Are labioplasties covered under ObamaCare?

So whaddya WANT I should put in de window?

So whaddya want I should put in de window?

Demand for “designer vaginas” soars.

Paul Banwell, a BAAPS spokesperson and surgeon at his practice Banwell Clinic in East Grinstead, said: ”About half of the patients I see in my practice want the operation for function, due to discomfort and problems with exercise, cycling and riding. The other 50 per cent want it purely for aesthetic reasons and to boost their self-confidence.’

He added: ‘I think these statistics reflect general trends in cosmetic surgery. In particular, they reflect a trend in my own practice. I have seen an even higher increase – one of more than 200 per cent in last 12 months.

Is it possible that there’s been a sudden doubling of women seeking this surgery “for function”, or have women discovered a way to get free cosmetic surgery? Is it possible that you and I will be paying for this next year? Count on it:  to deny them would be gross sexism.


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4 responses to “Are labioplasties covered under ObamaCare?

  1. Mark B.

    Hey, here comes Walt…

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Who doesn’t want a designer vagina? You prefer your tax dollars getting pissed away on disability or unemployment benefits? Or studies on how mollusks hump? GIVE ME THE DESIGNER VAGINA ALL DAY LONG!!

    Can we custom order them online and get them delivered? Do they come attached to an actual body? Or do we just get the vag? If they come with the whole body, can I order one without a voice box?

    I want my designer vagina bald, of course, and to taste like a peach. And feel like velvet. Can we order our designer vaginas without an off switch? Can we have Designer Vagina Nights, where we all get together to see who has the best designer vagina? That would be fun!!
    And letting woman having designer vaginas would increase their self esteem. Build they self confidence!! Encourage them to show it off!! Why have a designer vagina and keep it hidden? And it would cut down on them leaving there babies on the counter. Where this will happen:

    Your Pal,

  3. Fred2

    And here I thought Walt would be demanding his own surgically enhanced, uhm, member.