful, and more to the point, she was entitled to it, having put up with me, at varying distances, all these years.

      • Anonymous Citizenette

        You are to be congratulated, superb gift choice! It’s a rare gal who doesn’t appreciate something Coach. (Men take note).

  3. Kelly Bronze turkeys reign supreme (no doubt the new Virginia suppliers cater to our elites in DC).

    there are voices of dissent however: