Have we heard Dick from him about ObamaCare?


At least my slippers arrived on time

At least my slippers arrived on time

Celebrity politician Richard Blumenthal, champion of the people, Medal of Honor winner and star Harvard varsity swimmer  demands UPS pay up for disappointing so many on Christmas.

“The excuses simply don’t cut it and what UPS and FedEx and others should do is offer refunds right away to consumers whose Christmases were made less cheery because of late delivery,” Blumenthal told WCBS 880. “There’s an implicit obligation when a company promises on-time delivery for a holiday to make sure the gift arrives for Christmas, not a day after because it’s certainly a real downer if they’re deprived of on-time delivery.”

The WSJ reports on UPS’s efforts to handle the overload:

UPS carefully plans how it will handle the holiday peak. Extra resources such as additional cargo planes had been lined up as “hot spares”—company lingo for aircraft that could be fired up quickly in case of a logistics emergency. But it ran into a confluence of factors. Retailers have been encouraging online sales, which have grown much faster than retail sales overall. And retailers likely contributed to the logjam by offering some of their best discounts late in the season in a final push for sales. Many chains dropped prices on the final Saturday before Christmas to levels below what they were offering on Black Friday, according to Simeon Siegel, an analyst with Nomura Equity Research.

That, coupled with retailers’ promises of just-in-time deliveries, encouraged many shoppers to put in orders at the last minute. People buying from more than 70 retailers including Toys “R” Us Inc. and Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc., whose online shipping is handled by eBay Enterprise, were able to place Web orders as late as 11 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 23, a full 24 hours later than last year.

The result was a surge in online sales shortly before Christmas. UPS had been forecasting an 8% average rise in its daily shipping volumes during the holidays. But online sales in the last weekend before Christmas jumped by 37% from the year before, according to data from IBM Digital Analytics. On Monday Dec. 23, growth in online orders spiked by 63% from the year before, according to Mercent Corp., which works with more than 550 retailers. By comparison, overall sales of holiday goods rose 2.3% between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24, according to preliminary data from MasterCard Inc. Spending Pulse unit.

To cope, retailers shifted more orders from shippers’ ground delivery to their air networks to get gifts to customers in time to put them under the tree.

Mercent CEO Eric Best said some of his clients experienced delays.

“It’s easy to blame UPS, but it’s the retailers that are pushing these next-day shipping offers in the final hours of the shopping season,” Mr. Best said. “Retailers are driving consumer expectations to get stuff they ordered by the next day and the later shoppers wait, the harder it is to predict.”

None of which eases the disappointment of buyers whose Christmas gifts arrived a day late,  but it seems that UPS executives and managers put far more effort into planning for the Christmas rush than the Chief Executive of the United States did for his namesake healthcare program. Where’s Dick’s outrage on that?


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32 responses to “Have we heard Dick from him about ObamaCare?

  1. Peg

    “None of which eases the disappointment of buyers whose Christmas gifts arrived a day late, but it seems that UPS executives and managers put far more effort into planning for the Christmas rush than the Chief Executive of the United States did for his namesake healthcare program. Where’s Dick’s outrage on that?”

    You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth! Speaking about my mouth, however, I shall not be holding my breath waiting for our government to “pay up” for the wealth of disappointment it’s delivered in the past several years!

  2. burningmadolf

    UPS and FedEx should provide refunds for late delivery so Dick can move on to his next project: compensating every single person who has ever received a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or other card delivered late by the USPS.
    What an absolute tool!

  3. Who was the guy who fiddled while Rome burned? Meet his sucessor right here.

  4. Anonymous

    Dick doesn’t think people should think for themselves (take responsibility) by asking “Just maybe everyone ordering on 12/23 with winter weather might cause some delays, perhaps I should order earlier or go to a store and pick up the gift.” GEE! If only Dick would take responsibility for lying about Viet Nam.

    • One of the small triumphs of this blog was exposing Dick’s, er “exaggerated” claim to have been on the Harvard University Varsity swim team – he participated in an intramural dorm swim program, period. The false statement disappeared from his political bio right around the time he quit implying that he’d served in Viet Nam.

  5. Pete

    Our Senatorial representation is mind boggling.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    It really is frightening that this dick is a Senator. There are only like two of them per State, correct? So we have 108 dicks in all? A pretty exclusive club, but that is still a lot of dicks.

    What do all of these dicks actually do? Do we pay these dicks? While they just dick us around? I say we give up our dicks, and give them to New York. That will show them we don’t dick around, and it would show some balls on our part.

    What do you think? Dick wad.
    Your Pal,

  7. Fox

    When I was working in media Blumenthal was known as a “media whore”, ever ready to spout off on anything when it might be to his political advantage. He should learn to put his money where his overactive mouth is.

  8. edgewater

    poor guy is trying to imitate schumer … first one to whine about every disappointment, always with a government solution. fish at red lobster too well done? i have a government program to fix that. ran out of washer fluid in your car? i have a government solution for that, too. [ed: yes, there are some bad things that happen, where the gov’t has a legitimate role.]

