A fool and her daddy’s money are soon parted

This time it's for love!

This time it’s for love!

Bride sues new husband for bilking her out of $750,000 to support and entertain his girlfriend.

A scheming newlywed husband duped his wealthy Manhattan bride into withdrawing $744,000 from her trust fund to pay off his supposed gambling debts to mobsters when in reality he lavished the money on his New Jersey mistress, the scorned wife alleges in a stunning lawsuit against the duo.

“Steven Lalicata was stealing the money to live a double life,” Candice Feinberg, 39, claims in her $10.7 million Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit against her estranged hubby and his lover.

Earlier this month Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh refused to let the alleged mistress, Englewood, NJ resident Diana Fernandez, out of the case.

Fernandez, 30, a Bank of America employee who allegedly boasted of Lalicata’s fellatio skills in a text to his wife, according to the suit, had pleaded ignorance about her boyfriend’s scheme to the judge.

But Judge Singh didn’t buy her story, finding that the facts of the case “are clearly sufficient” to show that Fernandez played a role in the elaborate ruse.

The scheme started shortly after Feinberg, a divorced mother, married Lalicata, who had been working at Beach Bum Tanning Salon on the Upper West Side [what could possibly go wrong? – Ed] in March 2011.

Shortly after he said “I do” Lalicata allegedly conspired with a cousin and a friend to concoct “an elaborate scheme to steal large sums of money” from Feinberg.

After Lalicata claimed that the Howard Beach gangsters were threatening to hurt him, his wife dipped into her trust fund to bail him out.

Feinberg is the daughter of retired garment industry executive Herbert Feinberg who is credited with inventing seamless panties.


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  1. All that and seamless pants! What more could you wish to read on New Year’s Eve? 🙂 A happy new year to you!

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Seamless panties are bush league. All the major players go commando. Especially now that designer vaginas are in. YES!!

    Anyhows, what time should I come over tonight? Do you have the party hats and noise makers? Did you order the whores? Are you going to dress up as the 2014 New Year’s Eve Baby? Please wear clean pampers. You disgusting little slob.

    Are we going to watch Dick Clarks Rocking New Year’s Eve? He used to post here on your blog, didn’t he? What happened to him? The “your scribe” dude. He made me want to vomit. Did he die? He is from Mt. Vernon, you know. Which is like the Cos Cob of Westchester.

    Anyhows again, did you make your New Year’s Resolutions list? I have some suggestions for you. You don’t want to make them too hard, because then you won’t do them. You frigging loser. So nothing about improving your writing. Because we both know that ain’t happening. But here are a few ideas.

    Stop crop dusting the crowd at the Open Houses.

    Stop sending the GAR Evil Princess Love letters using Francis’s email.
    Stop eating dead animals that you find on the road. This one may actually be too hard for you.

    Try and post a positive article at least once a week to your blog. I know you are the Prince of Pissy, but you can do this if you try.

    Try not to laugh at your sucke….try not to laugh at your “clients” when you sell them an overpriced pile of dirt.

    Good start, right?
    Happy New Year, and all the best to you and the reader in 2014. As long as the reader isn’t Hiram.

    And we are doing this tomorrow on Greenwich Avenue. What better way to start the New Year off than with a laugh?

    Your Pal,

    • Toonces

      How does he do this? Does he have some sort of fart machine gizmo in his pocket? Why do I think you will know the answer? Thanks for the laugh (s!) Walt.

      • AJ

        Toonces, you are so naïve; there’s no gizmo, just inhaling and exhaling but through a different orifice. Haven’t you ever heard of taking a deep breath?

        • Toonces

          I watched his mouth – it did not move. Unless he’s a ventriloquist farter he had some sort of gadget.

        • AJ

          He doesn’t need to move his mouth as that’s not where he’s inhaling from. Mr. Methane is not a fake and totally organic; no mechanical devices are involved. Watch towards the end: every time he moves his legs he’s pulling in air, you know just the way kids do to burp, but from the other end — one of the ancient mysteries, power of kundalini and all that

      • AJ

        You may be wondering how Mr. Methane can blow out candles without igniting a huge flame? Obviously because he’s just blowing out freshly inhaled air. If you had read William Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch you woud know of the guy who had a ventriloquist act he did with his talking asshole until it chewed a hole through his pants and started insulting ladies as he walked down the street.

      • Walt

        Toonces –
        Yes he does have a fart gadget. Like a car starter. You can go here to check them out. My personal favorite is Trumpeter.

        What’s yours? I have these fart gizmo’s, but I don’t actually need them. I can flagellate at will. I know, I am gifted. Can you toot your ass as a horn at will?

        And Dude, where is Francis on bribing these politicians, who he carries around in pocket like so many nickels and dimes, in getting us the legal marijuana franchises in Connecticut?

        This is going to be huge!! We can put it right next to GHS. Because the libtards care so much about the kids. We can open up a few on Greenwich Avenue. So the unhappy spoiled hausfraus can puff their troubles away. We can get kickbacks from the restaurants to open them next door, so they can chow down after toking.

        The Libtards are against 20 ounce sodas, cigarettes, fast food, and pretty much any expression of free rights. Including free speech. But they legalize marijuana. Which I favor by the way. But their blind hypocrisy is really stunning. It sickens me.

        Anyhows, let’s meet at Whole Foods tomorrow, and fart in the aisles. And let’s see how the blue hairs react. Hey, it’s natural, right?

        Bring a lighter for extra fun!!
        Your Pal,

        • Toonces

          There are so many good ones I can’t choose Walt. None are as good as the product we once bought which was fart smell. Don’t ask.

  3. LMNOP

    I’d fire the bank administering her trust. They allowed her to move that much money without more fiduciary due diligence on how the money was being used? Add her own naïveté, bingo, recipe for marital disaster. Didn’t she know he had such huge debts before she married him?

  4. Anon

    Questioning why mistress bragged of HIS BJ skills in text to wife? What am I missing?

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    So, Steve Lalicata was performing fellatio on Diana Fernandez who bragged about it to HIS wife. Definitely some serious gender confusion there!