You never listen to me!

This rat jumped ship years ago

This rat jumped ship years ago

The new year will see the demise of still more of the few remaining liberal talk radio shows.

2014 will mark the beginning of a massive change for liberal talk radio across the country. In New York, WWRL 1600 AM will flip to Spanish-language music and talk, throwing Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and Alan Colmes off the air. In Los Angeles, KTLK 1150 will be dumping Stephanie Miller, Rhodes, Bill Press and David Cruz off the air in favor of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. In San Francisco, KNEW 960 will leave Miller, Hartmann, and Mike Malloy without a radio home in the market.

Only government-sponsored NPR remains in many major markets.

UPDATE: Since I had never heard of Randi Rhodes I Googled her and came up with this acknowledgement of her irrelevancy on the Daily Kos:

I heard today that Randi Rhodes, noted progressive radio talk show talent, will be going off the air soon.
I know that many here will have never heard of her, others have a passing aquaintence [sic], and others hold a strong dislike. But I know also that there must be others here who feel as I do that the voice of Randi Rhodes is a vital force of the progressive movement.

Apparently not.


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5 responses to “You never listen to me!

  1. TheWizard

    NPR makes me want to puke.

    Not only do I have to subsidize enemy propaganda, inevitably one of their ilk ends up moderating a presidential debate. Enough.

  2. Vital force of the progressive movement. Whadda ya wanna bet she posted that herself on Kos under a pseudonym?

  3. you can always tell the NPR listeners because they sit in their cars (with the engine running), staring out blankly while they wait until Morning Edition, All Things Considered, etc. cut to a break.

    i used to listen to Car Talk, but, Tom almost never shuts up.

  4. towny

    You know what signals does to torture those khat chewing pricks in Guantanamo? They pipe NPR into the cells 24/7.