    • burningmadolf

      Schumer is exactly who I thought of when I saw this grandstanding BS. Chuckles is the master of the Sunday evening grandstanding press release.

  9. Cos Cobber

    You are spot on as usual CF. Every time Dick opens his mouth its to take the lead on some bullshit consumer product issue while avoiding any real positions on real issues. The state has elected a consumer advocate and not a policy maker. Leave this crap to the AG and do your job – which is to tackle the costs/benefits/products and services of the US federal government in the interests of the CT resident.

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    It is time to start working on our New Year’s resolutions. Make a list and check it twice!! We need to do this properly, and become better human beings. You alien.

    Now, it is important you don’t over reach. You want to make resolutions you can actually accomplish, so you don’t feel like the total loser that you are.
    So we can leave improving your writing off the list. And anything to do with humor. You do pissy par excellance, so we are good there.

    Perhaps you should work on your social skills? YOU VERMIN!! Or learn to salsa? SALSA!! You limp wristed heathen. Make peace with the GAR Evil Princess? Who you fall madly in love with, and spend the rest of your decrepit little existence hog tied to a bed while she violates you with a carrot? Just something to get you started thinking.

    I am going to take a yoga class. ZEN DUDE!! Tantric sex!!

    I think I will write a poetry book. There once was a man from Nantucket!! Hey, it’s a start.

    I am going to stop telling dead baby jokes. Did someone say DEAD BABY!!

    How do you know when a baby is dead?
    It doesn’t cry if you nail its feet to the ceiling.

    I lied about the last one.
    You loser.
    Your Pal,

  11. Cos Cobber

    OT: While I’m totally down with GLBT rights and respect for equality, I don’t see how transgender operations should be covered under our new health care laws. This is totally an elective operation and has no real bearing on preserving one’s health. And while the metal health issues maybe real, how are they any less real than my own feelings of in inadequacy for physical shortcomings? This decision by Hartford is evidence there will be no line in the sand on coverage.


    • It’s all part of the plan, CC, to ruin the private insurance industry and go single payer. There’s a provision in the ObamaCare law that orders the federal government to bail out insurance companies if they can’t make a profit on the new policies. That probably sounded great to the companies when it was enacted, but the bailout will start this year and continue until someone in Washington decides that they can “save” money by eliminating the middleman – the private insurance companies – and going direct payer. When that happens, all cost constraints will go and the only way left to rein in costs will be by rationing. And voila, the progressives will have achieved what they wanted, all long.

      • Inagua

        “Washington decides that they can “save” money by eliminating the middleman – the private insurance companies – and going direct payer.”

        Almost, but not quite, Chris. Single payer American-style will be like Medicare; there will be a 20% co-pay, and the insurance companies will still have that market and the Part D drug market, both of which are hugely profitable.

  12. Anonymous Citizenette

    Connecticut’s Blumenthal and Jersey’s Menendez, just pathetic wannabes of the best of them all; Chuck the Schmuck. His weekly press conferences address only the most vitally, vitally important issues facing Americans today, like dangerous metal pieces coming off bbq grill brushes, how to check yourself for ticks, keeping the Bills in Buffalo, and Russian adoptions.

  13. This creep is a giant sleazeball! Need I say more?!?!

  14. Robert Mohammed

    ?!? Its in FedEx and UPS contractual agreements to refund when delays occur ?!?! . . . . They do it on a daily basis ?!? what a clueless un-savvy and unsavory person Mr Blumenthal really is: to use Christmas pain for political gain . . . . why don’t you go back to suing businesses in CT like this and chase FedEx and UPS outta the state like you did for 20 years that took Connecticut when AG from richest per capita per person to highest debt per person state in the country . . . . . Just another ridiculousdumbass PR stunt by the same person that called the CT state Insurance commissioner on the day the ObamaCare went into effect and rates went up immediately $365 for every person and rousted the Commissioner with a “What did YOU do?” accusational rant . . . . . . . When the commissioner tried to explain it was what you did Dic?k and what you voted for (he ran to the press like a babys security blanket) . . . . . This is also the same person that could not explain how to create a job when asked in a political debate with Linda McMahon . . . . . and an embarrassing taking to the cleaners YouTube Video when asked about all the constitutional laws he violated . . . . he has no answers folks or for the CT folks only PR schoolyard bullying Photo opps . . . . lets use the baseball analogy if you can’t run – throw or hit find another profession . . . this bureaucrat simply cannot lower a tax – create a job – or cut a dollar of spending . . . . voted worst AG for a reason readers and what about that (I have no defense only that I am a gov emplyee and should not be sued) $18.5 million defamation lawsuit loss against a female CT business owner . . . . 30,000 open cases when he “jumped ship” from the AG office . . .while spending 100’s of million of ct taxpayer dollars (easily the highest rate in the country) leaving the CT Coffers bare taking in million dollars of salary while listed as the richest man in the senate (trust me he dint earn it . . . he married into it)

  15. Foot in mouth

    maybe that is where the foot will end up.

  16. DICKictionary

    With a stick up his butt and a foot in the mouth, that should keep him quiet for a little while so others can get some headlines.