On the other hand, here’s one guy who does take it lying down

Stephanie’s in St. Bart’s again, looking great. And apparently she’s made up with Buddy Hackett again, who can be seen in the lower right corner, oiled up like a pig. Sooeee.



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15 responses to “On the other hand, here’s one guy who does take it lying down

  1. So, it would seem that in a fashion, you took my advise on boar hunting over chasse de Bambi!

  2. Anon

    What’s that green stuff on her ankle?

  3. Anon

    Brant explains his prowess:

  4. AJ

    The real fun in the Virgin Islands:

  5. Anonymous

    she looks so good!!

  6. LAK

    OMG, Buddy Hackett! LOL!!

    • AJ

      Back in the good ‘ol days Buddy Hackett and Jonathan Winters were the funniest guys around. Remember when the two guys with no chins tried to contain Winters and he single handedly destroyed their entire gas station? Well, if you don’t here it is.

      • LAK

        No, never saw this, but it’s funny. Is the REAL Buddy Hackett still alive? lol

        • AJ

          Buddy Hackett died in 2003. He, also, was in the above movie, one of the all time greats, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. Here’s another gas station scene from another classic comedy, “The Jerk”. Stay away from those cans.

          If you’re going to make a movie and shoot some holes in a car, it might as well be a Dodge Dart “Swinger”.

  7. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work
    I can’t wait to see you @ saline